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SPEEDY EXEC: Evo Powered Perdana

In our car scene, it is never short from the supply of local made cars that are tuned and modified that are on the streets at any given time. How could it not be when these locally made cars always remained a popular launching pad for many car enthusiasts to get familiar with car modification. Since there is a huge number of local cars that are being modified, a lot of them may take many kinds of directions in their theme. Some may be tuned for speed whereas others are built for show. But it was always a few particular models that always been the selection as a platform for tuning.

Near the end of the 90s, Proton, a local car company released their first car that is purely aimed for the executive class. During that time, it was the obvious choice for anyone who wanted to buy a local made car that had some sense of luxury in it. Not only that, it quickly became a national icon as it started to take its place as the official car for our government servants at the time including our head of state. The model that I’m referring to is the ever iconic Proton Perdana.


From the factory, the face lifted Perdana is already equipped with a Mitsubishi 6A12 V6 engine. But for some owners, the 2 liter V6 motor is not a good enough platform to start tuning on, which the owner of this Perdana just happens to concur with. He’d quickly swapped it out for a more robust and tuner friendly turbocharged 4G63 sourced from a Mitsubishi Evo 3. But still, instead of total contentment he’d felt only yearnings, yearning that would not be satiated until he’d splashed a substantial amount of his honest to goodness livelihood on a truck load of performance enhancements products. And when pertains to the 4G63 motor, there’s an entire emporium of goodies engineered with one common purpose – power increase. The cliché ‘the more you spend the more you get’ or ‘you get more when you spend more’ or something of the sort, no truer words have ever been said.


Yeah well whoever said those words must be really smart. Ok then, let’s get right to it alright? Before the big gains were achieved the compulsory work needed to be taken care of, and so, the 4G63’s cylinder head was given a nice port and polish to maximize the air flow, before a pair of Brian Crower 272 degree camshafts and aftermarket valve springs were put in place. With the camshafts, a pair of adjustable cam pulleys was also installed on the motor. The cylinder head is bolted on to the block with an extremely necessary metal head gasket and stiffer ARP head studs.

The stock turbine that came with the motor was replaced with a slightly bigger bottom mounted GReddy TD06-20G turbo, along with a Tial 38mm wastegate. The force induction system is also fitted with a larger GReddy and a HKS SSQV blow off valve to ensure a quicker spool. The motor is tuned and managed with an M7 Em-Con piggyback ECU plugged on the 4G63 in order to keep the motor running smoothly at its optimum setting. All that hike in max output traversed via a 5 speed manual gear box onto the tarmac; also sourced from an Evo III with a semi-lock differential.


In order to make sure the perked up power is entirely utilized on the tarmac, the Perdana uses Tein Wagon adjustable coilovers, an Ultra Racing three point strut bar and fender bars for improved handling and for stiffer chassis rigidity. Of course, with all that power, one must be able to stop it too. Therefore, a set of Project Mu 4 pot brake system is used for the front which is originally meant for an R32 Skyline while Mitsubishi GTO twin pots are used in the rear.


Lastly, the exterior is a collection of tasteful bits that seem to fit just nicely on the car. In general, the Perdana is converted to the Perdana Alfa facelift. Other bits include a sunroof from a Honda EG6, a custom front hood that replicates the one from an Evo 6 and a spoiler from an Asti Mirage. All in all, this Perdana is a reflection of what the owner is deeply passionate for, and his purposeful, speed-induced intent seemed well vested for, thanks to his well researched approach towards horsepower haven and handling extravaganza.
Despite starting life as a ‘conservative’ executive car, this 2001 Proton Perdana V6 has now ‘evolved’ into a tasteful and purposeful, well-tuned machine.

Car Model: 2001 Proton Perdana V6

Engine Mods: 2.0 liter 4G63T, GReddy TD06-20G Turbo, HKS SSGV Blow Off Valve, 38mm Tial Wastegate, Brian Crower 272 camshafts, Brian Crower Valve Springs, Port and Polished head, Metal Head Gasket, Custom Cam Pulleys, Kevlar Timing Belt, Evo 6 560cc injectors, ARP studs, Full Balanced Internals (Stage 2), 6A12 Throttle Body, Tonnka Turbo Manifold, NGK Iridium Spark Plugs and Plug Cables, Works Fuel Regulator, Walbro 255lph Fuel Pump, GReddy 3 inch Intercooler, Eterna 4WD Fuel Tank, FGK Titanium Muffler, 3 inch stainless steel straight flow exhaust,

Transmission: 5 speed manual EVO III gearbox with semi-lock LSD, OS Giken Single Plate Clutch,

Electronics: M7 Em-Con Piggyback, Apexi RSM, Bee-R Launch Control, GReddy Type-B Boost Controller,

Suspension: Tein Wagon Coilovers, Ultra Racing 3 point front strut bar, Ultra Racing Fender Bars,

Brakes: Project Mu R32 4-pot front; Mitsubishi GTO 2-pot calipers rear

Wheels & Tires: Buddy Club P1 Racing 17 x 8jj Offset +35 (Front) 17 x 9 jj Offset +32 (Rear) Toyo Tires Proxes T1R 215/45/17 (Front) 225/45/17 (Rear)

Exterior: EG6 Sunroof, Perdana V6 Alfa facelift, Custom Evo 6 Hood, Eterna Visage Headlights, Honda SV4 side markers, Libero Fog lights, Asti Mirage Spoiler, Etrna Reflector,

Interior: Recaro SR3 Seats, Eterna Rear Seats, Galant Door Trim, Eterna Dashboard with Air-cond, Momo Steering Wheel, Carrozeria Speakers,

Workshop / Tuner: FadhilatDinamik Muar, Naz D’Touch Putrajaya