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Stroke of A Genius

Proton, our local car manufacturer has came a long way from its humble beginnings in the late 80’s to being one of the highest selling manufacturers in Malaysia, while also having a hand in exporting its line of vehicles to other foreign countries. In a nutshell, one would assume that Proton has came a long way from the days of skepticisms and scrutiny’s in its path to be one of Malaysia’s automotive powerhouses.

And in its long production line, it has served to cater to various classes of the community with multiple hatchback, coupe and sedan variants. Some may have been victimised while some models like the Proton Wira, Putra and Satria have been very favourable among motoring enthusiasts as a platform for modifications as it share the same DNA as their Japanese counterparts, Mitsubishi.

While some may be contented with these cars for everyday use, some may not. As parts were easy to source be it aftermarket or used, there shouldn’t be any reason why some of us adrenaline junkies should hold back on injecting some much needed power into these supposedly everyday workhorses. When it comes to modifying these particular cars, it can’t be denied that the quality of work that has gone into them were plain awful, with poor workmanship and clueless set ups holding them eating up the streets with their most common 4G93 or 4G63 engine swaps.

But like the saying goes, behind every dark cloud there is a silver lining and behind all those shoddy work and miss-fitted body parts, there’s this one yellow Satria. One that is shining with pride at the end of a very dark tunnel of just plain nauseating car; our bright beacon of hope that there’s still sensible modifications being done by sensible people with senseless spending.
600 horsepower is never going to be a small figure for a car to produce; to have this much power we’d be in the Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s and Pagani’s territory but to have it in a Satria would be utterly insane and even to an extent questionable as to how this car would be able to cope with the immense power. The story of this Satria’s journey towards this incredible feat then shall not be left untold.

The 4G63 block has always been famed for being robust hence it is only justified to fully utilise its potential by swapping its stock TD05 turbine with a much bigger Garrett AR70 turbocharger. The charged air from this enormous new turbocharger is cooled with a much bigger custom intercooler with better cooling capacity which replaces the standard unit that wouldn’t stand a chance coping with.

With the engine being fed with so much power now, the internals were not overlooked as they would have to withstand the extreme stress levels especially at boost as high as 2.5 bars. To begin with, the engine has been fully balanced before parts like the 87mm Wiseco pistons which have been matched with stronger Duratech conrods and King bearings.

Other impressive parts that went into this 4G63 block are Tomei camshafts with 290-degree lift which comes hand in hand with Tomei valve springs above the BC oversized valves to withstand the strain of high rpms. The Arospeed adjustable cam pulley held by the high durable HKS power belt is linked to the camshaft allows for cam timing adjustments resulting in better throttle response while ARP headstuds ensures the block and the head of this engine is held firmly together.

Feeding this car with air and fuel is a daunting task so the air now passes through custom air intake and subsequently a bigger Super 90 throttle body before being put in the mix with fuel pumped by SARD 1000cc injectors with custom fuel rails regulated by a Tomei fuel regulator. The charged air from the AR70 turbine is cooled by an oversized custom intercooler while the Turbosmart 48mm wastegate and Tial blow off valve send the leftover exhaust gasses into the atmosphere while leaving a huge trail of spine chilling noises to add further thrill in riding this beast. Cooling this hardworking engine is a Koyorad radiator with Samco hoses all round while a custom oil cap and MSD plug cables completes this salivating engine bay.

Putting so much power to the ground was never going to be easy so an OS Giken twin plate clutch and a full lock LSD was added to ensure wheelspin is at a minimal. While the standard Satria box would have been adequate for its stock engine, it would have been hopeless in handling 600 horses so now there’s a mix n match to handle the immense power.

The arches are filled out with 17” P1, 225/45 R17 wrapped in ultra sticky Toyo Proxes R888 tires while helping to fill them even more are GAB fully adjustable which also enhances the ride and maneuverability. As the car was also built to tear up the strip, it needed to stop as quickly as it could go. So not-so-hidden behind those rims are transplanted discs and calipers from an Evo 3.

The first thing that strikes you about this car is the full Evo 3 body kit which now occupies the front end of the car while attention to the interior is not neglected. Swift gear changes are made through a Ralliart gearknob and the Sparco steering directs the heading of the car. Other changes include a Satria GTi dashboard, Bride Low Max seats and GTi Recaro’s houses the driver and passenger alike in comfort with safety ensured. The Haltech E6K ECU is now the new an improved brains of the car with Red Blue Racer gauges for RPM, boost, water temp, oil pressure, oil temp and an Apexi turbo timer provides for readings of the car’s operational condition.

Having in access of 600 horsepower in a car is nonetheless a disturbing thought, especially for those who know nothing about cars. But with the help of the right people in putting together a car that’s now as frightening as its presence on the track as it is to drive, this car will continue to earn the respect it deserves; respect fit for royalty.

Car: Proton Satria
Engine: 4G63 2-litre DOHC Turbocharged
Engine modifications: 87mm Wiseco Pistons, Duratech conrods, King Bearings, ARP headstuds, BC oversized valves, full engine balancing, Arospeed adjustable cam pulleys, Tomei 290-degree camshafts, HKS power belt, SARD fuel pump, Tomei valve springs, 3 bar MAP sensor, custom intake, Garrett AR70 turbine, Turbosmart 48mm wastegate, Tial blow off valve, custom intercooler, Tonka exhaust manifold, Super 90 throttle body, SARD 1000cc injectors, custom fuel rail, Tomei fuel regulator, MSD plug cables, Samco radiator hoses, Koyorad radiator, Samco vacuum hoses, custom oil cap
Transmission: Mix ‘n’ match gearbox, full lock LSD, OS Giken twin plate clutch
Suspension/Chassis: GAB fully adjustables
Brakes: Evo III discs and calipers
Wheels & Tyres: 17” P1, 225/45 R17 Toyo Proxes R888
Electronics: Haltech E6K ECU, Red Blue Racer gauges (RPM, boost, water temp, oil pressure, oil temp), Apexi turbo timer
Interior: Satria GTi dashboard, Sparco steering, Ralliart gearknob, Bride Low Max (front) Recaro GTi (Rear)
Exterior: Full Mitsubishi Evo III body kit
Power Figures: 617 @ 2.5bar

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