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Sumptuous Widebody from Ingolstadt

The undeniable excitement when we’re getting some alone time with one of the more premium European makes all bespoke up down, back to front plus left and right has become, for the lack of a better worded description, utterly juvenile. True, we’d go gaga just as much getting all intimate and emotionally unclothed with likewise JDM types; it being our tradecraft as such. But when all is said and done, when the very last drop of oil has been usurped by the very last petrol-sucking machine slash vehicle or some bastard child of the two; it’d be inexorably, unwittingly our time-honored prerogative, as a purveyor of all things on quad wheels built and rebuilt to excess.


Indeed that time-honored prerogative centers upon this exacting types inasmuch, whereupon big bad German make and model gets the bigger and badder treatment of superlative modification par excellence. And I am not simply using such bombastic bad ass words to describe the unquestionably bad ass nature of the whole kick ass deal. And just so you know, that was the most times I’d ever used ‘ass’ in a single sentence. But such explicit choice of words does seem to drive the point home doubly hard does it not? It’s just like the Hollywood dialogue with all the bad asses out-wording one another using the F word with more colorful addition involving some paternal reference as such. And when it comes to the pure undiluted expressiveness of the F word, the absolute king of them all must surely be that bad mother-shagging black dude Jackson, Samuel L.


Alrighty, having spent the better part of an afternoon’s work narrating the finer points of cursing in English, let us recommenced our adulating description of the bigger and badder premium Euro makes donning the finest fibrous carbon bespoke designer suite, complete with a myriad of spy paraphernalia and ultra mega masculine-enhancing goodies. For the uninitiated, the former tilt at bespoke designer suite refers to the lusciously adorning After Twelve Motorsport Aggrand12e TA aerodynamic enhancements while the latter spy and masculine mega ultra bitsy of course refers to the performance emporium the builder had stuffed into this fine premium performance coupe from Audi. Well the coupe being in this case the pillar-less four door type that got prime time exposure thanks to err that ‘other’ German make. Nuff said.


But enough can never be said of the S5 in whatever form or type or Top Trump entry they come in. for this episode the base Audi S5 is the Sportback model which has the supercharged 3 liter TFSI V6 powerplant which churns out 333ps & 440Nm stock standard, which in turn takes the S5 from naught to 60mph in 4.9 seconds all the way to an electronically limited top speed of 155mph (manufacturer’s modest claims pretty much). With such upwardly impressive stock figures, the After 12 S5 performance upgrade is ‘conservative’ with plenty of perks, more of the ‘smack bang bolt it on and here comes the horsepower pluses’ types, consisting intake system, supercharger pulley kit, coolant performance system, valvetronic exhaust system, ECU reflash, direct port methanol plate, water injection kit, racing spark plugs.


The chassis mods are pretty extensive: for starters the standard suspension was replaced with a superlative Bilstein PSS10 electronically adjustable ride control system, along with fully custom opted spring rate; this is truly the bomb in push-button variable damping adjustment. The Bilstein dampers combine well with the track-spec fully adjustable upper control arm, and H&R anti-roll bar. Then there’s a trio of billet aluminum inserts for the transmission mount, rear differential mount and carrier mount: designed to fill the large void in the factory mounts, eliminating the associated slop to ensure that you experience crisper and smoother shifts, throttle transitions which translates to ultimately a smoother and far improved drive, highly recommended this. Profoam body strengthening package completes the considerable handling upgrades. Well, not exactly complete since there is a small matter of this dynamic handling powerhouse’s brakes upgrade: 370mm 2 pieces rotor clamped by Armaspeed R6 monoblock 6-pot calipers. Now it is well and truly complete.


But wait a second, how can it be truly complete when we have yet to mention the ensemble that brought out the amazing visual drama this Ingolstadt sensation unquestionably is? We’re talking wide-body sensation here people and herein comes the earlier mentioned Aggrand12e TA widebody conversion kit (pretty cool product name is it not?) For your knowledge the Aggrand12e is After 12 Motorsport’s own superlative wide-body conversion available for a pretty exclusive number makes and models. For the Audi S5 the kit is made up of ultra wide front and rear fenders, side skirts, ‘chin-enhancing surgical’ front splitter, and that most indispensible of fibrous material – carbon fiber trunk spoiler.


But still we are not, by a little tiny stretch of the imagination, yet complete with this traffic-stopping, fellow motorist ogling After 12 masterpiece. There is one final ‘personality transforming’ package left yet – those screaming red, redder than a howling Ferrari F40, wheels – a unique Vossen & Rays 20” & 18” Michelin & Yokohama 35 series combo. You’d see the rationale behind the entire completeness of this awesome build even if we haven’t even touch on the interior upgrades which by comparison to the rest of this widebody S5 is close to being next to absolutely minimal. You see, we could not possibly call it nothing since when all is said and done, we are talking about one person’s grandiose investment, with equally grandiose builder(s) paid handsomely to do what they’ve dedicated their life force to as per their one pure blooded passion.


In fact, every singular party that came together for this singular four wheel masterpiece be transformed from the owner’s brilliant imagination made so brilliant by virtues of his good taste and deep resources, brought to tangible reality by the virtuous ultra passionate teams of After 12 Motorsports and MegaManics workshop with finishing touches worthy of the main Essen Auto Show attraction from the fine airbrush guru at Tosoya Automotive Spraying Specialist, shared but one primal thing in common – their unequivocal passion for cars.
Hypertune extends our most respectful salutations to all these folks, being a privy to such a magnificent build help us sleep better at night.

Car: Audi S5 Sportback

Engine: 3.0 liter TFSI V6 Supercharged

Performance mods: Carbonio intake system, Coolant performance system, Supercharger pulley kit, Aquamist HFS4 water methanol injection system, Billet aluminum direct port methanol plate, Valvetronic exhaust system, BRISK Racing spark plug, ECU / S-tronic reflash.

Chassis & handling: Bilstein PSS10 with ride control, custom spring rate, Billet aluminum transmission mount insert, Billet aluminum rear differential mount insert, Billet aluminum rear differential carrier mount insert, Track spec fully adjustable upper control arm, H&R anti roll bar, PROFOAM body strengthening package

Brakes upgrades: Armaspeed R6 monoblock with 370mm 2pcs rotor

Wheels & Tires: VOSSEN 20×10.5jj 265/35/20 Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2, Rays TE37 18x10jj 265/35/18 Yokohama A050

Exterior: Aggrand12e TA widebody conversion, Aggrand12e TA front wide fender, Aggrand12e TA side skirt, Aggradn12e TA rear wide fender, Aggrand12e TA front splitter, Aggrand12e TA carbon fiber trunk spoiler

Interior: Works Engineering Pro gauge, RS5 flat bottom steering.

Garages: After12 Motorsports, Megamanics Workshop, Tosoya Automotive Spraying Specialist