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Sexy Southern Subaru

Being Malaysian, some of us find it hard to get along with our neighbours to the south, Singapore. We chide them for their kiasu nature, and the word “Singaporean” is normally preceded by “stupid” or “f*cking* some other derogatory term. But Singaporeans aren’t all that bad.

I was on holiday once with some friends in the tiny island republic, and we had stopped by at Burger King for lunch. We walked in, only to find that there was so seating space left. There was only a tiny table for two in the corner and this couple noticed that there were three of us, and graciously offered their four seater table to us. In all my 27 years in Malaysia I’ve NEVER had a single Malaysian offer their table to me.

Most Singaporeans really know how to do up their cars. Despite their tight rules and regulations governing their cars and car modifications, there are a lot of Singaporean modified cars which would put our best efforts to shame.

We spotted this yellow Version 8 during a MPT organized Time Attack Event, and we knew we had to shoot it. While there are definitely wilder looking examples out there, what attracted us to this car was how everything on this car fits together so well.

As this car is fully tuned and maintained by Garage-R of Singapore, you can expect it to be full of HKS performance parts, and that’s exactly what it is. Starting with the engine, the stock turbo was replaced by a larger HKS GT2835 turbo, which sucks in air through a HKS Reloaded Racing suction kit. The turbocharged air then flows through HKS steel piping and is chilled by a sizable HKS front mount intercooler before entering the engine’s combustion chambers. Boost is controlled by a HKS EVC 5 boost controller.

Inside the combustion chambers, the turbocharged air is mixed with fuel supplied by HKS 740cc injectors, SARD fuel pressure regulator and a HKS Racing fuel pump. The vital spark which gets everything going is made even more intense by a HKS Twin Power CDi. After the air and fuel mixture has been burnt completely, the waste gases are taken care of by a HKS manifold, up-pipe, down-pipe and a full HKS Legamax exhaust system.

The cooling system on this STi receives an upgrade with the addition of an ARC radiator which is topped off with a HKS Limited radiator cap. The engine’s longevity and durability is also kept in check with a HKS oil cooler and a Cusco oil catch tank. As this car is designated for the occasional abuse of a track day, a Billion power steering tank is also fitted. Topping off the list of mods is a HKS Super Earth 8-point grounding kit and of course, a HKA F-Con V Pro ECU to run everything smoothly.

Transmitting power from the EJ20 boxer engine to all four wheels is the stock but superb, slick shifting close ratio six speed gearbox which has been toughened up by a HKS Twin Plate Pro clutch.

The handling department has received a through overhaul, thanks to HKS Hipermax Pro SPL coilovers, an STi carbon fibre front strut bar, a Carbing rear strut bar, a Carbing lower arm bar, Carbing lower under panel and a Cusco anti-roll bar which should help to quell some of that understeer which Imprezas are so famous for.

With big power comes big speed, so you need big brakes to bring it all back down, and brakes don’t come much bigger then the Endless 6-piston calipers and 345mm rotors fitted on the front of this Scooby, and the Endless 4-piston calipers and 332mm rotors on the rear. Providing friction and braking force between rotor and caliper are Endless CCX pads on all four corners.

The stock wheels are replaced by 17 inch Volk Racing TE37 wheels, which are finished in a rare and limited gold colour. All four wheels are wrapped in Falken Azenis RT215 tyres which measure 235/45/R17 for superior grip and handling.

A car that looks as mean as this on the outside, has to have its fair share of goodies on the inside, and this Scooby doesn’t disappoint. The driver now steers with a Prodrive steering wheel which is attached to a quick release kit and is cuddled by a Bride Zeta bucket seat. The gearknob is a titanium item from ARC and the shift boot is from Zero Sports. Othe modifications and items installed include a GR racing switch panel, a Carbing passenger foot rest and a Carbing carbon fibre gauge holder which houses HKS Chrono Limited black gauges. To keep track of the engine’s rev limit, a Pivot shift light glows bright red every time the engine is maxed out and a Pivot starter button is also fitted, just for laughs.

A stock Impreza’s looks aren’t bland, but they’re not very exciting either. Taking care of that are a whole plethora of aerodynamic aids from manufacturers such as ChargeSpeed, Varis, and C-West.

The front bumper receives a nice makeover with a Varis Hyper front lip and Varis carbon fibre canards, and a Billion carbon fibre racing funnel. At the rear, a HKS Kansai diffuser gives the Impreza some stability in the form of downforce. Downforce is also provided by the C-West Neo carbon fibre GT-wing. The items from ChargeSpeed include the carbon fibre bonnet, the carbon fibre vortex generator and the ChargeSpeed Bottom Line side skirts. Finishing off the list of exterior mods is a pair of Ganador carbon fibre mirrors.

It is a shame that the rules and regulations concerning cars is so strict in Singapore, because they get some of the nicest cars we’ve ever seen. One can only imagine how much farther things would’ve gone with this car if the Singaporean LTA weren’t such a bunch of communist Nazis.

Car: Subaru Impreza WRX STi Ver. 8
Engine: EJ20, 2-litre, turbocharged, flat four
Engine modifications: HKS GT2835 turbo, HKS front mount intercooler, HKS Racing Type 2 blow off valve, HKS Reloaded Racing suction kit, HKS 8-point grounding, HKS Racing fuel pump, HKS 740cc injectors, HKS oil cooler kit, GR fuel filter, HKS Limited radiator cap and engine oil cap, HKS exhaust manifold and up-pipe, HKS down pipe, HKS Legamax exhaust system, SARD fuel pressure regulator, ARC radiator, Billion power steering fluid tank, Cusco oil catch tank
Transmission: Stock 6-speed manual, HKS Twin Plate Pro clutch
Suspension/Chassis: HKS Hipermax Pro SPL coilover suspension, STi carbon fibre front strut bar, Carbing rear strut bar, Carbing lower arm bar, Carbing lower under panel, Cusco rear anti roll bar
Brakes: Endless 6-pot calipers, 345mm rotors, (front) Endless 4-pot calipers, 332mm rotors (rear), Endless CCX pads
Wheels & Tyres: 17 inch Volk Racing TE37 wheels, Falken Azenis RT215 tyres (235/45/R17)
Electronics: HKS F-Con V-Pro ECU, HKS EVC boost controller, HKS Twin Power CDi spark intensifier, HKS Chrono Limited Black gauges, Pivot shift light and start button
Interior: Prodrive steering wheel with quick release kit, Prodrive handbrake lever, Carbing carbon fibre gauge holder, Zero Sports 6-speed shift boot, Bride Zeta seat, GR racing switch panel, ARC titanium gear knob, carbon fibre printed panels, Carbing passenger foot rest
Exterior: ChargeSpeed carbon fibre vortex generator, ChargeSpeed carbon fibre bonnet, ChargeSpeed carbon fibre Bottom Line side skirts, HKS Kansai rear diffuser, C-West Neo carbon fibre GT-wing, Varis Hyper front lip, Varis Hyper carbon fibre canards, Billion carbon fibre racing funnel, Ganador carbon fibre side mirrors, GR carbon fibre intercooler duct, custom made vented front fenders
Tuner: Garage-R, Singapore.

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