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Short and Swede

Victoria Silvstedt isn’t the only Swedish sex bomb from Scandinavia. The current crop of highly-desirable Swedish sex bombs also include the entire modern Volvo line-up, specially in R-Design gear.

However, some of the models prior to this didn’t exactly get much love and this includes the C30 hatchback. Things didn’t change much for the premium hatch here too. Sold in small quantities and with a limited range of engines, you would be forgiven for forgetting that it was even sold here.

Nonetheless, every car brand has its select group of diehards that eat, live and breathe the marque. They wouldn’t be caught dead in a car from the make except for the hearse that’s carrying them after they kick the bucket though that’s purely because they don’t have a choice.

Volvos have some genuinely passionate fans that swear by the Swedish tech and can recite all the brand’s safety innovations in their sleep backwards.

But let’s not digress, the C30 sold here could be had with the T5 turbocharged 2.5-litre, inline-five B5254T3 engine that made a decent 220hp but was only castrated by the five-speed automatic that was the sole transmission in Malaysia. It is nonetheless a very underrated sleeper with plenty of potential.

Still, an inline-five that’s already turbocharged from the factory would make all the right noises on the road and get all the right reactions in your pants.

If red is to Ferrari then Polestar Blue is its equal to a Volvo. This bright blue example here got some choice bits under the hood in a quest for more power and respect on the streets.

A DO88 big air intake system now helps to take in more air to feed the monstrous engine and its stock turbo. All that additional air and boost required the upgrade to a DO88 intercooler system to keep the charge air cooler before it made its way into the engine.

Even though the turbo was kept stock, it got a Megalodon Performance Ventures 3.0-inch catless downpipe while a Ferrita 2.75-inch exhaust system led the spent gases out the back via the twin pipes.

Boost itself was increased via the Shark Performance Stage 2+ tune that was carried out by Megalodon as well, with it being the official distributor for the brand here.

Everything else about the car though was left as it came out from the factory. The five-speed geartronic automatic is untouched, as is the brakes and handling.

You will however notice the wheel arches have been filled with something a little more stylish. Those 18-inchers are ERST VS5 wheels from Japan. ERST stands for Evolve Reiger Style Tune.

What does it mean? No clue. It’s a Japanese Volvo tuner and they make some good looking wheels which is all we need to know. The wheels are wrapped in Yokohama rubbers.

From there, you’ll get slightly distracted from the fact that apart from the Polestar Blue paintjob, the exterior is stock. Little surprise then that the interior is also devoid of modifications or changes.

All the work on the car was carried out by Megalodon Performance Ventures that specialises in tuning Volvos although they dabble in BMWs, Mercs, Volkswagens and even Fords.

The Volvo C30 wouldn’t be the first Volvo you’d think of modding but it goes to show that even the least-loved child of the family can still have its day.

Car – Volvo C30

Engine – B5254T3 2.5-litre inline-five, turbocharged, DO88 big air intake system, DO88 intercooler system, Megalodon 3.0-inch catless downpipe, Ferrita 2.75-inch exhaust system,

Electronics – Shark Performance Stage 2+ tune

Transmission – Stock five-speed geartronic

Chassis & Handling – Stock

Brakes – Stock

Wheels & Tyres – ERST VS5 18-inch wheel

Interior – Stock

Exterior – Stock

Garage – Megalodon Performance Ventures