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Respect Your Elders

The Evo 3 is touching 20 years old now but this one hasn’t been taking it easy in its golden years. This Evo 3 has been hitting the gym do don’t let that stock exterior distract you from the muscles underneath

If you haven’t seen the 2016 thriller “Don’t Breathe,” I implore you to. Not only is it one of the freshest takes on the genre but the storyline manages to not fall into a repetitive rut even with a couple of scenarios replaying themselves.

A solid lead character never hurts as well and in this case it’s acclaimed stage and movie actor Stephen Lang, who you might remember most vividly for his role as the war-hardened head of security in the movie Avatar.

In “Don’t Breathe” he plays a character credited as the blind man and as the name suggests, is a war veteran that lost his sight and his daughter. Long story short, he’s living in a dystopian neighbourhood and purportedly sitting on a large sum of money.

So these three kids think that with his age and loss of sight, it’ll be as easy as taking candy from a kid. They were wrong and he proceeded to take them out by shutting the power in his home, effectively making them all blind.

The precision, decisiveness and absolute medievality in which he wipes them out is a great reminder to always bloody respect your elders.

And that brings us to the Mitsubishi Evo 3 here.

Since this generation of the Evo ceased production, there’s been seven other Evos and 20 years. So yes, things have certainly changed and mostly for the better.

Nonetheless, it would be quite foolish to think that the Evo 3 is any less of a fire-breathing, all-wheel drive monster that it was in its heydays. It packed 270hp then, a figure that still elicits fear on the tracks of today.

Much like the blind man in the movie, this one isn’t much of an average Joe as well. Some extensive time in a gym that is quite familiar to petrolheads; Millennium Motorsports Asia, has transformed into a discreet supercar slayer on the streets. We’d call it a sleeper but after letting it linger a while in our heads, didn’t seem right labelling an Evo one even with the stock exterior.

Part of the workout routine included a complete engine rebuild starting with a CnC ported and polished head. Stage 3 billet camshafts, valve springs and retainers from GSC Power Division were fitted alongside Ferrea oversized valves and Wiseco E85 compatible pistons with a compression ratio of 10.5:1 as the cherry on the top.

For the bottom end, Howard connecting rods and a Manley billet crankshaft were called in with a Fel-Pro metal head gasket and ARP studs ensuring a solid seal between the head and block. With power more than doubled, a Kiggly main girdle was fitted to prevent the block from flexing.

Compressing the air into the custom intake manifold is a Garrett GTW3884R turbocharger and injecting fuel into the cylinder are Injector Dynamics 2,000cc injectors fed by a Walbro 450lph E85 compatible fuel pump. Post combustion, the gases are flowed out via a custom exhaust manifold and piping.

A heap of supporting components such as a Turbosmart 45mm wastegate, Turbosmart Race Port blow-off valve, larger intercooler, oil cooler, D&D aluminium radiator, Works Engineering throttle body, GME Racing airbox and GME Racing radiator panel keep everything up to par and sturdy enough to handle the power.

The stock transmission is retained but doubling the power output can make wheelspin a perennial issue so a pair of Wavetrac differentials were fitted to the front and rear subframe in conjunction with the Clutch Masters triple plate clutch set.

Weaving its magic and linking all the new components electronically is a Microtech LT10c standalone ECU aided by a Microtech X4 IGBT igniter box. The end result is 675whp on RON97 fuel. A few years ago, figures like that were hard to come by even on Italian exotics.

Bringing all those horses to a halt are larger Brembos taken from an Evo 6 and working together with Endless brake pads to ensure a classic like this doesn’t see a panel beaters anymore.

After being on the road and driven hard for 20 years, the chassis would be tired and in need of a little refresh. A Safety 21 roll-cage stiffens up the body a little while an Ultra Racing three-point strut bar ties the two suspension towers to the firewall.

Grip is paramount in this case and you can never go wrong with a timeless design such as the Volk Racing TE37 wrapped in track-proven Toyo R888 measuring a modest 325/45R17.

As for the interior, it’s still very much a hospitable place to be in, save for the neon green cage. A pair of Bride semi-bucket seats make the perfect companion for Takata racing harnesses. Keeping with the classic theme is a Nardi steering wheel and a nod to Mitsu’s performance arm is done with the RalliArt gear knob.

Keeping the exterior stock is a brilliantly shrewd move on the part of the owner. Granted, an Evo will always be an Evo but the ignorant might make the mistake of looking down on one that is a couple of decades old.

Just like those three kids in the movie, this is one elder you wouldn’t want to disrespect and if you make the mistake of doing so, the lesson is one you might take to the grave.

Car – Mitsubishi Evo 3

Engine Mods – GSC Power Division S3 billet camshafts, GSC Power Division valve springs + retainers, Ferrea 1mm oversized valves, Wiseco E85 85mm 10.5:1 pistons, Howard connecting rods, Manley billet crankshaft, CnC ported and polished head by Millennium Motorsports Asia, Fel-Pro metal head gasket, Garrett GTW3884R turbocharger, Turbosmart 45mm wastegate, Turbosmart Race Port blow-off valve, larger intercooler, oil cooler, D&D aluminium radiator, ARP head studs, ARP main studs, Kiggly main girdle, custom intake manifold, Works Engineering throttle body, custom exhaust manifold + exhaust piping, Injector Dynamics 2000cc injectors, Walbro 450 E85 fuel pump, GME Racing airbox, GME Racing radiator panel, Samco silicone hoses, HKS clear timing belt cover, Sard radiator cap,

Electronics – Microtech LT10c, Microtech X4 IGBT igniter box

Transmission – Clutch Masters triple plate clutch, Wavetrac front and rear LSD

Brakes – Evo 6 Brembos, Endless brake pads

Suspension & Chassis – Safety 21 roll-cage, Ultra Racing front three-point strut bar

Wheels & Tyres – Volk Racing TE37 wheels, Toyo R888 tyres 235/45R17

Interior Mods – Bride semi-bucket seats, Takata racing harness, Nardi steering wheel, RalliArt gear knob

Exterior Mods – Stock

Garage – Millennium Motorsports Asia

Tuner – Millennium Motorsports Asia

Power – 675whp with RON97