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Pseudo Retro Boy Racer

For the nostalgically inclined among you, particularly KLites, there’s this not-too-vague notion of recalling those bygone days of when the place to be come the weekend was that infamous stretch of Jalan Tun Razak fronted by the now defunked Phase 2 hangout. Well those days they’re called ‘discotheque’ actually and should you even use that term ‘disco’ either you’d come out as a cool person of distinctively old school predisposition, or you’d be looked upon as a, what’s that English term? Oh yeah, daft and a pretty uncool fella. But that’s not the issue here in any case, since we’re not here to debate the merits of our upbringings or get all episodic. We are here forever more to present an insight into the nether regions within a ‘reengineered’ ride. And the particular example of a ‘reengineered’ ride in this case is this robust-looking Civic from the annals of history circa early 1990s.


Now consider that period for a moment; it wasn’t quite that far back was it? I mean sure it was a few years more than a couple of decades and all but in comparison, as far as car designs were concerned (what else might we be concerned with I wonder) the visual differences weren’t all that major now weren’t it? It is in no way as dramatic as the obvious ‘otherworldly’ contrast between the current ninth gen Civic and the first. Of course the ‘night and day’ visual disparity between now and back then was not merely down to design concepts per se but perhaps even more crucial is the gulf of advancement in technology. We’re talking about science and progress – material, engineering evolution, manufacturing tech and what not. In other words, should carbon fiber be as abundant in the mid 70s as it is now, you’d certainly get some, well something else altogether. Yeah, well sometimes pondering the ‘what ifs’ can be cursory at best and at worst, utterly pointless.


Ok enough with the unrelated contemplation. Instead we’d better off contemplating what this EG6 owner was contemplating himself when he’d contemplated what his nemesis would be contemplating when they’d be sucking on his contemplatively intoxicating exhaust fumes as he’d dropped them in his pursuit of contemplative-ish speed nirvana. Nevermind, indulge me a little alright? Alright then, first up the whole ‘smack in your face’ look wasn’t incidental, it was by design. Since this rather old school Honda hatch does have a dual role as a ‘mechanized soul mate’ – for his (well, I’d assume it’s a ‘he’ and yeah I might be a tad gender biased) nightly romp around his favorite B roads, and also as a bonafide track machine. Oh and also it does have a third role, beg your pardon, according to an unnamed source (meaning the info is not validated alright?) it is also a daily-driven car when he’d be all gentle and considerate on the road. When he’d allow that old lady her way ahead of him; give way to other cars as a courteous gesture, pretty much a model citizen.


But when he’s in the mood, he’d be calling upon the legendary oomph from the B16A motor residing in the engine bay; a B16A resplendent with a glittering array of juicy goodies. We’d know all too well about the B16A – already a mighty fine motor in stock and standard mode. So you’d need little or no imagination whatsoever to see what it’s capable of with Toda cams, Crower cam pulley, Mugen extractor and airbox, RGO titanium exhaust, plus upgraded cooling system, fuel system plus other ancillaries therein. Also there’s the Hondata-supported P30 ECU doing the thinking for the soupped-up motor. The stock tranny received Ogura clutch, full-lock LSD and short ratio gear replacement from the 3rd to 5th. You can tell that it’d be a mighty fine performer whence it is pushed to the limits can’t you? We all know and love a VTEC singing at the top of its redlining pitch.


Of course there’d be handling upgrades and it sure was comprehensive too, just run your passionate eyes up and down the Hyperfacts and indulge. Elsewhere both the EX and the IN as per the ‘terior’ were done-up in a way that exemplifies borderline restraint as per the cost and aesthetical considerations – they’re not too showy and by no means are they’re tacky. Check out the ‘split pairing’ of Volk Racing wheels, the GT roof wing and all the requisite parts swap and additions outside and even more so inside.

All in all, a Honda hatch that is sizzling hot with a split personality – perky and pretty plain but. Leaving the ‘but’ hanging only make the point absolutely unremittingly definitive.


Car: Honda Civic EG6

Engine Modification: Toda camshafts, Crower cam pulley, B18C intake, MUGEN 4-1 extractor, RGO full titanium cat-back exhaust system, Koyo double layer radiator, Mugen thermostat & fan switch, Walbro 255lph fuel pump, Skunk2 fuel rail & Works fuel regulator, Mugen carbon fiber airbox, Billion radiator hose, Spoon plug cable, Golden Eagle dipstick & oil filler cap, Cusco strut bar

Transmission: ATS 3rd to 5th close ratio with full lock LSD gearbox, Ogura super single clutch

Brakes: Endless 4-pot & CCR pads front; EBC Green Stuff brake pads, Endless steel-braided hose, Motul RBF660 brake fluid

Chassis: CSL hi low soft hard adjustable, Super Pro complete bushing, bespoke lower control arm & subframe, Hardrace upper arm

Wheels & tyres: 15 inch Volk Racing CE28 7jj 35 offset for the front, 15 inch Volk Racing TE37 7jj 43 offset for the rear; Advan Neova AD08R 195/55/15

Exterior: Mugen lips, Vision Technica smoked corner lamp, J’s Racing wide fender, Voltex GT wing

Interior: Bride full bucket carbon kevlar & Bride Cuga carbon kevlar, Sabelt 4 point harness, Mugen with C’s short shifter, Complete ’94 EG6 interior, Cusco aluminum rollcage, Miracle X bar, Carboy monkey bar, Mugen oil temp, water temp & oil pressure gauges, Defi fuel pressure & tachometer, ATC competition steering wheel with NRG boss kit, K’s Meter Works 250km/h meter cluster, S2000 push start button

Electronics: P30 ECU with Hondata

ICE: Pioneer Source/Head Unit, Carrozeria tweeter, Alpine speakers

Garage: Torq Autoworks

Text: Faz & Furiouz
Photos: Praveent