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Second To None

The local time attack scene has come a long way since its introduction and flourishing well in its current state. The popularity of time attack draws out the best road machines in Malaysia to challenge the clock and compete for the coveted title of each respective class. Not surprisingly, the vehicles that come out to play are predominantly 4wds; GT-Rs, Evos, Imprezas, as well as the European hot hatch brigade.

But time attack also holds a special place for another certain vehicle – the Nissan Silvia. Many people associate the Silvia as the poster car of drifting, but they also happen to adapt well to other disciplines of motorsports. The Silvia has been a favourite for the RWD category of time attack, and examples like Under Suzuki’s S15 from Japan and the MCA Suspension S13 from Australia demonstrates their full potential with the right build.

Which brings us to this Nissan 180SX by KLG Auto. One look and you can tell that they are holding nothing back with this build. It could easily be mistaken for a top-level build from another country, had it not been aforementioned, but once again our local builders show that they are second to none when it comes to quality and perfection.

We’ve seen a lot of strip-down build-up stories before, but this one is taking it to the edge. What remains of the original car is very little with the front and rear portion consisting of tube frames with just enough for the body panels to bolt on to. There’s a huge cutaway in the back which opens airflow for the repositioned FRP aluminium radiator and leaves plenty of room for further aerodynamic upgrades. The area between the front and rear strut towers are the only hints that this was once a road car, but even then the firewall has been recessed to sit the engine further back and an FIA rollcage fills the cabin.

The interior is the quintessential of minimalism with just the essential items for the driver, and only the driver. There’s a racing seat, 6-point harness, and a 3-spoke steering wheel, because you can’t really drive a car without these things in the first place. A dashboard didn’t seem like a requirement for the car so a simple carbon fiber panel box sits in the center to house the meters and control switches, while the giant rpm meter is placed on the steering column. The pièce de résistance has to be highly desirable Wilwood floor-mounted pedal box which is equipped with a brake bias adjuster on the center console for on-the-fly adjustments.

On to the engine. The SR20DET has been worked on internally with stronger pistons, conrods, bearings and metal head gasket, along with a fully upgraded fuel system to pump 1050cc injectors. Like other builders, KLG adopted an SR20VE head for the engine, which has variable valve timing to allow for a broader spread of torque across the rev range.

KLG Auto is the official distributor of FRP products and utilizes them for the main components of the engine. The heavily modified motor is fed high boosts of compressed air via a FRP GT35 turbocharger, which is capable of producing over 600 reliable horsepower. The custom tubeframe design and repositioned engine allows the FRP intercooler to sit much closer, thus having less piping connected to the custom intake manifold allowing for maximum efficiency and less turbo lag. Ensuring that all these expensive hardware doesn’t get ruined, the fine tuning of internal combustion is taken care of with a Motec M4 Pro ECU.

Power is sent to the Michelin full slick tyres via a KAAZ 2-way LSD. The RB25DET manual gearbox driving the LSD is already a strong base to begin with, but has been further strengthen with an OS Giken twin plate clutch. The track spec suspension is composed of Tein items to achieve the ideal setup, while the brakes consist of a 6-pot front and upgraded rotors on all four. Covering the enormous brakes are a set of Ray Gram Lights 57Xtreme wheels.

This 180SX looks poised to set new track records and raise the bar of time attack cars in Malaysia. If the competition wants any chance of staying in the playing field they had better step up their game as well or risk getting smoked in seconds.

Car: Nissan 180SX
Engine: SR20DET 2.0-liter inline 4-cylinder turbocharged, SR20VE cylinder head, CP pistons, Duratec H-beam conrod, King bearings, Cometic metal gasket, FRP turbo manifold, FRP GT35 turbocharger, FRP intercooler, FRP aluminium radiator, Tial 44mm wastegate, custom intake manifold, VH45 throttle body, custom fuel rail, FICD 1050cc injectors, custom oil pump, Bosch electric water pump, Duratec Steel braid hose & fitting, custom aluminium fuel tank
Electronics: Motec M4 Pro ECU, HKS EVC3 boost controller
Transmission: RB25DET 5-speed manual gearbox, OS Giken twin plate clutch, KAAZ 2-way LSD
Chassis & Handling: Tein coilover kit, Tein front caster kit, Tein rear camber kit, Tein rear toe kit, Tein rear traction kit, FIA rollcage
Brakes: Brembo 6-pot monoblock with custom 2-piece 355mm rotor (front), OEM single pot caliper with custom 2-piece 343mm rotor (rear)
Wheels & Tyres: Ray Gram Lights 57Xtreme wheels (front 9jj, rear 10jj), Michelin full slick tyres (front 27-65-18, rear 30-65-18)
Interior: Sparco racing seat, OMP 6-point harness, Wilwood pedal box with brake bias adjuster, Greddy boost meter, Autogauge meters (rpm, water, oil temp, oil press, volt)
Exterior: Custom
Garage: KLG Auto

Words: Sean Eu
Photos: Kenny Yeoh

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