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Speed Wagon par Excellence

The RS brand has placed Audi at the summit consisting of the ‘royalty of car manufacturers’ – those exalted few that have successfully synergized both indispensible aspects of a premium automobile – luxury and mind-blowing performance. It is a given that both these highly sought after essentials are not in itself a luxury but have become a necessity in the upper echelon domain of range topping class of automobiles. Such combination of both these elements were taken a mite further into the true hallmarks of automobile excellence by this – the FF Performance Audi RS6 FF-SP750, the handiwork of one Fairuz Fauzy a name that require no introduction.

In order to understand exactly why Fairuz Fauzy’s FF-SP750 is such a superlative example of the C7 Avant, we need to consider the RS genes and learn how the most powerful production estate in the world evolved. As for the man himself we will have a special feature on him alone – a detailed narrative given by the man himself in a one-one-one interview at his Wisma MOFAZ headquarters along the hillside off Jalan Damansara. For now we go over the origins of the RS6 before we fully grasp what astounding achievements this particular FF Performance example undoubtedly is.

The RS6 is pretty much the most effervescent and most hard-charging example of luxury people & cargo carrying automobile that routinely embarrass some highly fancied performance-focused sports cars and even supercars costing twice or thrice the Avant RS’ price. It features all of the comfort-enhancing designs and premium materials that spelt L-U-X-U-R-Y and yet, as all the aforementioned ‘epitome of speed’ supercars grudgingly attest to (except for its Lambo siblings), it redefines the previously accepted benchmarks of how fast a big premium estate ought to go.
Audi’s performance models might not have always had a predictable level of ride and handling competence, but one thing you can say for them is that they definitely have a consistency of appearance: the somewhat demure and discreet RS6 keeps its mind-blowing talents well hidden, although calling upon its massive potency requires not a ritualized summoning of the spirits – holding hands and chanting some ancient mantra, nah nothing like that at all. It just requires putting the slightest of extra weight onto your right feet.

Audi’s first flirtations with fast estates began in the early 1990s (the ’93-’96 RS2), but the first RS6 (the C5) appeared in 2002. Powered by a twin-turbo 4.2 V8, it was fast in a straight line, ushered along effortlessly by some 450 ponies on tap. The combination of the 4.2-litre V8, variable inlet valve timing, and twin turbochargers gave the RS6 an exceptionally wide power band, with peak torque – that’s a whopping 580Nm (even now but back then way more) available from 1,950 to 5,600 rpm. Such impressive numbers sent rumbles and shook the earth where the horde of Audi’s time honored competitors stood.

In 2008 the C6 arrived on the scene and again, Audi’s go-faster department Quattro GmbH made doubly sure that the C6 RS6’s dossier wasn’t only ultra mega impressive on paper, it had all the firepower to do what it was engineered to do with devastating aplomb while also taking scalps (plural yes) from the likes of showy, wind-slicing, lower than the navel, performance automobile. It carried a 572bhp and 650Nm 5 liter V10 which as of January 2010, the RS6 was Audi’s single most powerful car ever. Nuff said.

The C7 arrived with bucket loads of improvements both on paper and on the road. Again, numbers are relevant right here: 4 liter Twin Turbo V8, 597bhp at 6100rpm; 700Nm from 1750rpm, 8 speed gearbox, 3.7 seconds century sprint. These numbers are undoubtedly in the realm of the current generation supercar league and yet we find them here in an estate? Impressive right? Right on yes but then again, this is all well and good but we haven’t had FF Performance doing its speed-infusing wizardry yet.

The FF-SP750 takes all of the above numbers and added quite a bit onto them. The gem of the complete FF-SP750 modification program is the FF Performance engine mapping which, at the very personal hands of Fairuz himself, had optimized the various parameters of the forced inducted 4 liter V8. Together with a bespoke sport intake kit, custom 3 inch cat-less downpipe plus Milltek Catback Milltek exhaust system, the end result for this new and improved FF-SP750 speaks for itself. That end result consisted of three dyno readouts denoting three different octane ratings (types of fuel). Now the ‘lesser’ two figures consists of the RON 95 and 97 fuels, which we have listed under the Hyperfacts below, but herein we have for you the numbers for RON 100 fuel; brace yourselves: 800hp and 1100Nm of torque.

Okay, have a drink, maybe a smoke and breathe it in for a moment or two. Are you good to go? Regardless if you’re not, with the mammoth fire-breathing 800 ponies and the gargantuan 1100Nm of rubber-shredding torque, the FF Performance RS6 acceleration figures are nothing short of spectacular. Now these numbers were all tested and thus carry quite a bit of credibility. Again, the full monty figures can be perused in our trademark Hyperfacts but right here we give you the 0-100km/h and quarter mile times: 2.85 seconds, 10.65 seconds respectively. For a second time, nuff said.

With such potent firepower this FF Performance Audi Avant sits snugly amongst the Hypercar elite, as I’ve read somewhere one of the requisite of a Hypercar is sub-3 seconds century sprint. Really fellas, to have an estate that can carry what six full grown adults plus some additional cargo to boot, streak on down the straight, its screaming twin turbo blaring in its wake, reaching stratospheric velocity in less time than most cars need to reach the redline in first, these are all the hallmarks of a true hypercar. And knowing all too well that hyper equates to megabucks the likes of which only the select few possess, to witness such an amazing modified masterpiece right here is a true privilege.

Okay before I start getting all sensitive and emotive and unload a passage of poetry, it’d be best to move right along yes? This C7 FF-SP750 kept its original profile pretty much intact, sticking to the RS legacy in every nuance encompassing its visual presence. Externally it retains the stock modestly sporty bodywork, additional bits being the FF Performance decals only. The wheels though are something else; a custom FF Performance specification BC Forged centerlock wheels 10JJ with custom offset. Sporting pretty much the coolest looking rolling stocks on an Audi you can ever see, it was a personal touch by Fairuz himself. One final aftermarket bit for this incredible RS6 is the compulsory upgrade to the brakes: Alcon 390mm front discs clamped by stock RS6 calipers.

There you have it folks, the one and only FF-SP750 by FF Performance – a remarkable ride that epitomizes performance and luxury.

FF Performance can be contacted by emailing:

Stock power Engine V8, 3993cc, twin-turbo, petrol; Power 597bhp at 6100-6800rpm; Torque 516lb ft at 1750-6000rpm (553lb ft at 2500-5500rpm in overboost); Gearbox 8-spd automatic; Kerb weight 1950kg; 0 62mph 3.7sec; Top speed 155mph (limited); Economy 29.4mpg (combined)

FF Performance upgrade utilizing engine mapping with sport intake and Custom 3 inch cat-less downpipes and Milltek Catback Milltek Exhaust system

Running Horsepower on different type of fuel

100RON fuel est 800hp torque 1100nm
97RON fuel 760hp 1040nm
95RON fuel 680hp 900nm

Custom FF spec centerlock wheels by BC Forged 10JJ with custom offset

Pirelli P-Zero 285/30/21

Upgrade to Alcon Racing 390mm Front Disc

0-100km 2.85sec (tested)
0-160km 5.85sec (tested)
Top Speed 342km/h (tested, with speed limiter override)
Quarter mile 10.65sec on street tyres.

Photos: Kenny Yeoh