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Quick ‘n Compact

We’ve featured some awesome turbocharged CR-Zs in our previous issue, and even a K20A-swapped CR-Z last issue, but I reckon this one has taken it up a notch. The garage that is responsible for this red CR-Z is D’Tuning Services and they’ve done a great work building up the car.

What makes it stand out initially is the custom aftermarket bodykit layered in a bright red paintjob. Unlike other kits which are add-ons to the factory body parts, this kit replaces the front bumper, side skirts, and rear bumper with its custom design that aggressively transforms the car into the mean, road-racing machine that it is. And it’s designed so while adapting to the lines of the CR-Z. Nothing feels out of place. The white Enkei RPF1s and rear spoiler just makes the package whole and complete.

If you’ve own or driven a CR-Z, then you’d know how light and nimble they are, but there’s always the feeling of something lacking. Nothing a turbocharger can’t solve. DTS wanted to go big with their CR-Z, and that meant using a Garrett GT28 billet turbocharger. It also meant having to custom make parts, like the turbo adapter (manifold) and 2.5-inch down pipe with a Turbosmart wastegate.


The intake plenum is a custom made by the cool guys at Tonnka who know how to make beautiful high quality equipment with sick welds. The air filter piping kit is also a DTS custom job with a blow-off valve attached to it. A Blitz intercooler is mounted on with a custom DTS intercooler aluminium piping and intercooler silicon hose. And it is finished off with a custom DTS exhaust piping and custom DTS stainless steel 2.5-inch muffler.

The engine has been given upgraded 380cc injectors to feed the boost from the Garrett GT28 turbocharger. Fresh fuel is fed from the AEP Hi-flow fuel pump and ignition is generated by NGK spark plugs. DTS also installed a Snow Performance water methanol injection kit to help prevent detonation or “pre-ignition” in the engine. WORKS supplied an oil cooler kit, oil catch tank, and oil filter for the CR-Z. All fittings and clamps were sourced from DuraTech and a Billion Super Thermo Cloth is used to protect the clutch pump and power steering motor from the excess heat generated.


The tuning has also been carried out by Daniel of D’Tuning, who dyno tuned the CR-Z using a Hondata FlashPro with a 4 bar Map sensor and GReddy Profec E-01 boost controller. With a proper successful tuning the engine is able to achieve a final output of 219PS @ 6100rpm and 296Nm of torque @ 4700rpm! Consider that it originally produced 112hp @ 6000rpm and 145Nm @ 4800rpm. Of course this meant that the 6-speed manual gearbox needed to be reinforced and DTS gave it a custom racing clutch with Torco RTF Racing Transmission Fluid. To aid with deceleration, DTS sourced a bigger brake pump and discs from a Honda CF4 as well as equipped the turbo CR-Z with Nankang NS-2R for better road grip.

To find out more about the CR-Z turbocharger kit or any other modifications, please contact D’Tuning Services Sdn Bhd at 03-6276 6520 or Daniel at 012-213 1103.

Car: Honda CR-Z

Engine: 1.5-liter LEA 4-cylinder i-VTEC with hybrid electric, Garrett GT28 billet turbocharger, custom DTS turbo adapter, custom DTS 2.5-inch down pipe, Turbosmart wastegate, custom Tonnka intake plenum, custom DTS air filter piping kit, blow-off valve, Blitz intercooler with custom DTS intercooler aluminium piping and intercooler silicon hose, 380cc injectors, AEP Hi-flow fuel pump, NGK spark plugs, custom DTS exhaust piping, custom DTS stainless steel 2.5-inch muffler, WORKS oil cooler kit, WORKS oil catch tank, WORKS oil filter, DuraTech fittings and clamps, Billion Super Thermo Cloth for the clutch pump & power steering motor, Snow Performance water methanol injection kit, Millers Oil Racing Engine Oil CFS 5W40 NT, Millers Extra Cool

Electronics: Hondata FlashPro (dyno tune by D’Tuning Daniel), 4 bar Map sensor, GReddy Profec E-01 boost controller, GReddy oil temp meter

Transmission: 6-speed manual gearbox, DTS custom racing clutch, Torco RTF Racing Transmission Fluid

Chassis & Handling: Stock

Brakes: Honda CF4 brake pump & discs

Wheels & Tyres: 17-inch Enkei RPF1, Nankang NS-2R 215/45 R17

Interior: Stock

Exterior: Custom aftermarket bodykit

Garage/Tuner: D’Tuning Services Sdn Bhd