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Raucous Sensationalism

Admiring this prominently reworked Mk2 Focus RS up close, I couldn’t help but recall my own attempt (albeit unsuccessfully) at ‘coaxing’ a stylish pearlescent white iteration of the iconic second generation Focus RS. You see I’m not exactly a ‘people person’, I don’t have a bright and sparkling smile that spells ‘I’m gonna light up your day”, with a fair measure of warmth and friendliness. And so it was doubly difficult for me to go through the motion of initiating contact with a stranger behind a Pukka Mk2 Focus RS build.

Anyhow right after the fella established I wasn’t trying to con him into handing his car keys, the opening pleasantries was cordial enough, as it quickly dawn on him how big a fan yours truly wholeheartedly am of Ford’s iconic RS specials. We ended that five minute roadside banter with a furtive gentlemen’s agreement between one bespectacled Mk2 RS owner and me on behalf of Hypertune, a prominent spot in our familiar multi-color spread the gist as per the cumbersome preamble.

As it turned out it was not meant to be, there were a few unresolved issues which remained unresolved. I am sure we’ve covered all the bases, going about it in the most professional manner. Then again, as long as we have been a bonafide performance car magazine we were not prepared for every conceivable (as well as inconceivable) request, what more for a regular hardworking common folk like the most of us. Whatever it was, the only downside for us was only a prolonged wait for an Mk2 RS, an impromptu spinoff from that wise philosophically old saying “Good things come to those who wait” and taking it one notch on the uppity “Even better things come to those who waits longer”.

Indeed bro ‘No truer words have ever been spoken’. Lo and behold! A genuinely Pukka 2009 Mk2 Ford Focus RS, given just a couple of tasteful visual enhancements – a reflection of the owner’s own personal touch. Wrapped in PPG Grigio Medio Grey finish, the discreet, under the radar paintwork provides a unique canvas which goes exceedingly well with the gloss black Mk2 RS exterior detailing, ditto the 19 inch REVO RV019 lightweight cast alloys wrapped in low profile Nexen SUR4s.

Before we check out the superbly engineered dynamics of the second generation Focus RS let us remind ourselves how the Ford RS breed of performance cars which traced its genealogy all the way back to 1968 and the first RS badged Ford – the German-built 1.7 liter V4 motor 15M RS complete with sport-tuned chassis et al. Therein followed a succession of famous RS Fords – the first original 1970 Escort RS which paved the path for the world conquering Escort RS Mexico; there was also the Capri RS2600 & RS3100 – which brought fuel injection to the masses.

As per the Mk2 Focus RS to say it epitomized the purest essence of progression and advancement in motoring at large, and performance and speed in particular. At its 2009 world debut the RS had a conventional FWD layout with an upgraded 305ps 440Nm Duratec 2.5 liter ST turbocharged 5 cylinder motor, 6 speed manual transmission, uprated suspension, and beefed-up helical LSD.

For this classy Mk2 RS project, modifications on the 5 cylinder turbo engine revolves the Revo Stage 2 software – specifically developed to attain max performance from bolt on performance exhaust and cold air intake. The Revo 2.5T RS Stage 2 software is specifically tuned to suit a specific hardware list. As such the aforementioned components were quickly sourced: GGR cold air induction, Spec R oil cooler kit and also intercooler kit with a full kit of extra large piping for that Spec R I/C.

Elevate components – famous among Ford & Volvo fans provides its renowned intake manifold, as well as bypass valve, and turbo control valve. Pro Alloy parts consist of radiator and oil catch tank, with Samco hoses for that radiator. The thermostat and injectors are from Autotech – the famed VW specialist from the US. JW Racing downpipe connected to a 3 inch Mongoose full exhaust takes care of discharged gases.

Chassis upgrades features Bilstein PSS dampers, Elevate anti-roll bar at the back end and polyurethane bushes all around. The uber expensive 6-pot Revo BBK made by Alcon takes care of slowing down situations. On the inside the stock MK2 RS interior trim exudes class all the way and sure enough the owner concurred keeping things as it is except for a pair of Recaro sport seats.

Ford Focus RS Mk2

Engine Mods:
GGR CAI (cold air induction) filter, Elevate intake manifold, Elevate bypass valve, Elevate turbo control valve, Vibratech engine torque mount, Pro alloy radiator, Pro alloy oil catch tank, Spec R intercooler, full set big intercooler piping, Spec R oil cooler, Autotech thermostat, Autotech injectors. JW Racing downpipe, Mongoose 3″ full exhaust, Samco hoses

Revo stage 2 Map

Bilstein PSS dampers, Pu bushes, Elevate rear anti roll bar

Revo by Alcon 6 pot BBK

Wheels & Tires:
Revo RV019 19×8.5 et45, NEXEN SUR4 235/35/19

WRC bonnet vents, PPG Grigio Medio grey

Recaro sports seat, Recaro OEM seats,

Engine tuning:
REVO Malaysia

Engine works:
Excellent Auto Garage

Text: Faz
Photos: Kenny Yeoh