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Snow White

Being a Honda maniac since young, Terence always dreamt of driving a beast with a VTEC heart. Well his wish came true in 2012 along with a Honda DC2 Type R.

He was always a Honda fanatic on Grand Turismo. While in the process of selecting a beast, He also have his thoughts on a Honda EK9, but eventually the back wheel frenzy Honda DC2 TypeR popped up for sale first.

The Honda DC2 is a legendary beast that was born in the year 1995. The difference was, it had his iconic vertical headlights, meanwhile the world’s markets version had the pre-facelift with double round lights on both sides.


As for now, the owner is still in confusion mood on which bodykit he should consider getting. This TypeR is tremendously clean, with bare minimum cosmetic slapped on.

With a cut-throat heart, the B-series engine family runs on four cylinders was introduced by Honda in the late 1980’s. Compared to the D-series engines, the B-series engines were built for more intense power and performance with factory built dual overhead cams.

Here comes the interesting part, the heart of this beast was bored and honed extra 0.5mm over, while pushing combustion with 81.5mm 12.5cr Mahle Forged piston supported by Mahle Piston rings along with a Oem LTR conrods and also not forgetting the shiny Micropolished OEM crankshafts.


The infamous brand Skunk2 Racing parts also plays a major role in this machine with the support of their perfectly engineered Skunk2 Pro 2+ Camshafts, Skunk2 Pro Valve Springs, Skunk 2 Pro Titanium Retainers, Skunk2 69mm throttle body and lastly Skunk2 Pro Intake Manifold.

Kicking in fuel is done through a high-pressured Walbro fuel pump before it is transferred rapidly into a shinny BDL fuel rail.

As we flip this car upside down, this beast is shifting on an OEM LTR LSD transmission with smooth support from an Exedy Stage 2 Cerametallic 4 puck clutch and thrusting through inertia with a solid Exedy Lightened Flywheel.


While eating up the roads with a set of metallic black SSR Professor SP1 rims and being hugged tightly with a set of high performance Achilles ATR Sports 205/50/R16 tires.

Lastly, I would like to thank the owner himself & team Hypertune for the lovely experience with one of the cleanest and deadliest Honda DC2 TypeR I have even encountered.

Car – Honda DC2 Type R

Engine Modifications: Bored & honed over 0.5mm extra, 81.5mm 12.5cr Mahle Forged Pistons, Mahle Piston Rings, OEM Conrods, Micropolished OEM crankshaft, Feel’s 4-2-1 header, Mugen twin loop catback exhaust, Skunk2 Pro 2+ Camshafts, Skunk2 Pro valvesprings, Skunk2 Pro Titanium retainers, Skunk2 Pro intake manifold, Toda Cam Gears, OEM Valves, Power Enterprise Timing Belt, Skimmed / Resurfaced Head, Port & polish, 3 valve job, Mugen Cal airbox, Denso Iridium Spark Plugs, Walbro fuel pump, RC 310cc injectors, Skunk@ 68mm Throttle body, BDL Fuel Rail

Transmission: OEM LSD transmission, Exedy stage 2 Cerametallic 4 puck clutch, Exedy lightened flywheel

Wheels & Tires: SSR Professor SP1, Achilles ATR Sports 205/50/R16 tires

Text & Photos: Praveent

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