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Next-Gen Dragger

When it was first introduced back in 2004, the Gen2 was a hit among Malaysians, with the radical new design by Proton as well as the introduction of the Campro engine. I believe there is not a single Malaysian out there who doesn’t know the engine name, as well as the car.

The design is quite pleasing to the eyes, and the four-door compact utilises a platform that was developed by Proton and Lotus engineering, giving the chassis the rigidity it needs should performance and handling be required.

The car was aimed to replace the Proton Wira, as most modders would know, especially the C99 model that came with stock 4G93 1.8 engines.

The Gen2 sports a 1.3-liter or a 1.6-liter engine, and the latter produces 108hp. The Campro is known as a high revving engine, as high RPM will be required should the driver need some power on the wheels. The trick most would use is to shift just a tad below rev cut point to get to the power bend after a gear change, and this is most useful with the CPS Campro engines.

It will require some extensive tunings and upgrades to get the most out of Campro engines, and getting it will be hard. Once there, Campro delivers sustaining power deliverance, and will most definitely make anyone driving the upgraded engine smile, wide.

The Gen2 has superb handling too, which is why the same platform is used on the Satria Neo but shortened to match the wheelbase. The same rigidity can be achieved, and more often than not, with the right tuning, one can enjoy so much fun taking corners with the Gen2. Even in its stock form, the handling is already good enough, but will require tyres with stiff sidewalls, as the stock suspension is too soft for aggressive cornering.

We have here a Proton Gen2 tuned solely for the quarter mile race. Running on a Campro 1.6-liter, the engine itself has received some hefty upgrades. Matspeed 298 high cams were installed to get even higher revving on the engine while increasing acceleration.

The head was polished and ported to get the best flow by the famed Nasty Port Flow. D3 racing custom-made headers were also installed, together with a Skunk2 intake, which is quite popular for those looking for power. A Sard fuel pressure regulator was installed for constant fuel pressure, and it’s most imporant in drag racing where just the right setting will be needed for maximum performance.

Too rich or too lean and the power will simply not be enough.

Aerospeed adjustable cam pulleys are used together with the cams, while Works Engineering silicone radiator hoses distributes cold water around that came from the beautiful Forged Racing aluminum radiator.


The ECU has been removed and replaced with a Haltech standalone ECU. Standalones are used mainly in race-prepped cars because it replaces the original ECU completely and will need to be retuned for everything. This allows full customisation of the ECU, while enabling more tuning options.

Custom straight cut gear ratios are also used. This allows better power distribution, as well as insane acceleration. Hear the whine when you reverse your car a little quickly? That’s what you’d hear from a straight cut gearbox all the time the whole way.

Custom Velocity lower arms were installed to provide better stability for the car, as the car will require going on a straight line and you wouldn’t want the car to sway too much. No adjustments are made to the brakes, as the stock brake is already enough for its purpose.

The interior of the car reveals that everything is almost stripped out. Recaro SPG, which is really extremely sexy, was installed to keep the driver in place. OMP steering wheel, Momo pedals and carbon fiber gear knob were presented to the driver as a gift for his hands and feet. Wouldn’t want anything to slip or anything during a drag race now, wouldn’t we?

On the outside, Racecraft provided the carbon fiber hood to lighten stuff up, and custom headlamp replacement cover was fabricated for the left side to aide in intake air for the hungry engine.

The car was prepared and maintained by JC racing, PTS Auto Mechanic, and Power House Racing. The workmanship put in makes this a very potent drag machine and you might want to think twice about a traffic light drag race if it lines up next to you on the drive home.

Car: Proton Gen2

Engine Mods: Campro 1.6-liter, Matspeed high cams in-298 and ex-278, head ported and polished by Nasty Port Flow, custom header by D3 Racing, Skunk2 intake, Forged Racing aluminium radiator, Sard fuel pressure regulator, Arospeed cam pulleys, Works Engineering silicone radiator hoses

Electronics: Haltech

Transmission: Custom street cut gear ratios,

Chassis & Handling: Custom lower arms by Velocity,

Brakes: Stock

Wheels & Tyres: Desmond Evo Regamaster wheels 15-inch, 195/50/15 Toyo R1R tyres

Interior: Semi-stripped interior, Recaro SPG, OMP steering wheel, Momo pedals, carbon fiber gear knob

Exterior: Racecraft carbon fiber hood, custom headlamp replacement cover

Garage: JC Racing, PTS Auto Mechanic, Power House Racing

Text: Syawal
Photos: CK Fun

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