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Mighty & Magnificent Modded Machine

There’s virtually nothing quite like the renowned alphanumeric pairing from Bavaria to bring about that powerful and overwhelming sense of anticipation; that non-descriptive utterance shared by Gearheads the world over. Often the number that follows the mighty ‘M’ symbolism would be either one of these two – the ‘3’ or ‘5’. In other words these two ‘ultimate’ Bimmers, the M3s and the M5s are the most instantly recognizable, most respected, most feared even and the most well known of the M cars.

Of course, right now there are quite a number of M-badged BMWs in production – both full-fledged M machines and M Performance variants, with a number of them considerably more powerful and better equipped in comparison to the M3s and M5s; but among all the M cars it goes without saying that these two have ascended to the top of their respective dominions, and thus rightfully reserved their iconic stature as the M benchmarks. And between these two, again without much argument required as per the matter, it is the M3 that edged further and higher up the pecking order, in terms of reputation and global recognition. Undoubtedly the M3’s place in an exclusive pantheon of automobile icons was prompted by its amazing run of success in motor racing right from the get-go really – beginning with the E30’s legendary exploits in DTM and thereafter its subsequent successes in Europe, and pretty much the world over.


And dwelling into the matter further, it is perhaps a timely coincidence that the month of May 2015 heralded the 40th anniversary of BMW M Division – a significant milestone in on itself. Not straying too far off topic here, but we do feel that having an M car as our exalted ‘guest star’ in this here 163rd Hyper edition, especially an extremely comprehensively modified example like so, entails a bit of ‘back story’ as a trailblazer to the delectable main agenda. To label the M3 as the M machine is hardly an overstatement despite it not being the first pioneering M car from the M production line (that honor went to the sensational M1 in 1978). It wasn’t until 1986 before the E30 M3 came trudging out. As with the M1, the first M3 was borne out of BMW’s motor racing program i.e. homologation purposes and such was its resounding worldwide success in the sport that it anointed itself up the M car’s pecking order pretty much right away, symbolizing the very substance of what constitutes an M car – awesome performance in the Ultimate Driving Machine.

And on that note, we’ve arrive right at the opening ‘gestation’ of this equally awesome and amazing ultimate driving machine – the E92 M3 with a lengthy wish list of tuning parts encompassing the car in all its stupendous majesty. I mean the M3 in itself is all ‘da bomb’ or whatever funky ‘high and mighty’ phrases the hipper crowd adopts this side of Essen Motor Show. The tech bits sans the modded extras reads like automotive performance idealism really; the kind of numbers that not that long ago denotes blazing supercar figures. We’re talking about more than 400 ponies output, more than 100 hp per liter, sub-five seconds naught-to-hundred km-per-hour, computer-interred 250 km/h max speed; these are healthy upper-tier numbers. Alas, as we’re all too aware that mere numbers doesn’t mean much unless you’ve got the substance bits done accordingly; and it isn’t too much to say that the impressive figures aside, BMW’s benchmark M Cars aren’t considered benchmarks for nothing – these are world-leading automotive engineering at its pinnacle, and the lack of an appropriate term is fitting in this case since they’re well and truly are ‘ultimate’.


And once the Hyperfacts of this pearlescent white ‘M-tiga’ is looked over, you ought to have some kind of uncontrollable spasm as the extent of it sunk in. But in any case some background here – this E92 M3 was the result of the owner’s ‘well-funded’ quasi-supercar project, which took off with one major theme as the precept – a straight out GTS conversion. And so with the direction ascertained the project took off, and indeed it certainly took some doing as you could see. For starters the exterior, that unmistakably ‘unexciting’ M3 persona was given a makeover with a couple of GTS exterior parts and topped out with that cool M Performance boot spoiler, and perked up further with those lovely Apex Racing 18 inch rims.

And it wouldn’t be too much to say that the same cool (and classy) approach found its way inside as well. The seats are FIA-Approved WRC type full buckets from OMP, mated to Schroth Racing 4-point harness, and supported with Macht Shnell seat brackets and receptacles. Custom Alcantara interior was done nicely by KL Auto, with original M3 GTS roll cage set snugly within.

Okay then, the go aspect is something else really. The 4 liter V8, with 420 ponies already remember had a custom engine DME plus another electronic wizardry for its transmission – a DCT control unit software adopted from the GTS M3. Apart from that the motor also received an AFE intake kit plus an unbelievably expensive Akrapovic Evolution exhaust system. Only some spot of divining could tell you what kind of output the end result would yield.


The handling capabilities of the M3 was improved on enormously with a whole host of trademark components – Ohlins DFV suspension kit, Ground Control front camber plates, front and rear adjustable anti-roll bars, adjustable camber arms for front and rear, toe links and toe rods, solid front and rear subframe bushings, and solid rear axle bushings (whew!) all from Racing Dynamics. And lastly custom AutoFoam track package takes care of the chassis reinforcement. The brakes are Brembo 380mm – 6-pot front and 4-pot rear, with Ferodo brake pads and Goodridge hoses.

Really, this superspeciale M3’s spec sheet right here will definitely induce some overwhelming shock to all you enthusiast’s senses. And well, guess what? That’s exactly what we’re all about.
Here’s to unbridled tuning excess!

Car: BMW E92 M3 GTS Convert

Engine Modifications: 4 liter V8 Custom Engine DME, AFE Intake Kit, Akrapovic Evolution Exhaust System
Transmission: DCT Control Unit M3 GTS Software

Brakes: Brembo 380mm Big Brakes Kit (6-pot front 4-pot rear) Ferodo DS3000 brake pads, Goodridge hose

Chassis: Ohlins DFV suspension, Ground Control Camber Plates (front), Racing Dynamics front & rear adjustable anti-roll bars, fully adjustable front & rear camber arms, toe links & link rods, solid front & rear subframe bushings, solid rear axle bushings, custom AUTOFoam track package

Wheels & Tyres: Apex Racing 18 inch wheels 10J front 11J rear, Hankook Ventus RS3 265/40/18 front 285/40/18 rear

Exterior: Original M3 GTS front lip and rear wing, M3 GTS side sills, bonnet grilles and kidney grilles, M Performance CF boot spoiler

Interior: OMP FIA-Approved WRC full bucket seats, Schroth Racing ASM 4-point harnesses, Macht Shnell seat brackets and seat receptacles, KL Auto custom Alcantara interior

Electronics: Custom Engine DME, DCT Control Unit M3 GTS software