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Silent Killer

Stereotyping is sternly discouraged socially although if television shows like “Criminal Minds” are to be believed, it helps us catch serial killers, rapists and kidnappers because they all tend to operate with a relatively similar modus operandi. Similarly, in the automotive world, subconsciously or not, we tend to classify certain owners or industry players purely based on cars they drive or the work they do.

Likewise, the Mazda name has rather unsurprisingly been tied to rotary engines. True as it is that Mazda were the strongest proponents of rotary mills, they still made some pretty formidable machines powered by traditional piston engines. Just because there aren’t a couple of spinning rotors under the hood doesn’t mean it should be dismissed immediately. Lest you forget, Mazda machines are quite renowned for their handling as well.

One of the finer specimens we managed to track down was this sleeper Mazda6 that comes with a spec sheet more comprehensive than a bride with obsessive-compulsive disorder planning for her wedding. Pushing out around 300whp, yes you read it right, 300 ponies at the front wheels, the only giveaway would be the twin exhaust pipes. Minus that and you might be foolishly lured into a traffic light drag race with it behind the wheel of your less-exciting-than-celery Camry.

Dropping in a turbo and aiming for some serious dyno figures meant the engine had to stripped apart and rebuilt with some stronger internals to withstand the forced-induced abuse. The stock crank was retained but balanced while Crower Maxi-Light forged conrods attach to Supertech 9:1 ratio pistons for some durability. All the main seals and bearings were replaced as well while the engine was apart and a metal head gasket is sandwiched between the head and block for a tighter seal. Head and main studs from ARP ensure everything is bolted back together nice and tight.

A Borg Warner EFR6758 turbo was bolted to a Street Unit S/S exhaust manifold for air compressing duties. Spent gases are ejected by way of a Magnaflow S/S 2.5-inch exhaust system. A generic intercooler was deemed sufficient for charge cooling but was given a coating of Ceramico to help dissipate heat better. A Turbosmart Hypergate 45mm wastegate lets out the excess air to prevent overboosting while a GReddy RS blow-off valve lets out the pressurized air in the intake pipe before the 67mm throttle body to prevent turbo surge. Cosworth were on hand for the intake plenum with their remarkable D-Power plenum that offers a large air reserve and equal air distribution to all the cylinders.

Fueling is covered extensively as well with a Walbro in-tank pump feeding a custom surge tank that in turn sends the uninterrupted fuel supply to a custom fuel rail with a set of RC Racing 550cc injectors attached to it. Fuel pressure is kept steady and constant with a Works Engineering fuel pressure regulator.

Thrown into the mix for some extra power and cooling is a Labonte Motorsports methanol and water injection system that runs of the ECU. Apart from that, the usual supporting mods were put in such as a Spin-On oil filter conversion kit, Arospeed engine oil cooler, Cusco oil catch can and a trio of Street Unit goods in the form of a oil cap, power steering cap and water cap. Some space was cleared up in the engine bay with the battery relocated to the boot. Finally, the transmission mounts and engine mounts were replaced with stronger units.

Keeping all the new and unchartered engine parameters in check is a Dastek Unichip Q ECU with the mandatory turbo module attached. Boost pressure is handled by a GReddy ProFec B boost controller and engine conditions are monitored via a set of Defi gauges that give out the exhaust gas temperature, oil temperature and oil pressure.

Since the slush box was to be kept, it needed some serious beefing up if transmission rebuilds weren’t going to be an annual affair. You might think that getting aftermarket support for models like the Mazda6 might be a little tough but the owner managed to get his hands on a Level Ten Bulletproof torque converter that is rated for up to 450hp. This proved to be more than enough to handle the car’s output and prevent slippage at high revs. Transmission oil temps are kept down and the oil allowed a longer life span with a transmission oil cooler.

Capable is certainly a word most people would describe a Mazda’s handling with but just to ensure the car can properly handle all the power being made, some chassis upgrades were fitted like a set of Eibach Pro springs mated to a Koni FSD shocks. All the hollow voids of the chassis rails were filled Autofoam’ Track Pack and body roll was reduced with a custom made thicker rear anti-roll bar. Ultra Racing provided the front strut bar that completes the handling and chassis upgrades.

Though it might not seem like much, 300 wheel horsepower is a significant number for a car that wasn’t designed to take that kind of force. Hence, the braking system had to be improved if fender benders and kissing kerbs wasn’t going to be a common occurrence. VTTR six-piston calipers now get clingy to 330mm rotors with EBC Redstuff pads up front while the rear gets some larger NBC slotted rotors. Endless supplied the brake fluid in the form of their RF-650 range while some colour was added with simple powder coating on the rotors.

Filling the four corners of the Mazda6 are a set of Advan RZ wheels measuring 17×8 all around wrapped in grippy Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric rubbers. The rear arches were rolled a little to accommodate the beefy wheels for that all important stance. Keeping with the sleeper theme, the only other exterior mod was the removal of the fog lights to be replaced with a cold-air intake to the engine bay. Inside, the theme continues with the just a carbon fiber and aluminium gearshift lever to keep the hidden Defi gauges company.

Just like a Ninja, you wouldn’t want to mess with this Mazda6 because it doesn’t miss twice. It’s clean, unassuming, lethal and plain stealthy. You might not see it coming but you’ll definitely feel its force as the 300whp shreds the rubbers on the fast lane, leaving you wondering how that family sedan could pack a sports car punch.

Engine: Borg Warner EFR6758 (rated from 275hp to 450hp), Street Unit S/S manifold with wastegate outlet, Walbro fuel pump, Works fuel pressure regulator, fuel surge tank, RC Racing injectors 550cc, custom fuel rail, Spin On oil filter conversion kit, Arospeed engine oil cooler, Cusco oil catch can, Labonte Motorsports Methanol / Water Injection System, transmission mount (88 Durometer), passenger engine mount (88 Durometer), rear lower transmission mount (70 Durometer), Cosworth D-Power plenum, throttle body 67mm, Crower Maxi-Light forged rods, Supertech 9:1 pistons, port & polish, engine balancing, ARP head & main stud kit, metal head gasket, main seals & bearings, Street Unit oil cap, Street Unit power steering cap, Street Unit water cap, hood damper kit, Iridium ITV22 spark plugs, Magnaflow S/S Exhaust 2.5-inch, 3-inch custom made dowpipe, ATX oil cooler, Turbosmart Hypergate 45mm 14psi, Intercooler Coating (Ceramico), G-Reddy RS BOV, grounding kit, voltage stabilizer, O2 sensor spacer, battery relocation (inc box / terminals / cables), currently producing around 300WHP / 37kg-m
Electronics: Unichip Q + Turbo module, Defi Exhaust Temp Meter 52mm Red, Defi Oil Temperature Meter 52mm Red, Defi Oil Pressure Meter 52mm Red, Apexi Turbo Timer, Greddy ProFec B boost controller
Transmission: Level Ten Bulletproof ATX torque converter (rated for 450hp), ATX oil cooler
Chassis & Handling: Eibach Pro Springs, Koni FSD shocks, Autofoam Track Pack, custom made rear anti-roll bars, Ultra Racing front tower strut, Ultra Racing rear anti-roll bar
Brakes: Pro RS steel hoses, VTTR BBK 330mm rotors & 6-piston calipers, brake pads EBC Redstuff, NBC slotted rotors (rear), Endless RF-650 brake fluid, rotors powder coating (black), rear brake calipers powder coating (blue)
Wheels: Advan RZ Rims 17 x 8, Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric
Exterior: Rear arches rolled, Air intakes (remove fog lights), Paint refinish
Interior: CF & Aluminium gearshift Lever

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