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Most Sensual Drive

At the recently concluded Summernats 2014 event held in conjunction with the 57th Merdeka Day celebrations, we stumbled upon a gem of a car at the Sepang International Circuit; one example so clean and functional that we realized that if it weren’t to be featured on our pages, it would be a lost to our identity and most importantly our faithful followers.

This EK owned by Hugo Chai is not like the other street-tuned Civics that we’ve featured recently, this pocket-sized rocket is a track-prepared version that’s built specifically for races of various kinds and only Hugo could tell how effective the upgrades and the shake downs have had on this EK. As for those who could only watch and drool, here are the bits that make this car great.

At the top of this VTEC motor, its head had been ported and polished along with the combination of Toda Type B cams and a Toda adjustable cam pulley upgrade for a better “pranggg” at the more exciting end of the VTEC zone. At its “torso”, the block now houses a forged conrod and pistons which would provide sufficient durability at long lengths of stay in the higher revs and higher output the EK is now capable of.


The combustion aspect of things are now efficiently assisted by Brisk LGS spark plugs that flourishes with MSD plug cables, a MSD Blaster 2 coil held by a MSD coil bracket along with a MSD distributor cap.

The brain child of these arrays of MSD products is the MSD 6AL Digital Control unit which provides more efficiency with the use of lesser power. Compatible with 4, 6 and 8 cylinder engines, it’s capable of monitoring and controlling every firing and rev limit of the motor. The master mind of this operation however is attributed to its SPOON Sports ECU assisted with DRAX chip.

Being a race-prepped machine, its engine bay also plays host to additions like a fuel regulator and oil catch tank both from Arospeed and an oil catch tank that filters out all the oil slugs. A custom header helps free up more power while at the same time improving on the soundtrack of the EK’s already frightening presence.

Power is transferred from the power plant via a 5 speed manual gearbox with SPOON’s full lock limited-slip differential and a heavy duty EXEDY racing clutch while its containment is achieved with the installation of a set of Aragosta coilovers that’s capable of high/low and soft/hard settings on all four corners. With certain secrecies in the way it’s been tuned, to put things in perspective, the EK now glides like train on tracks around any bend of every corner.
In helping the EK to achieve this effect, its four corners are now shoed in with 15-inch Konig wheels that sits on Achilles 123S rubber for track use while its pilot opts for the combination of the 123S at the front and Achilles ATR Sport at the back for Gymkhana events. As if the Civics flamboyant exterior doesn’t scream ferocity, the interior sure does strike the impression of a lethal race car.


At first glance, one would notice the full roll cage that encloses the interior to provide and adhere to safety standards which also dictates the use of a Sparco 6-point harness that’s strap onto an assuring Sparco bucket seat. At the dash, NRG Innovations auto gauges provides reading of parameters while maneuvering is done so with a Nardi steering that’s hooked up on a NRG steering quick release.

So be sure to catch a glimpse of this speed freak at the next motorsport event you attend!

Car: Honda Civic EK9

Engine Modifications: Head Port and Polish, TODA Type B Cam, FORGED pistons and conrod, TODA adjustable cam pulley, BRISK LGS spark plugs, AEROSPEED fuel regulator, AROSPEED oil cooler kit, oil catch tank, MSD 6AL Digital Control, MSD Distributor Cap, MSD Blaster 2 Coil, MSD Plug Cable, MSD Wire Seperator, MSD Coil Bracket, custom header and piping

Transmission: 5-speed manual with SPOON full lock LSD, EXEDY racing clutch

Brakes: Stock

Chassis/Suspension: ARAGOSTA with Hi/Low-Soft/Hard

Wheels & Tires: TRACK USE –KONIG WHEEL 15inch 195/50/R15 ACHILLES 123S (F & R)

Interior: NRG INNOVATIONS auto gauges, NRG STEERING quick release, NARDI steering, custom surgage tank, full rollcage, SPARCO bucket seat, SPARCO 6 point harness, custom fuel surge tank, custom hydraulic handbrake system



Year 2014 Sponsors: Kuraz Motorsports (2014 Motorsports Team, Manager & Support) Prince Lubricants (Engine Lubricants), Achilles Radial (Tires), Konig Wheel (Wheels), HTC (Electrical gadgets), Mechanix Wear (Apparel), Brisk (Spark Plugs), Speedzone Motorsports (Racing products, Maddog (Fashion Apparel), NRG Innovations (Gauges and Car Accessories), Arospeed (Performance Products), Senira Motorsports (Body and Paint), LB Smart (Car Maintenance), Evolution Performance (Car Alignment and Setting), Tom’s Stickers (Decal Design)

Text: Pan EJ
Photos: Kenny Yeoh