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Razor’s Edged

The Audi R8; Manufactured by Quattro GmbH. These designations do not require any histrionics (at least verbally). There’s just this endearingly robotic quality about the first ever production Audi supercar that gets your attention without actually trying to get your attention. The benchmark Walter de Silva penned Audi is one of a select few rides that does this effortlessly (and successfully). It not so much as screaming its presence but rather assertively relay them in a suave and gentle manner.


There’d be no question as to the correlation of one Tony Stark with the R8’s worldwide fame. With the trend of adopting Hollywood into an effective promotional and advertising tool becoming more and more widespread, it is fair to say that the R8 made a lot of inroads on its intended market through its memorable outtakes on the big screen, with successive appearances over all three Iron Man productions. So does it owe Herr Stark (and by the man’s own admission the state-of-the-art ‘Man of Iron’) its neo-celebrity status, or… is it the other way around? Hmm, perhaps that’d be a stimulating after dinner discussion. But for now let us stimulate ourselves with the fabulous R8 itself, and undoubtedly the equally fabulous ‘exotically modified’ example you see here.

Well the fabulousness of the R8 is down to a few crucial factoids as per its conception. Before the R8 Audi went about teasing the automobile fraternity with a number of conceptual designs like the Audi Quattro Spyder in 1991 (while not exactly super in performance certainly super in looks), and on the same year the breathtakingly radical Avus with its forward cab design and W12 mid-mounted engine (certainly super in every sense of the word). That it took more than a decade before a bonafide production Audi supercar to be released pretty much, points to a ‘deeper’ reality – that an Audi supercar is inevitable. It was, to adopt some Shakespearean jibe into it, Audi’s destiny.


Derived from its Le Mans Quattro Concept, Audi AG brought out the R8 with a minimum of aesthetical alterations (so unlike most concepts really where’d you barely recognize the similarities of the concept and the production versions), with an all-aluminum 32 valve 4.2 liter V8 tucked longitudinally mid-engine mated to an updated version of the trademark Quattro drivetrain. With some 420 horses and 320 lb.ft of torque the first R8 was good for 4.6 secs zero-to-hundred and 300km/h maximum speed, certainly supercar category whichever way you spin it.

Now the gorgeous and sophisticated Exotic Mods R8 you see here is that very same variant – the R8 4.2 FSI Quattro. With the inclusion of a custom ECU remap and an expensive set of a Kreissieg F1 Valvetronic Cat-Back Exhaust System there’s bound to be a healthy perk as per the all-important matter of output et al. But as had been increasingly the norm these days we’d rather keep mum on the true numbers, it is way more exciting this way. Not to mention the added intrigue.


But one look at this R8 and you’d immediately be interested on its external presentation i.e. its styling. This R8 wears the gorgeous PPI Razor party dress encompassing the front the rear and the sides with further compliments of creamy carbon fiber from Exotic Mods – the wing mirrors and the unique to the R8 side blades.

Of course with such a superbly kitted R8 with a fancy PPI ‘evening wear’ it goes without saying that the paint needs to be of the same exacting standards, as in a proper ‘Premium quality paint’ – the kind that and I quote ‘provide a beautiful finish for your car, hold up for many years and is easy to buff and wax, a brand of paint that is among the highest rated’. Well in this regard PPG is the top drawer choice.

The finish dubbed the PPG Matte Grey finish adds a touch of sheer uncompromising class to the gorgeous Razor R8, exactly the kind of ‘the best in the business’ finish a huge bundle of RMs would get you. A final piece to the classy R8 Exotic Mods jigsaw is the Modulare B7 20 inch monoblock wheels in glossy black – the most appropriate finish for the wheels that accentuates the gorgeous paintwork. The stance remained as standard with sport springs from H&R replacing the standard setup. While the innards requires no accentuating really as the R8’s interior is just fine as it is. There is one bit though – the TID Styling aluminum paddle shifters; everything else is as it were.


But as it were to unfold, this R8 does indeed trump the visual scorecard on account of its utterly stunning looks. In the increasingly innumerable done-up R8s you’d find in the web, it might just be in the short list of the most beautiful modified R8.

But we can always agree to disagree.

Car: Audi R8

Engine Mods: 4.2 liter FSI Exotic Mods custom ECU remap, Kreissieg F1 Valvetronic Cat-Back Exhaust System

Transmission: stock

Brakes: Custom Painted Brake Calipers (Front & Rear)

Chassis: H&R Sport Springs

Wheels & Tyres: Modulare B7 Custom Forged Monoblock 20” wheels; Michelin Pilot Super Sports Tyres – Front 245/30/20 & Rear 325/30/20

Exterior: Exotic Mods Carbon Fiber Side Mirrors, Exotic Mods Carbon Fiber Side Blades
PPI Razor style Front Lip, PPI Razor style Side Skirts, PPI Razor style Rear Diffuser, PPI Razor style Front Bumper Grilles, PPI Razor style Front Grille, PPI Razor style Rear Bumper Grilles
PPG Matte Grey Complete Exterior Paint

Interior: TID Styling Aluminum Paddle Shifters

Workshop: Exotic Mods