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Red Hot Chili Pepper

This beast had been in the owner hands for a fair number of years and it took him quite a period of time to complete his project to look like how it does now. Izwan aka “Mat Sentul” had this car running through a factory stock N/A engine until one fine day, when his urge for more power arose.

This is where he made up his mind to drop in a 4G93T engine from a donor Mitsubishi GSR halfcut. As for all young car enthusiasts, stock horsepower is never enough to satisfy the ever growing needs for more speed. With that being said, Mat Sentul gave his full trust to JSpeed Work to maximize this engine’s potential.


With the engine head being put through the port & polish process to smoothen and maximize the air flow. Izwan had also fitted in a cam pulley made by Arospeed while a B18c VTEC intake was customized for the car to be to handle larger volume of air fed in via the S90 Throttle Body.

Fuel for the car is regulated via a Turbosmart Fuel Regulator and NGK Iridium spark plugs completes the ignition process. The owner had also opted for an HKS air filter to facilitate larger air intake capacity. In order to get the maximum potential and power, the original turbine was ditched for a TD05 unit and a Tial wastegate while a Greddy Boost Meter aids in monitoring its pressure. An ARC aluminum radiator was chosen to replace the stock as its larger size helps in better cooling during spirited drives.

This red beauty is also fitted with a customized length tuned extractor and a straight flow 2.5 inch stainless steel exhaust with a Kakimotor Redtag muffler. In order to put down more efficient power the stock GSR gearbox was fitted with OS Giken Super Single clutch.


With the substantial power upgrade over stock, handling upgrades are also a must, here the owner fitted the ride with a set of HWL adjustable suspension, Ultra Racing Strut bars and D&D uprated and lighten lower arm to ensure the better stability in corners. Brake performance was also not neglected whereby a pair of Brembo Evo 5 calipers coupled with Evo 7 disc was retro fitted to the front and the stock GSR rear calipers was matted with Evo III rotors for the rear.


In the cosmetics division, the car was kept along the line of simplicity where front was face lifted via the original Mitsubishi III look complete with its interior. Additional add on’s were the MOMO Race steering and Ralliart gear-knob. To complete the transformation and also a vital handling+cosmetic must have was the procurement of the Volk Racing TE37 17”x7.5jj wheels wrapped in Toyo Proxes T1R rubber.




Car Model: Proton Wira

Engine: 4G93T GSR RS

Engine Modifications: Port n polish cylinder head, B18c Type R intake, Sheepdog blowoff, Tial Wastegate, Custom extractor, TD05 Turbo 20g, Stainless steel pipe system, S90 Throttle body, ARC aluminum radiator, adjustable Aerospeed cam pulley. Samco sport hos, NGK iridium sparkplug, Evo III intercooler, Turbosmart fuel regulator, Mushroom head HKS air filter, 2.5”-3” exhaust system, Kakimotor Redtag muffler.

Transmission: Evo GSR gearbox + OS Giken super single clutch plate.

Electronic: Evo III ECU, Greedy boost meter, HKS turbo time

Suspension & chassis: Ultra Racing strut bar, HWL adjustable, D&D lower arm

Brake system: Brembo Evo 5 + Evo 7 disc (front) & EVO III (rear)

Wheels & tires: Volk Racing TE37 17×7.5jj, Toyo Proxes T1R 225/45R17

Interior: EVO III carpet, dashboard, door trims & EVO 4 seats (front and back), MOMO race steering, Ralliart gear nob, Carrozeria double din.

Exterior: Evo III front lift + rear hood, EVO III rear mirror, EVO III doors, Eterna Sunroof, CF Ganador side mirrors.

Workshop/tuner : JSpeed Work, Melaka.