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One of a Kind

Anyone can sell pre-made bodykits. Less are able to create good quality replicas. Even lesser are those born with the gift to create a one-off design which looks good.

We’ve featured more than a few of Kazama’s creations in these pages. Most of the cars looked pretty decent, but nearly all of them sported pre-made bodykits or replicas. It’s like, if you’ve seen one Voltex bumper on an Impreza, you’ve seen them all.

The true measure of a styling house’s artistic and fabrication ability is a one-off, custom designed bodykit. While there are many styling houses in the country which have fantastic fabrication skills, few have the eye and the vision to accentuate and enhance a car’s original lines without ruining them. This beautiful monstrosity proves, without a shadow of a doubt, that Barry Teo, the man who designed this bodykit and manages Kazama Autowork’s operations, does indeed possess that special gift which lets him dream up beautiful works of art like this.

This isn’t the first time we’ve featured Barry’s work. Way back in Volume 65, we featured a yellow Honda Beat which had been given a through makeover with a custom made, one off bodykit, which took styling cues from an S1 Lotus Elise. That little yellow Honda is a car we will not soon forget.

But let’s get back to the gold S15. This car is undoubtedly the wildest looking Silvia we’ve seen thus far and the best part is that this car is not just show with no go. With 385bhp and 45kg/m of torque, it’s got quite a bit of ‘go’.

The SR20DET was pulled out of the engine bay and torn apart and rebuilt with a host of high performance forged components. In the cylinder head, HKS Step 3 camshafts, valve springs, retainers, rocker arms and lash killers are fitted. For fine tuning of the camshafts, a pair of HKS adjustable cam sprockets was also fitted. Once the head was done, the block was given all the attention it needed and HKS forged pistons and HKS forged H-beam conrods were fitted, but not before the HKS cylinder liner kit was installed. The lower end of the block was also given some attention with a balanced crankshaft and Power Enterprise F1 Black Metal crank and conrod bearings.

With the block’s components ready to be put together, a HKS 1.2mm head gasket replaces the standard one and cylinder head and engine block are reunited and fastened with ARP reinforced head studs.

Now that the groundwork had been laid, Ngah Motorsport, the shop responsible for this engine build, could get to assembling the rest of the engine. The standard turbo was replaced with a bigger GReddy TD06 unit, which inhales though an A’PEXi Power Intake air filter. The TD06 then forces its intake charge through custom made intercooler piping and a Works Engineering intercooler before it enters the combustion chambers.

Fuel, air and an ignition source are the three key elements needed in the combustion process. Fuel is provided by a Walbro fuel pump, a SARD fuel pressure regulator and 850cc Power Enterprise injectors and spark is provided by ever popular Denso Iridium spark plugs. The exhaust gasses are then taken care of by a custom made exhaust system and a Top Speed muffler.

Giving the engine a fighting chance for survival are a custom aluminium radiator and silicone radiator hoses, a GReddy bubble tank, a larger capacity oil pan from D-Max, and a Power Enterprise Mag Power II magnetic oil filter. Finally, this fully built engine is run by one of the best standalone engine management systems available today, the A’PEXi Power FC.

The transmission was beefed up with a Triniti clutch kit to cope with the extra power while a Nismo GT-Pro 2-way LSD gives the S15 all the traction it needs as it powerslides its way out of the corners. For better engine response, a lightened Nismo flywheel replaces the stock one.

In the handling department, an Aragosta adjustable coilover kit finds its way into the strut towers and helping the suspension kit do its job better are Ultra Racing fender bars, side bars and lower chassis brace. Also from Ultra Racing are the anti-roll bars, fitted at the front and the rear to keep body roll at a minimum. Finally, every adjustable camber arm, toe rod and what-have-you from D-Max are fitted to the Silvia’s chassis.

You can probably tell from the massively wide and bulky arches that there’s quite a bit of space under them and a big space like that needs an equally big wheel to fill them up. How big? In this case, 19 inch Work VS-XX wheels do just fine. The front wheels are wrapped with Toyo T1-R tyres which measure 245/35R19 and at the rear are Michelin Pilot Sport tyres which measure 285/30R19.

This Silvia retains its factory fitted calipers and rotors, but the pads have been swapped out with Endless CC-A pads and the squishy rubber brake lines were also replaced with Endless stainless steel braided items.

Inside, both passenger and driver are treated to feast for the eyes and the butt. The driver is cradled in a Bride Low Max bucket seat, while the passenger gets to park his or her lucky arse in a limited edition Impul racing seat. Steering the car is a joy and pleasure thanks to the Sparco steering wheel and NRG short hub and quick release kit and shifting gears has never been more fun than with the Sparco gear knob. If the passenger ever gets bored, however unlikely that may sound, he or she can be kept entertained by the Defi gauges, of which there are six in total. If that isn’t enough, there’s always the A’PEXi turbo timer.

And now for the piece de resistance; the insane bodykit. Designed by Kazama Autowork’s operations manager, Barry, this kit consists of the front and rear fenders, the front and rear bumper, the roof scoop, the GT wing, the rear diffuser and the canards. The hood’s been replaced with a Kazama carbon fibre item and the side mirrors have been replaced with Ganador mirrors. The paint and attractive decal job are all done in house at Kazama Autoworks as well. Complementing the insane bodykit are LED tail lights, Minimax strobe lights, and D1 Generation bonnet locks.

As it turns out, that we aren’t the only ones to be impressed with this Silvia. In fact, this gold hued Top Secret Silvia has won three 1st place trophies in 2009 at the Singapore Asia Autosalon and Malaysian Autosalon Challenge. This car’s crowning achievement is the Best of the Best Overall Award which it also won at the Singapore Asia Autosalon in 2009.

Car: S15 Nissan Silvia Spec R
Engine: SR20DET 2-litre, 4-cylinder, DOHC, turbocharged
Engine modifications: HKS 86mm forged HI-plating Piston Kit, GReddy TD06 20G turbo, HKS H section connecting rods, HKS φ86 Cylinder liner kit, Balanced Crank Shaft, Power Enterprise F1 Black metal Crank shaft bearing, Power Enterprise F1 Black metal Connecting rod bearing, ARP Reinforced Main & Connecting rod stud bolts kit, HKS Step 3 (NVCS) IN 264̊̊ Valve lift 12.0 camshaft, HKS Step 3 EX 272̊ Valve lift 11.5 camshaft, HKS Step 3 Head System c/w valve spring, retainer, rocket arm and lash killer, HKS Cam Sprocket, HKS 1.2mm metal head gasket, Denso iridium spark plug, A’PEXi racing air filter, HKS Super SQV blow off valve, Power Enterprise 850cc injector x 4, Walbro 255 L/H fuel pump, Power Enterprise Mag Power II oil filter, Sard fuel regulator, Aeroquip aluminium fitting, GReddy bubble tank, Works engineering intercooler, Custom intercooler piping kit & Silicone hose, Custom Exhaust front pipe, down pipe & 3.5″ top speed exhaust muffler, Custom Aluminum radiator & Silicone hose, GReddy engine oil cap, D-Max Aluminum Engine pulley Kit, D-Max Aluminum larger capacity oil pan, D-Max magnetic oil drain plug, D-max carbon cooling panel
Transmission: Triniti clutch kit, Nismo racing flywheel, Nismo GT-Pro 2-way LSD
Suspension/Chassis: Aragosta adjustable coilovers, D-Max front pillow tension rod, D-Max front pillow lower arm, D-Max tie rod, D-Max tie rod end, D-Max rear axle hard-bush kit, D-Max rear camber arm, D-Max rear toe rod, D-Max rear caster rod, D-Max rear lower arm, Ultra Racing Fender bar, Ultra Racing Side bar, Ultra Racing Front lower bar, Ultra Racing Front & Rear Anti-roll bar
Brakes: Endless CC-A brake pads, Endless steel braided lines
Wheels & Tyres: 19 inch Work VS-XX wheels, 245/35R19 Toyo T1-R (front) 285/30R19 Michelin Pilot Sport (rear)
Electronics: A’PEXi Power FC, Defi gauges (boost, oil pressure, oil temperature, water temperature, fuel pressure, exhaust gas temperature), A’PEXi turbo timer
Interior: Bride Low Max bucket seat, Impul racing seat, Sparco steering wheel, NRG short hub and quick release kit, Sparco gear knob
Exterior: Fully custom top secret wide GT300 style aerodynamic kits by Kazama Autoworks, Kazama GT type rear under diffuser, Kazama GT type front & rear wide fenders, Kazama custom GT type bottom line skirts, Kazama custom GT canards, Kazama custom GT roof air scoop, Kazama custom projector air intake head lamp, C-west eye lid, KAZAMA Autoworks type I (dmax) carbon front bonnet, Ganador Carbon look side mirror, Kazama giant Carbon look GT Wing (prototype), Dmax new generation led crystal rear lamp, D1 generation bonnet lock, Minimax universal drift strobe lights, Kazama Autoworks custom creative decal (stickers) works, Kazama Autoworks paintjob (top secret gold)
Tuner: Ngah Motorsport (JB)
Bodywork: Kazama Autoworks – 012-750 3033

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