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Playboy Z

Back in the 70’s, the Nissan Z cars dominated the car scene in Japan. Dubbed as the “Fairlady”, a name taken from its predeceasing Datsun Sports, the early life of the Z cars was all about cruising the long highways in what was essentially a 2 seater with a long hood and then picking up chicks at the night club scene because damn was it a looker! Yet it was a cruiser with enough firepower to go toe to toe with sports cars of the time. That very DNA has made its way down to the latest generation of Fairlady, the 370Z.

Sticking to the ethos of the Z, this Limerock Grey sample has not been overdone, rather enhanced in the exterior department. Taking inspiration from the rapidly growing over-fender culture, a customer body kit has been designed and installed to significantly widen the stance of the car.

To match the wider look, massive 19″ Work Emotion wheels wrapped in Nitto tyres adorn the Z. Within those deep-set wheels sit Brembo stopping power in the form of 4 pot calipers in front and 2 pots for the rear. Given the stock nature of the 3.7L V6, we assume the brakes are more for the purpose of style than anything else. The factory calipers would look minuscule in contrast to the brash wheels.

A wild body needs an equally wild wing to complete the package does it not? Cue Voltex. A Voltex carbon fibre wing with custom mounts that curve on the boot complete the rear end. The only mod that you won’t be able to spot is the Whiteline anti-roll bar. One that you will notice however is the complete Fujitsubo FGK exhaust system. Trust me, this Fairlady certainly likes to announce her arrival.

When you get into this a Z like this, it’s not about taking a corner as crisp as possible or reaching its top speed. It’s about sitting back, turning the volume up on your stereo and cruising down the streets and letting people take your picture.


Car – Nissan 370Z

Engine – Fujitsubo FGK Exhaust System

Electronics – Stock

Transmission – Stock

Chassis & Handling – Whiteline anti-roll bar

Brakes – Brembo four-piston caliper (front), Brembo two-piston caliper (rear)

Wheels & Tyres – Work Emotion wheels 19 x 9.5 – 21(front), 19 x 11 -35 (rear), Nitto Tyres

Interior – Stock

Exterior – Limerock Grey, Custom Rocket Bunny / Liberty Walk body kit, custom front lip, custom side fender, custom spoiler mounts, Voltex carbon fibre GT Wing, custom painted headlamps & taillamps