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Scintillating Scirocco Rrr!

If you’d take a bit of time to look through our most recent issues including the very latest you will recall the apparently ‘continuous’ feature of soupped-up VW Golf. Though the Scirocco rarely gets an audience here, we are still honored to have one as soupped-up as this. And so we begin.

For starters we have had the Scirocco previously flaunting its sexy lines on our un-speckled pages, though I have to get back to you on exactly when that actually occurred. The thing is the Scirocco has that thing going for it, that low slung hatchback look that seemed spot-on. That it shared some running gear with its more famous stable mate the Golf GTi, it looks nothing like the GTi. It shares the same wheelbase but its 40mm longer, a considerable 51mm wider and a huge 97mm lower. The biggest difference on its handling aspect is the wider tracks – 35mm up front and 59mm at the back more than the Golf. The handling aside, the looks itself is the one element that separates the two VW hatches. You could immediately see that the more reserved folks would opt for the Golf whereas the ones who’re more ‘like us’ would go right for the Scirocco.

Now the R variant on both the Golf and the Scirocco, is an altogether different proposition, a different stratosphere when you really think about it. When compared to the ‘regular’ Scirocco, the external revisions aren’t in any way radical; well near none existent when you think about it since only the wheels differ. But the innards more specifically the power essence of the ride now, that’s what we’re ranting on about here. The Scirocco R shares the exact same turbocharged 2 liter TSI motor as the Golf R (worth some 280ps last time I checked) but with only the front two wheels driven instead of four on the Golf. Now we could carry on blabbering on the subject for days on end but not only would that be somewhat ‘skewed’ as per the matter at hand, we would end up not giving this Scirocco R the proper exposé it deserves. Now we wouldn’t want that now would we?


Suffice to say that this sinewy candy apple green (or maybe some sort of gimmicky name they have nowadays) hatch pretty much kept its standard appearance as it were, alas with a blackened 19 inch wheels by BBS. As the saying goes ‘If it ain’t broken why fix it?’, or is that ‘Why mess with perfection?’ Well, I guess both these wise and old (but somewhat cynical) saying are applicable in this case. For one thing the Scirocco is quite possibly the most visually breathtaking hot hatch ever conceived, and I’m sure many a purist would agree. And indeed to do anything to the Scirocco’s looks is, to say the least, unendorsed. But to do anything to improve on the performance; whether it’d be big or small, now that is wholeheartedly endorsed. And sure enough, our endorsements aside, this custom Scirocco R carries few hardware upgrades but yielded a thumper of performance perks.

The bulk of that thumper of a performance perk comes from the EVOMSit Stage 2 software dubbed the EVOMS performance engine software. Hailing from the US of A EVOMS (short for Evolution Motorsports) is simply a fanatical and speed-obsessed bunch, with a company motto that states like so: Home of the Insanely Tuned Luxury Exotic. They have the world’s fastest Porsche 997 Turbo the Mayhem 2.0 – a 1500bhp twin turbo behemoth. With such sensational project to their name you can count on its EVOMSit Stage 2 software in this Scirocco R produces the goods that the owner desires. Even more so when synergized with the EVOMS cold air intake and Milltek cat back exhaust with custom de-cat downpipe. Somehow you’d figure, even without any provisions of dyno charts et al, this VW is one especially fast VW.


Okay, with the forward motion inducements all wrapped up, all that is left is the control aspect, as in the handling. In this regard the owner kept it simple really, without so much as a spring upgrade, but only going for H&R anti roll bars. The brakes received a set of Dixcel SD slotted discs all around whilst the standard calipers remained, with the factory-supplied pads ditched in favor of EBC Yellow Stuff pads.

All in all, another devastating example of the ‘less is more’ concept.

Car: Volkswagen Scirocco R

Engine Modifications: 2 liter TSI Turbo; Evolution Motorsports EVOMSit Stage 2 Intelligent Tuning software, Evolution Motorsports Metal engine cover, Evolution Motorsports Cold Air Intake kit, Milltek cat-back exhaust system, custom de-cat downpipe, GFB DV+

Transmission: Standard

Brakes: Dixcel SD slotted discs front and rear, EBC Yellow Stuff pads

Chassis: Stock suspension, H&R anti roll bars

Wheels & Tyres: BBS CH 19 inch black finish wheels, Advan Neova 235/35/R19

Text: Faz
Photos: Kenny Yeoh