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Southern show-stopper

Few rides out there make us go all sideways (among the more uncommon side effects of adrenaline excess) like Mitsu’s mythical performance saloon, the Lancer Evolution. It has gone on for more than two decades now, having had ten derivatives as of now; each with a huge following of their own, each with enough custom-made go-faster aftermarket components to create a truly fearsome, purpose-built four-door speed machine with enough forced-induced power to make a million bucks Ferrari blush.

Under normal circumstances stating something along the lines of ‘making a Ferrari blush’ would yield quite a number of puns, with some lame retorts and expletives as such. But these aren’t exactly abnormal circumstances per se, nor is it exceedingly normal neither. We’re at a point in time where defining something as normal could very well be implied as anything but. Yeah I know I’m trying to sound all poetic and Shakespearean but failing miserably in doing so. But then again, I have always hated literature. But what does me hating literature in just about all its different guises have anything to do with this IX Evo? Not one freakin thing. I was just trying to reiterate that being ‘normal’ differs from one perspective to another, that’s all really.


And so let us commence our usual feature as per this quite exceptional Evo IX – one aesthetically outrageous, front back and center stickered, diabolical time attacker superspeciale. This here bedecked Mitsu Lancer Evolution IX RS hails from Singapore – yet another of our seasonal outtakes from down south. This ‘extra mustard’ Southern speed machine is but one of the many stand-out rides our Hyper Observers discovered during their recent Singapore road trip. And pretty much the common factor when it comes to them soupped-up Singaporean cars is their much-cherished propensity for exclusively ‘factory-recommended’ tuners and brands for their rides governing most if not all of the performance and handling upgrades and modifications. Still, though the aftermarket components are mostly of the import kind (Japan, the U.K. et al) the crafty crew behind this IX Evo time attacker is LHB Motorsports – an entirely local (meaning born and bred in Singapore) tuner.


On the evergreen 4G63 Inline-4 motor modifications, the owner decided to up the ante as per its 2 liter displacement to a handy 2.3 liter accomplished via HKS stroker kit (HKS also supplied the extractor and the downpipe) and thereafter in went Tomei cams, Magnus intake manifold, Q45 throttle body, and last but in no freakin way the least, an LHB Motorsport custom-prepped Owen Development Turbo kit. The standard Evo IX exhaust was taken off in favor of Apexi full exhaust system. The state-of-the-art Evo electronics stayed on, assisted by HKS’s trademark Boost Timer and Boost Controller. I’d reckon your guesses are as good as mine as to the ballpark figures for its output. But consider this for a second – the unmodified Evolution IX delivers 280ps (as advertised mind). With all of the above goodies in place, well go on then, do the math…. Atta boy!

Well then you might think that with a stroked up 2.3 liter HKS 4G63, custom-prepped Turbo the comparatively huge increase in torque would render the standard transmission all but superseded, but guess again folks. The Evo 9 RS retains its standard gearing but the standard clutch was ditched in favor of two super-tough super-strong OS Giken components – the STR2C twin-plate clutch and LSD.


Now keeping with the upper-tier brands theme the handling bits features components by Endless (brakes kit), Nitron – R3 Racing shocks, anti-roll bars front and rear from Cusco, and a Carbig-equipped front end, with further supplementary enhancements as per its chassis from the folks at LHB Motorsports.


Right, now we’re on the show aspect of this loud (both aurally and visually) time attack machine. That striking ‘Technicolor’ paintwork, does communicate its fearsome intent. And if I’ve read into the substance of this LHB Evo special correctly, this unique machine may be driven (in anger of course) around both the strictly marshaled Singaporean streets and also any bona-fide race tracks this side of the Nordschleife. By the way, those well-thought-out graphics and decal placements masks the Mitsu’s ‘battle armor’ – the Evo 9’s unmistakable stance is subtly redefined with the addition of C-West wide body, plus the aesthetically pleasing to-the-eye Voltex GT-wing. Its costly Yokohama rubbers are matched with the universally popular Rays Gram Light 57D wheels.

Inside the Evo’s ‘conducive to fast driving environment’ RS trimmed cockpit, you’d find a pair of Bride Carbon seats, and an ARC knob in between, plus the indispensible gauges with the compulsory gauge holders. Of course, should your inquisitive minds insist upon more info as such, then seek out LHB Motorsports somewhere in the world-wide web. Or is that wide-world web? Or might it instead actually be a ‘web wider than the whole world?


And on that lame note, we sign ourselves off.

Car: Mitsubishi Evolution IX RS Time Attacker

Engine Modifications: HKS 2.3 liter stroker kit, HKS extractor, HKS downpipe, Tomei 290 camshafts, Magnus intake manifold, Q45 throttle body, Owen Development LHB Motorsport Custom Turbo kit, Apexi exhaust system, Okada Quad Pack coils, AMS engine mounting

Transmission: stock RS gearing, OS Giken STR2C twin-plate clutch kit, OS Giken LSD

Brakes: Endless Racing 6/4 Brake kit

Chassis: Nitron Racing Shocks R3 (LHB custom specs), Cusco front & rear anti-roll bars, Carbig front strut bar, Carbig 4-point rear strut bar, Carbig undercarriage side brace, LHB Motorsports full undercarriage – bushing, pillow ball, camber kit, toe kit

Wheels & Tyres: Rays – Gram Light 57D rims, AD08R (for street), A050 (for track)

Interior: Bride Zeta 3 carbon Kevlar seats (driver and co-driver), Evo RS interior trim, ARC gear knob, Defi Advance BF, Carbig gauge holder, Varis gauge holder

Exterior: C-West wide body kit, Voltex GT Wing

Electronics: HKS Boost Timer & HKS Boost Controller