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From Strength to Strength

We rely so much on technology nowadays that it’s truly scary. Almost everything in today’s world can be figured out, sorted or mended in the wake of technological advancements. From the smartphones to the androids, from the laptops to the iPads, there’s nothing nowadays that a gadget armed with data connectivity can’t do. A couple of clicks here and there and your utility bills are sorted without having so much as to waste precious hours dealing with inefficient services.

And a few more touches on a screen would have dinner delivered right to your doorstep without having to step out, a swipe or two and you’re in touch with a friend who’s half way across the globe and so the list goes on. To think that only a little more than 10 years ago, people were still pretty heavily reliant on the now almost defunct public phones used only by loan sharks to be festooned with contact numbers and that it was a privilege for a house hold to have internet, or even a laptop.

Speaking of which, the first ever laptop in our household was as big and thick as an encyclopedia but nowadays the latest outputs by even the most mediocre of computer manufacturers are so slim and light you could mistake it for a piece of A4 paper. How society has moved so far ahead in such lighting pace is beyond comprehendible to some as arguably it could be said to have altered the way society has evolved, the way we interact, the way we approach things, the way we live.

But in today’s fast pace society, a person without a smartphone is a caveman, a house without satellite television or internet connectivity is a cave though the fact is that one word can almost be undisputed used to describe the downside of technology which most would agree is unreliable. They jam if we click too swiftly, they just reset if they don’t comprehend certain commands and some just operate in the complete opposite way that you intended for it to.
And that brings me to the VTEC systems which over the years have also evolved into a seamlessly flawless system of making more (in this case, power) with less. Over the last couple of decades, Honda has been responsible for developing millions of VTEC engines with negligible or no fault at all in providing joy and bliss to petrolheads around the world that now, with the 21st century K20A power plant, it just seems flawlessly flawless. That brings us to this FD, as pictures would tell; it’s a sham, but a very dignified sham.

With the shell of a aging and standard FD, the engine bay has been injected with the testosterone of the highly acclaimed K20A VTEC engine with higher compression pistons implants. Better yet, it has been turbocharged; with a bigger than your face Garrett AR60 turbine that works alongside a Tial MVS 38mm wastegate and HKS SQV3 blow-off to prevent all hell from breaking loose.This whole new setup is led by a Hondata Flashpro and a HKS EVCS boost controller, guarded by a host gauges by Defi, Apex’i and HKS to keep everything in check.

Waste gas is discharged from the Tonnka manifold on to a custom SS exhaust manifold and through an Apex’i muffler while the job of sucking in every inch of air is left to the free flowing HKS open pod air fliter. The job of cooling this now beast of an engine is left to several important parts such as the Apex’i intercooler, the custom oil cooler kit and the aluminium radiator while feeding this monster with sufficient fluids constantly is the Sard fuel pressure regulator and the Works Engineering fuel rail kit.

Complimentary to the K20A engine, an FD2R transmission with a DC5 4.7 final drive has also gone in to fulfill the full potential of the mighty engine along with an Ogura Super Single clutch set for better engagements. Because it doesn’t have the handling characteristics of the original Type R, the FD has been enhanced with Tein SS fully adjustable coilovers with Ultra Racing strut and anti-roll bars and a Hard Race rear adjustable camber arm for it to come a close second.

Beneath those black OZ Racing Ultraleggera wheels matched with Michelin PS3 tires, houses AP Racing rotors clamped with AP Racing 6-pot calipers and Pagid RS brake pads in the front while the rear is occupied by oversized VTTR rotors and brake pads. Other cosmetic addition is the distinctively recognizable Mugen RR replica body kit, finished off with a Mugen RR replica carbon fiber hood and Mugen RR replica carbon fiber spoiler. This is followed with the interior as a close to complete FD2R interior now occupies what used to be a rather bland beige interior.

Not really an unreliable form of advancement to have some undisputable fun huh?

Car: Honda Civic FD
Engine Mods: FD2R K20A, high-compression pistons, Garrett AR60 turbocharger, Tonnka turbo manifold, custom SS exhaust system, Apexi muffler, Tial MVS 38mm wastegate, HKS open pod air filter, HKS SQV3 blow-off valve, Apexi intercooler, Sard fuel pressure regulator, Works Engineering fuel rail kit, custom oil cooler kit, aluminium radiator, L2 double speed electric fan, HKS radiator cap, Mugen oil cap, Samco silicone hoses
Electronics: HondataFlashpro, Defi gauges (water temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure), Apexi boost gauge, HKS Type-0 turbo timer, HKS EVCS boost controller,
Transmission: FD2R six-speed manual transmission, DC5 4.7 final drive, Ogura Super Single clutch set
Chassis & Handling: Tein SS fully adjustable coilovers, Ultra Racing strut bar (front and rear), Ultra Racing anti-roll bar (front and rear), Ultra Racing rear undercarriage 4-point bar, Hard Race rear adjustable camber arm, Autofoam chassis stiffening
Brakes: AP Racing six-piston calipers + AP Racing rotors + Pagid RS brake pads (front), oversized VTTR rotors + VTTR brake pads (rear), SS steel braided brake hoses
Wheels & Tyres: OZ Racing Ultraleggera18-inch wheels, Michelin PS3 tyres, Rays Engineering duralumin lug nuts
Interior: Complete FD2R dashboard and panels, FD2R front seats, Mugen carbon fiber gear knob
Exterior: Mugen RR replica body kit,Mugen RR replica carbon fiber hood, Mugen RR replica carbon fiber spoiler

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