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Silent sullen Silvia

The S15 Silvia is the last in the Silvia line of sports cars, and just as its fire-breathing bigger sibling (that disproportionately bulky but unfathomably quick GT-R who else?) it perfectly embodies Nissan’s performance pedigree in its design. The ‘S’ designation denotes the model’s S platform, and for the sake of keeping the model’s lineage intact, the Silvia christening was given. Of course, there are numerous designs, hardware, chassis et al that have been cannibalized and transplanted amongst the other production Nissans. That’s pretty much SOP for most if not all automobile manufacturers.


Anyway, this S15 however is as far away from anything remotely close to the meaning of ‘standard’. In fact, although its appearance aren’t overtly radical or distinctive among other S15s, its well researched and expertly done mods oozes unmistakable class and yeah, it portrays the deep-rooted essence of speed without moving a single iota of its mechanical muscle. Sounds familiar? Yeah this is our version of that annoyingly overused ‘looks fast standing still’ cliché. Should there be any tendency or desire to adopt this ‘patented’ ‘intellectual property’ of ours, please call this number and download the e-form as per the ‘request to borrow…’ clause. Do not forget to include the compulsory RM500 request fee, and a signed and duplicated contract entailing the weekend use of the requester’s modified rides.


Yeah right, a little too much bullshit disguised as verbal crap. Then again, that thing called intellectual property is quite an annoying pain near the edges of our behinds nowadays ennit? Okay forget my incessant whining this fine Monday morning. We’ll take care of business first and whine later. The first and foremost business matter at hand is indeed the hearty SR20DE motor. Note the conspicuous absence of ‘T’ denoting the freakin turbocharger. Yup, there’s no turbo this time and you know what? It is perfectly alright in this case.


The tuner responsible for this fine unforced induced motor is Mr. Rahmat Niz of RNR Autosport, whereas the Garage where this S15 underwent its modded rebirth is Natra Motorsport. Now the SR20DE’s innards were put through an extensive sprucing up with a substantial part of its components replaced with aftermarket ones. The Pistons are 86mm CPs for the RB26 and the standard bearings were ditched in favor of ACL Race Bearing. For the top end Tomei supplied the camshafts, cam pulley, valve springs and solid lifters for the valvetrain. And also the gaskets are of the metal variety from HKS. For the intake this SR20DE also utilizes throttle body adopted from the Pulsar plus custom air port with 550cc Denso injectors supplying the excess fuel. The spent gases exit via aftermarket exhaust manifold plus 2.5 inch stainless steel pipe and Ganador Titanium muffler.


Everything’s govern by a tricked out Adaptronic E420D ECU. Further electronics includes an Apexi turbo timer, and a dash-mounted Pivot speed meter. The transmission is stock save for Ogura Super Single clutch. The chassis received the usual prerequisite upgrades – KTS suspension, and brakes from R34. On the visual side externally there are the Uras bodykit and Nismo ducktail spoiler and internally the ‘untainted’ cabin was deemed appropriate with only Tomei short shifter kit and Razo foot pedals taking prominence. Then of course there are the gauges galore, with aftermarket odometer, M7 meter set et al.


And one final itsy-bitsy bit is the rolling stocks and the evergreen Volk Racing Rays Eng RE30 (whew!) 18 inch wheels are matched with 40mm thick rubbers. Apart from the obvious technical prowess of this fine modded S15, all the nice and neat detailing work is also worthy of note. Consider the gold finished engine bay. This bit alone is sure to turn heads, alas only when it is dormant, meaning only when the owner allows such scrutiny of course.

Of course, that is the owner’s prerogative.


Car: Nissan Silvia S15

Engine Modifications: SR20DE 4 throttle (ITB) Pulsar intake, custom air port Denso 550cc top feed injectors, Tomei hi lift cams, Tomei valve springs, Tomei solid lifer, Tomei adjustable cam pulley, CP RB26 pistons, ACL Race bearings, HKS metal gasket, aftermarket exhaust manifold, 2.5” stainless steel piping, Ganador Titanium exhaust

Transmission: stock, Ogura super single clutch

Brakes: Nissan R34 4-pot caliper front 2-pot caliper rear, aftermarket braided brake lines

Chassis: KTS hi/lo & soft/hard adjustable, 18 HardRace full set, KTS rear castor/camber/toe, S15 front castor

Wheels & Tyres: Volk Racing Rays Eng RE30 18 × 9.5J, 235/40/18 front tyres 245/40/18 rear tyres

Interior: Tomei short shifter, aftermarket odometer, Razo foot pedals, Pivot speed meter, M7 oil/water/exhaust temp/pressure gauges

Exterior: Uras Type 1 S15 bodykit set, Nismo JDM ducktail spoiler

Electronics: Adaptronic E420D ECU with full wiring harness, Apexi pen-type turbo timer

Garage: Natra Motorsport, tuned by Rahmat Niz RNR Autosport

Text: Faz_Furiouz
Photos: Kenny Yeoh