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The Silver Surfer

It is not always the case of dumping everything we can find in the tuning shop into the engine bay, rear end, and undercarriage, to make a vehicle go as fast as lightning. As a matter of fact, it is often the small modifications and upgrades that will make the ride feel better, or the engine rev just right.

Of course, we are not talking about a full-blown tuned Supra or RX-7 here, but a car that is being daily driven should not be an uncomfortable ride, especially considering the amount of potholes on the roads in the country, the patches of uneven roads on the highways, and not forgetting the ridiculously high road bumps.

Having said that, getting a somewhat minimum ride height should come with a guideline, as in how low you can go without beheading bugs on the daily commute.

None of us would want to break the law as well… said no one ever. And we love trees, said the turbocharging maniacs. So most of the time we’d be keeping everything on the down low, and only unleash the true nature of our rides when the time, and place, permits us. Okay, that’s a lie, but you get the picture.

Hence, getting a Mercedes-Benz C200K AMG and going easy on the mods here and there would be a sane choice, particularly if you’re in the mood for cruising over 200 clicks on the highways but still want some aggressive capabilities added on for a refined driving experience.

Starting with the engine, the owner dropped in a K&N air filter to give the engine some extra breathing capability and increase the response a little more. A fully customized exhaust system found its way connecting the engine to the rear end, taking out the trash in a more hostile manner comparing to the stocks smooth fume exiting. The exhaust gives some punchy feeling to the acceleration and an otherworldly growl that differentiates it from any other C200K out there.

The electronics of the car is kept stock, not wanting to mess with the abundance of sensors and electronic controls of modern cars and risk sending them into limp mode every time you hit 3,000 rpms.

The C200K came with a five-speed automatic transmission, and since it is punchy enough for a spirited drive, the transmission is left untouched. If need be, slide the gear lever into manual override mode and the fun will begin immediately. Probably with a smile, yes, with a smile too.

The M271 four-banger engine is capable of delivering around 180 horsepower from its compressor-fed combustion process. Nice power delivery with brisk straight up acceleration from just the simple prod of the right pedal.

This W204 C200 came with an extended wheelbase and tracks with a stiffer body. That in itself is a statement towards the car’s handling. The driver decided he needed a little bit more than that, so he installed K-Sport adjustable coilovers to have the freedom of customizing the handling and lowering the ride height to such an extreme. Pillowball mounts were also installed to make it easier to adjust the cambers. Wouldn’t want to attack the corners using factory spec setups, now, wouldn’t we?

The brakes were also given a hefty upgrade in the form of six-pot AP Racing calipers slapped on AP Racing 362mm rotors. The owner has plans to upgrade the rear brakes as well to the same brand, to complete the set and braking experience.

The wheels were changed to Carlsson CR1/10 19-inch rollers and it should make you drool. It’s lightweight, and very durable, and it has got some style to it that fits the overall image of the Merc. The front is 8.5jj wide while the rear is 9.5jj wide, should be enough to hold on to the tarmac when going for that hard corner, and it makes the C200K look fat with traction.

Moving into the car, the interior is kept at stock to keep the exclusive Benz look, while a bit of AMG brushed aluminum inserts are applied to give it a premium feel.

On the outside, however, AMG had their catalogue raped to kit up the exterior. This includes the stock AMG front bumper, side skirts and rear bumper together with a complete AMG hood emblem.

DRLs from the 2011 facelift model, including the side mirror covers, were also installed to give it an updated look. Carlsson trunk spoilers give the C200K some extra cosmetic deliciousness while an Exotic Mods carbon fiber front lip further enhance the aggressiveness of the vehicle. Last but not least, a matte black front grille was installed, and the fenders are rolled to allow the car to be slammed a little bit more.

Future mods include air suspension to further slam the car to the ground as the current coilovers, even though further modified to lower the car more, is not low enough for the owner.

Enhanced by Exotic Mods, Tyreplus Taman Megah, AutoFuture Design, Car Nanny, DJ Cooling, Tokachi and EPS Autospray, the C200K managed to keep its exclusive Mercedes-Benz nature, while adding some upgrades to make the vehicle particularly more hostile towards any annoying drivers out there.

Car: Mercedes-Benz C200K AMG
Engine Mods: K&N air filter, custom exhaust system
Electronics: Stock
Transmission: Stock
Chassis & Handling: K-Sport adjustable coilovers + pillowball mounts
Brakes: AP Racing 6-piston calipers on AP Racing 362mm rotors (front)
Wheels &Tyres: Carlsson CR1/10 19×8.5jj (front) and 19×9.5jj (rear)
Interior: Stock with AMG brushed aluminium inserts
Exterior: Stock AMG front bumper + side skirts + rear bumper, 2011 facelift DRLs, 2011 facelift side mirror covers, Carlsson trunk spoiler, Exotic Mods carbon fiber front lip, AMG hood emblem, matte black front grille, rolled fenders
Garage: Exotic Mods, Tyreplus Taman Megah, AutoFuture Design, Car Nanny, DJ Cooling, Tokachi, EPS Autospray

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