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Raunchy Retro Racer

Over the years we have gotten to know a number of our very own clientele some of whom have on numerous occasions honored us with their finest engineering creations. Indeed inasmuch as we’ve maneuvered and jostled for position with our long time collaborator – car modifier extraordinaire, of whom we have always been, shall always will be, a privy to some of the best from the likes of top flight Time Attackers, or upper tier race trim examples, or just good old fashion customer cars redone accordingly.


It goes without mentioning that for requirements similar to, or exceeding all of the above Millennium Motorsports Asia have always been on the short list of the top ‘Go To’ guys residing smack in the middle of the world famous Sunway horsepower haven. Millennium Motorsports Asia has been established since 1995 with considerable experience in the automotive industry. And it goes without saying that their reputation precedes them wherever they go, and ultimately when Millennium put their trademark slash signature on a built you can bet your meager private sector salary that the car would be fast to put it mildly.


So the background story to this pretty unique EG6 Civic had the owner who had already done some miraculous thing with the car prior to this, miraculous inasmuch as shoehorning a B20 into that rather premium spaced engine bay and doing it up will all manner of performance enhancements therein. Sure enough he made good on all his upgrades taking on some much fancier road contender or what have you and pretty much whoop their asses. But after a while he came to the realization that he wish to take his car to the track and wish to do the proper way – by starting out with a smaller engine to learn the ropes so to speak, as the owner is a beginner and is pretty cool about it too. I mean he honestly admitted to the Millennium guys that he’s a novice when it comes to track racing, instead of being all cocky and pretending to be Tiago Monteiro or something. That shows class.


Remember all these mods are in accordance to the Super 1500 ruling alright? Let us divide the Millennium EG engine mods to two parts the head and the block. For starters, the head of the D15 single cam all motor has a port & polish treatment, in goes 288 degree Webcam in place of the stock cams, Supertech valves and Webcam valve springs and retainers, Nitto 0.4mm head gasket, ARP head studs, plus Edelbrock intake manifold sized 70mm.


Within the block there’s 75mm JE Pistons, Oliver Billet conrods, King bearings, ARP main studs. Other external extras around the highly tuned engine includes Tonka Headers, ID725 injectors, Aeromotive fuel pump, Turbosmart fuel regulator etc. while the drivetrain enhancements are as follows: 5 speed manual, 1.5 Way LSD, super single clutch, all of em from HDrive. The engine management features a whole host of Microtech goodies: LT10C with datalogging & a few other functions, Microtech Pro logging dash with some 128GB of logging! Imagine all that amount of data where all key information can be stored and retrievable at any time you so wish. And the entire Microtech engine management system is tuned by none other than Joshua of Millennium Motorsports.


Okay then what else? Oh yes the handling, again the HDrive factor is in action this time with its 3 way suspension system. Interior parts includes an ultra pricey Cusco roll cage, FIA approved of course, OMP seats placed alongside Recaro SPG, and Sparco steering.

Okay now all these enhancements are nice and all yes? But what was the net result? I mean the guy spent a fortune doing up the D15 engine, and the chassis works and the safety bits as such, so what might the owner achieve after all of his and Millennium’s hard work? A pretty impressive 2nd place finish in the Super 1500 NA in the Malaysia Speed Festival that’s what.

Car: Honda Civic EG6 Super 1500 NA

Engine: D15 single cam all motor

Engine Mods: (Head) Millennium Port & Polish, Webcam 288 degree camshaft, Webcam valve spring & retainer, Supertech valves, Nitto 0.4mm head gasket, ARP head studs, Edelbrock intake manifold 70mm TB, (Block) JE 75mm pistons, Oliver Billet conrods, King Bearings, ARP Main studs, stock Honda D15 crankshaft. Tonka header, ID725 injectors, Turbosmart Fuel regulator, Aeromotive fuel pump

Transmission: HDrive 5 speed transmission, HDrive 1.5 way LSD, HDrive Super Single Clutch

Electronics: Microtech LT10C w/ datalogging & engine protection functions, Microtech Pro-Logging Dash 128GB of logging, Microtech Can Bus wiring system tuned by Joshua of Millennium Motorsports

Chassis: HDrive 3 way suspension

Interior: Cusco roll cage, OMP & Recaro SPG seats

Exterior: Mini Cooper Orange finish

Garage / Tuner: Millennium Motorsports Asia