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Moving On Up

Life is all about making progress. From the day we’re conceived in our mothers’ wombs, we start progressing from an unrecognizable mess of cells into a fully grown baby with limbs and a head. Once we’re out in the real world we start progressing through the different stages of our lives; kindergarten, primary school, secondary school, college…you get the idea.

Even the game we play so fervently, the game called love, is about progression. How else would you explain analogies like ‘First Base’, ‘Second Base’, ‘Third Base’ and a ‘Home Run’?

Undoubtedly, progress is what we all strive and work so hard for. We want to make progress in our respective careers, we want to make progress in our relationship with that special someone, we want to see our business grow and prosper; the list goes on forever. Progress is something which is deeply embedded in society and the way we live our lives, and it’s a seemingly never ending rat race. But once you get to the top, the rewards can be pretty damn sweet.

For most of us, our first car would’ve been something pretty low down the food chain like a Kancil or an old hand-me-down from a loving relative. As we embark on our respective careers, we climb up the corporate ladder and our paychecks start getting bigger. Most of us would be quite happy with a tricked out, souped up Subaru Impreza or a Nissan 350Z, but for a select few who have the means to buy into the upper echelons of the motoring world, Japanese is Junk.

These elite few have had their way with the Imprezas and the Evos and are now ready for the cream of the crop, the continental supercars. Okay, so the Cayman isn’t exactly supercar material but how many people do you know who can say that they own and drive a modified Porsche?

This Porsche Cayman S is owned by Shedden, the man behind premier exotic car tuning specialist, Exotic Mods. Shedden’s owned a smattering of cars over the years, including a B-series swapped 2nd generation Civic and a supercharged BMW 320i but this Cayman is probably the prettiest one yet. As always, Shedden’s put his vast knowledge and good taste to good use and turned his lovely Cayman S into a moving billboard for the business and what a pretty looking billboard it is.

The first thing which strikes you about this Cayman is the Techart GT style bodykit which has its lines made even more prominent with the striking yellow paintjob. The kit consists of the front bumper, the side skirts, side mirrors and rear spoiler while the front hood is a carbon fibre item from Gemballa. Shedden’s also updated his Cayman’s looks with fenders, headlights and taillights from the later, facelifted model. For that expensive, premium look at night, the headlights were fitted with Prius HID bulbs and the foglights were retrofitted with a Prius HID conversion kit.

From the exterior, we move on to the interior. Shedden and Exotic Mods have done a great job of spicing up the Porsche’s typically boring and bland interior with an extensive Alcantara reupholster job. The seats, dashboard, steering wheel and door panels are covered in the expensive animal hide and giving the interior a more ‘tuner’ style ambience are carbon fibre and Kevlar trimmings on the dashboard, steering wheel, door panels and door handles, and door sills. Even the carpets are also custom made Exotic Mods items and the finishing touch is a chunky Gemballa gearknob.

With the interior and exterior sorted out, it was time to get the car nice and low with H&R lowering springs and to swap out the weedy stock wheels with a nice set worthy of being bolted to the Cayman’s hubs. A set of forged wheels from Savini was custom ordered in a 20 inch size with carbon fibre inserts. The wheels measure 8.5 inches wide in the front and 11 inches wide at the rear and are paired up with Toyo Proxes T1-R tyres.

H&R anti roll bars are also fitted at the front and the rear to complement the lowering springs for even better handling while an Exotic Mods carbon fibre strut bar ties the two front strut towers together, increasing chassis rigidity. Finally, filling up the empty space behind the front wheels is a 4-piston big brake kit from Gemballa.

The engine also receives a few minor modifications with a BMC drop in air filter, a Remus cat-back exhaust system (which gives the Cayman’s 3.4-litre flat six a wonderfully throbby growl) and an Exotic Mods custom ECU remap which gives the Cayman an estimated 335bhp. Also fitted are an underdrive pulley kit from Mantis, a B&M short shifter kit and a Porsche Motorsports oil/air separator.

This yellow Cayman is perhaps, the most complete tuned example of Porsche little coupe we’ve seen in this country. It has the looks, the noise, stance, power and bling. One can only wonder what’s next on Shedden’s list, but one can always be sure it will be something really good.

Car: Porsche Cayman S
Engine: 3.4-litre, flat six, DOHC, Variocam
Engine modifications: Exotic Mods custom ECU remap, Remus race cat-back exhaust system, Porsche Motorsports oil/air separator, BMC high performance replacement air filter, Mantis Sport underdrive pulley kit
Transmission: B&M short shifter kit
Suspension/Chassis: H&R lowering springs, H&R anti-roll bars, Exotic Mods carbon fibre front strut bar
Brakes: Gemballa 4-piston brake kit (front)
Wheels & Tyres: Savini Forged SV29s Custom-Made 20″ wheels (8.5” Front, 11” Rear), Toyo Proxes T1-R Tires all around (245/30ZR20 Front, 305/25ZR20 Rear)
Electronics: Prius 6000k HID D1S bulbs in headlamps, Prius 6000k HID fog lights conversion kit
Interior: Exotic Mods carbon fiber + Kevlar dashboard trims, Exotic Mods carbon fiber + Kevlar center console, Exotic Mods carbon fiber + Kevlar steering trims, Exotic Mods carbon fiber + Kevlar door handles + panels, Exotic Mods carbon fiber door sills, Exotic Mods carbon fiber sports Chrono gauge pod, Exotic Mods Custom Alcantara dashboard wrap, Exotic Mods Custom Alcantara steering wrap, Exotic Mods Custom Alcantara sport seats wrap, Exotic Mods Custom Alcantara door panels wrap, Exotic Mods Custom Porsche floor mats, Gemballa shifter + gear knob
Exterior: Exotic Mods Techart GT style front bumper, Exotic Mods Techart GT style side skirts, Exotic Mods Techart GT Style Rear Spoiler, Exotic Mods Techart GT style side mirrors, Techart front emblem, Gemballa style carbon fiber hood, 2009 Cayman S facelifted bi-xenon headlights, 2009 Cayman S facelifted fenders, 2009 Cayman S facelifted led taillights, VPS Vehicle Protection System’s smash proof tints, VPS Vehicle Protection System’s stain-proof paint protection, VPS Vehicle Protection System’s stain-proof interior protection, Motorsport Playground decals
Tuner: Exotic Mods – 603-7803 3938

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