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The Movie Star

We here have seen the lot within the four walls of our premise and I mean the lot. There is not one end of the pool of automotive marvels, be it from the west or the JDM that we have not scrapped out to feature from our widespread archive of modifying madness. But here’s a special one, a celebrity if you will, of a vehicle that at the peak of its fame was the toast of one of Hollywood’s biggest movie franchise.

Apparently its name, Eclipse, came about from an 18th century English racehorse that went on an unbeaten run of 26 races. Perhaps a name that’s more assuring than the method it was conceived, through a partnership with Chrysler, of all manufacturers. Still, bearing that Mitsubishi badge is some consolation that it could still be a far cry from the Acura’s and Infiniti’s of America-land.

Seen in the first ever Fast and Furious franchise from more than 10 years ago, the green second-gen Eclipse made a brief but lasting impression for the third to appear in the following 2 Fast 2 Furious sequel as the Eclipse name grew in parallel with Paul Walker’s increasing fame. Just as how it wowed movie buffs in its sequels with its clean, muscular-cruiser-like lines, this American piece of import shook our lenses half to cracking.


Despite being blessed with a 3-liter V6 power plant, it was never really packed with the kind of heat required to tear tarmacs apart. Just so the 6G72 motor could cope with the strains that came along with the Vortech V5 G-Trim Supercharger kit, its internals have been strengthened with top shelf CP forged pistons, Brian Crower rods, ARP fasteners and BIG-LEN Engineering’s valve train solid lifter kit while its bearings have been upgraded with those from King and ACL Thrust.

Air goes in the protruding custom intake manifold while the engine puffs out through Everco’s fully custom stainless steel tuned-length header with a scavenging effect for the engine to clear its wind as quickly as possible. With the Magnecor ignition cables and Denso plugs lighting up an inferno within the chambers, feeding this fix with the required pressure and consistency is done so with the combination of a Walbro fuel pump and Precision Turbo 525cc high impedance injectors.

With less prominence through the naked eye, the Eclipse’s spec list would show that the engine bay is littered with Everco’s cooling prowess through its performance aluminium radiator, air to water after cooler alongside an intercooler that is kept cool with Everco’s atomised-water spray system. With cooling and fueling concerns tucked aside, rapid acceleration apart from the supercharger was pursued through a Fidanza flywheel while an Exedy Stage 2 Cerametallic clutch kit and Quaife limited slip differentials absorbs the 6G72’s force before gently laying it out on the road.


With an AEM methanol injection kit attached to cool down the combustion chambers, you can tell that things can get pretty real with two 10lb tanks of C02 held down with Everco’s custom tank brackets that’s needed to hose down the scorching intercooler. Rounding up all these upgrades, an E-Manage Ultimate management system helps pan out a modus operandi to bring out every bit of potential the 3-liter block can live up to.

Also on the inside, an AEM air/fuel ratio wide band gauge could be noticed occupying what used to be an air con vent and together with a boost and water temperature gauge completing an almost compulsory set of monitoring devices. Matching the ingenuity of its upgrades, the Eclipse pulls off a full Street Shrine bodykit that’s rounded off with a VIS vader carbon fiber hood and a Kaminari wing. The collaboration of the KYB adjustable suspension and Eibach springs allows the Eclipse to sit on its Rays Engineering shoes with the panache of a movie star.
This movie star however, would bring it on and come to its own with just one take.

Car: Mitsubishi Eclipse GT Yr 2000 (Made in USA, left hand drive)

Engine: 6G72 3-litre

Engine Mods: CP forged pistons (91.1mm/8.8:1 + rings), Brian Crower Rods, Vortech Supercharger V5 G-Trim kit (Rippmod), King engine bearings, ARP fasteners, BIG-LEN Engineering valve train solid lifter kit, ACL Thrust bearing kit, , Everco’s Fully custom stainless steel header (with scavenging effect), 3 inch stainless steel mandrel bent piping (with venturi effect, bullet, muffler), custom intake manifold, Everco’s Performance Aluminum radiator, Everco’s Air to water aftercooler + intercooler + custom piping, Everco’s Atomized-water spray system (intercooler) + custom stainless steel water reservoir tank, Two 10 lb tanks : CryO (Co2) spray cooling kit + purge system+ Everco custom bracket-tank, AEM Methanol injection kit, oil cooler, K and N air filter, Tial BOV, Walbro fuel pump,Precision Turbo: 525cc High Impedance fuel injectors, Magnecor ignition cables, Denso Iridium spark plugs, oil catch tank

Transmission: Exedy Stage 2 Thick Cerametallic Clutch Kits, Fidanza Flywheel, Quaife Limited Slip A.T.B Differentials, Ralco RZ- Short Shifters

Electronics: E manage Ultimate (tuned by Everco), AEM air fuel ratio wide band guage, AEM Methanol Failsafe device

Chassis & Handling: KYB adjustable suspension, Eibach pro-kit lowering springs

Brakes: Brembo brake system (Evo 7)

Wheels &Tyres: 18 inch rim (RAYS Engineering, Versus: 2 piece), Falken and Continental tires

Interior: Boost gauge, oil temp gauge

Exterior: Street Shrine full bodykit, projector headlights, LED tail lights, VIS vader carbon fiber hood, Kaminari wing

Text: EJ
Photos: Kenny Yeoh

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