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To most kids with a fascination for cars, growing up, there inevitably is that one car or few that we all dream of having, driving, and imaginatively modifying with the most absurd of ideas. Be it a car that our grandfather used to drive that’s rotting by the roadside or one which grabbed our attention whilst looking out of the car window on the way to school.

Nothing excites us more than the thought of, “Someday I’m gonna get that car and have it in yellow”, or “I want twin tail pipes sticking out on both sides through a cut-out hole at the bumpers”; it is such thoughts that captivates our imagination of cars which significantly heightens our interest till we reach the deemed age of maturity to acquire the license to actually execute such ideas.


As said before, these cars could be anything ranging from an old rust bucket of an Escort or the aging Civic that has served your mom so loyally in all those school runs as ideas are only limited by our creativity and not, contrary to our popular believes, our pockets. For a good part of decade since it arrived on our shores, the Civic EJ was viewed as nothing more than a functional and practical sedan for everyday use before the aftermarket scene exploded on an atomic scale.

And car’s like this Civic, has been at the forefront of preferences when it came to having a car that one can both modify, upgrade and “play” with, while at the same time still retaining the ability to perform their everyday duties as a get-around work horse. With an aging single cam engine of lethargy and dissatisfaction, the original motor has been swapped with a punchier 1.8-liter B18C motor plucked out from the ultra-famous, track-car for the road, the Honda Integra Type R DC2 of the late 90’s fame.


While most of the EJ’s stock exterior as been retained, the interior has seen a slight update with bits from a Civic EK like a rev counter that redlines at 10,000rpm instead of the mundane 8,000 on the standard unit. Also found on the dashboard are a set of Defi meters that illuminate with enticement in the dark along with a VAFC 2 unit that enables the alteration of the VTEC engagements points so that it could suit the driving preference of the driver.

Despite the cornering abilities that this unassuming sedan is capable of partly due to its surprisingly sorted, nimble chassis and its somewhat low center of gravity, all that the owner saw fit to upgrade was the Zerone adjustable coilovers. To further enhance its grip on the tarmac, Hardrace camber kits have been applied to tilt more negativity to the wheels but to a positive effect.

15-inch P1 Racing wheels have been sorted with the right offset and the result is there to see; a clean flush look that accentuates the wheel arches. Not only is it now able to look good stationary, but also remain calm yet ferocious when the road opens up with sufficient work laid down on its foundations.


The word ferocious is one that is adequate in the description of this Civic’s performance. As if the standard output of a B18C wasn’t enough, “its head” has been ported and polished along with the upgrade of B16B cams that replaces the stock pair (a recipe that is supposedly an effective way in helping the motor reach the higher RPM’s to a devastating effect in performance) with the help of Works Engineering’s cam pulley in rotating them.

Fueling consistency is a major factor in the process of making power and in the sustenance of it hence a Sard fuel rail has been put in place to ensure that the motor is never starved of the power juices. Ignition is sorted out with NGK Iridium spark plugs and R09 plug cables while the motor’s respiratory system is significantly enhanced with a Simota air filter and “the system” is cleansed through a Jasma 4-2-1 extractor connected to a free flowing 2.3-inch stainless steel straight pipe.

Power is transmitted via a B16B gearbox with a 4.7 final drive while a Toda flywheel improves on the B18C’s power delivery with reduced rotational mass. With a set up like this mated to a torquey, high revving motor, you’d be sure that in every inch of climb in revs that it makes, sensations would heightened, and the elation of euphoria would be sensational in the realization of the power of dreams.

Car: Honda EJ9

Engine Modifications: B18C Type R, Ported and Polished, B16B cams, Works Engineering cam pulley, Jasma 4-2-1 extractor, 2.3-inch stainless steel straight pipe exhaust, Sard fuel rail, NGK Iridium spark plugs, R09 plug cables, Simota air filter, Mines radiator, Samco hoses

Transmission: B16B gearbox, 4.7 final-drive, Toda flywheel

Brakes: Stock

Chassis/Suspension: Zerone Hi/Lo Soft/Hard, Hardrace camber kit, alloy lower arm

Wheels & Tires: 15-inch P1 Racing, Falken Ziex 912

Interior: EK9 dashboard, EK9 Recaro seats, Defi meters

Exterior: Stock

Electronics: Auto Aqu ECU, VAFC 2

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