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Street Smart

Evo 8

The Lancer Evolution 8 comes from a long line of road going rally cars, and much like the Subaru WRX STi models most of them were produced for homologation reasons, in order to keep the Mitsubishi factory rally teams running in the latest and greatest cars.

In the UK, Mitsubishi ties up with a few aftermarket companies to produce special go-faster editions of their already-pretty-fast Evolution models. This started with the Evo 8, being offered in various states of tune from 305 horses up to just over 400 horses. But sourcing these cars is difficult, since they were in such high demand and low production volumes. Thankfully, it’s not impossible to achieve these levels of performance with a bit of aftermarket modification.

In this case, the owner went with N1 Racing to handle the tuning and build. N1 Racing is a store located in Sunway, nestled amongst the numerous workshops in the area, but one of the more important points is that they have a 4-wheel drive dyno, which is critical for all wheel drive machines like the Evo.

It’s wise to remember that the Evo 8 MR model isn’t slow in stock form, putting down around 280 horses from its turbocharged 2.0 litre powerplant. After the four wheel drive system, this equates to roughly 230 horses at the wheels, which is still pretty quick when pitted against the widely available performance models on the market. But one of the nice things about the Evo 8 powerplant is that it’s capable of taking much more power, so the tuning potential is massive.

Peering into the engine bay, you are greeted with a mishmash of wiring and aftermarket components. If you look hard, you can just about see the head of the engine block poking out from all the extra bits (I kid), but there really is a great deal of modification done in the pursuit of power. From the front, you can see that a full sized HKS intercooler sits squarely in the gap in the ChargeSpeed front bumper. An HKS 3037 turbocharger kit replaces the stock turbine, combining a Garrett turbo with some HKS components. The boost pressure is controlled by an HKS EVC 5 Boost Controller, working in tandem with the HKS FCON V PRO engine management unit. The camshafts have also been swapped out for a set from HKS, increasing the cam angle to 280 degrees for more power at the high end. For consistent fuel flow, a SARD fuel rail and 750 cc injectors were installed. Also hidden amongst the jumble of components is a KOYORAD radiator and a Skunk2 intake manifold and throttle body. Rounding out the package is a Greddy TRUST exhaust system, reducing back pressure and providing for some wonderful bass-y notes at lower rpms. And to take all the additional power produced by this engine, the owner had to swap out the standard clutch plate for an ORC twin plate clutch.

What is undeniably a move in the right direction is the swap from the stock dampers to TEIN monoflex EDFC dampers. The damp rate for these can be adjusted on the fly via a small console mounted below the dials for the climate control. This is great for dealing with variable surface conditions, and you can always crank it up to 11 when you hit the track. Also an important improvement is in the braking system, going from the stock Brembos to 6-pot Endless calipers for the front and 4-pots for the rear, packing some serious endurance capability. Besides the ChargeSpeed body kit, Ganador wing mirrors were also installed to reduce air drag and WORK Emotion 11r rims wrapped in TOYO 888 tyres adorn all four corners. The car is done up in N1 Racing livery and an attempt at green-on-silver camouflage patterning, which strengthens the impression of this Evo being a road-going race car.

As a british gentleman once said, the ludicrous thing about the Lancer Evo was that it was so quick and yet it still had four doors and a boot. But some people don’t care much for functionality. For this particular Evo 8, the rear seats were removed in favour of a 4-point roll cage and mounting points for the four-point harness and a full Sparco PRO2000 bucket seat. Can you fit your children/relatives/dog in the back anymore? Nope. Will you survive a high speed collision when you hit the track? Probably. A Greddy Infotouch takes the place of the standard gauge array, mounted to the top of the dashboard and allowing the driver to keep tabs on most of the engine readouts. One juxtaposed nicety is the Alpine VCD player and Rockford Fosgate sound system, taking over from the standard mediocre audio system.

Car – Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 8 MR
Engine Mods – Stock engine with HKS 3037 turbo kit, HKS cam pulley with 280 degree camshafts, HKS sequential blow off valve, Skunk 2 Black Edition throttle body and intake manifold, OKADA project Plasma Quad Pack ignition coil, KOYORAD radiator, Sard fuel rail c/w 750cc fuel injector, CUSCO oil catch tank, Greddy bubble tank, Greddy Intercooler, TRUST Greddy exhaust system
Electronics – HKS FCON V PRO, HKS EVC 5 Boost Controller, Greddy Infotouch, HKS turbo timer
Transmission – 6 speed manual, ORC Twin Plate
Brakes – Endless 6 pot caliper (front), Endless 4 pot caliper (rear)
Suspension & Chassis – TEIN monoflex with EDFC, Ultra Racing 4 point Roll Cage
Wheels & Tires – WORK Emotion 11r with TOYO 888
Interior Mod –SPARCO S 2000 FIA Racing seat c/w 4 point harness, Alpine VCD player c/w Rockford Fosgate speakers
Exterior Mod – Chargespeed Body Kits, GANADOR mirrors
Tuner – N1 Racing

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