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Social Escort

We’ve all seen images of a bygone era when the fashion senses alone would be enough a representation of how things were. The ‘swinging 60s’ had the unkempt hairdo and the hippie look, the 70s were manifestly all about bell bottoms (although this stylized look did sorta reinvent itself not that recently), whereas the 80s had the endearingly lame above the navel waistline – made even more lame with belt yanked as tight as possible.

And of course when talking of fashion, at least back then, every other things as in consumer stuffs had some order of fashion in it, deeper than merely skin-deep. It is and forever more the essence of style. Perhaps it was brought on by the multitude of drug-fueled ideas of the rebellious youth of the 1960s, and as such emphasizes on being special, different than the rest, and unique. And this acceptance was indeed adopted in the world of cars.


At a time when the ‘world car’ concept was becoming highly fashionable, the Ford Escort entered the fray in 1968 as the replacement to the aging, but always popular, Ford Anglia. Over the years it underwent several styling revisions, and right through the 1970’s it remained one of the most popular cars around.

The first major styling revision occurred in 1975, giving the car a crisp lean flowing style that was well in proportion and arguably a cut above the small car offerings from Japan. The interior was always functional, but was somewhat Spartan in comparison to the Japanese cars, but in any case those issues are not in any way pertinent right this instant. Why? Well because we’re in the hipper and more happening 2015 where we have labels for just about any thingy. And in this ‘Baby Blue’ Escort it is all about being retro.


But retro is just one element to this rather unassuming mild-mannered Mark II Escort. Beneath that pastel colored, freshly-painted exterior, there’s a host of transplanted goodies from Mazda – Ford’s strategic partner. The Mazda hardware – engine and gearbox was cannibalized off an MX-5, with further go-faster additions the mother of it all a custom-made trumpet equipped Mikuni twin carburetor. You could imagine there was a goodly amount of meticulous work involved therein.

In any case there were other bits in the mix – Toda flywheel, intake manifold by Jasma, electronic ignition system. And when these handy components are hooked up to the NAGCE MX-5 engine you could expect some measure of fireworks, maybe not sizzling enough to light up the sky but certainly adequate for a decent light show.


The accompanying modifications as usual concerned the chassis. These are of course the brakes – just the rear in this case nipped from the Lancer. And as for the suspension, the leaf springs type set-up were given customized shocks, lowered a couple of inches. There were no chassis strengthening extras for this here ride, they were made to be a lot tougher back then. As for the matter of style, you could see for yourself the utter coolness of this almost inconspicuous Ford. The clean mild-mannered Clark Kent looks were achieved by only a few minute additions – the factory Escort’s own tarmac rally arches, carbon fiber rear spoilers, quarter bumpers among others.

Inside the unmistakably spartan Mk II interior nestled Sparco Corsa full bucket seats equipped with Williams 3-point harness, and with only one other additional bit – custom-made console with gauges and kill switch. Finally Magroad wheels 14 inches all around shod with two different sets of tyres – 185/60 Achilles for the front and 205/60 DNAGP Yokohamas at the rear.


So there you have it. A sumptuous retro renegade.

Engine Mods: Mazda MX-5 NAGCE, port & polish, Toda flywheel, twin Mikuni carburetor 44 with custom made trumpet, Jasma intake manifold, electronic ignition system.

Transmission: Mazda MX5 Miata 5-Speed gearbox

Brakes: Rear Lancer disc brakes; front original escort brakes.

Wheels: Magroad 14 inch 7JJ offset 10. Tyre spec (Achilles 185/60- front) ( Yokohama DNAGP 205/60-rear)

Interior: full bucket Sparco Corsa seat with Williams 3-point harness. Custom console with gauges & killswitch.

Exterior: Ford Escort rally tarmac arches, Original Ford Escort side mirrors, rear carbon fiber spoiler, quarter bumpers, quarter glass sealed type, Original Escort emblem.

Chassis: Original single leaf spring with 2 inch lowering block, custom made front & rear absorbers.

Text: Faz & Furiouz
Photographer: Praveent