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Lucky Number #69

If you’ve been following the Malaysian Super Series (MSS) then you would have heard of the Pentagon Racing team, which have successfully achieved 2nd place overall champion in Touring Production Class. Now in preparation for the 2014 assault we take a look at what’s up with lucky number #69.

Let’s begin with the chassis. The FD2R platform has been heavily modified and strengthened to Super Taikyu specifications with a full rollcage prepared by J’s Racing Japan. With a full weight reduction and upgrade in safety and rigidity the FD2R is ready to challenge the rigours of a yearlong motorsport championship.

A lot of components in the FD2R were sourced from J’s Racing. The suspension is J’s Racing Crux suspension kit with custom pillowball suspension arms. The heavy duty 6-Pot Super Taikyu brake kit is also from J’s Racing and are fitted with custom Seidoya brake pad compound and Seidoya Racing brake fluid for competiion use. These upgrades have been setup in conjunction with the reworked chassis and Hankook RS3 tyres (controlled for the MSS TP class) which sits on 17-inch Enkei Racing wheels.

The heart of the machine is the potent K20A motor, which has been uprated to Pentagon specifications with custom Drag Cartel forged pistons and conrods. Pentagon ordered a custom camshaft and valvetrain set along with forged cam gears from Drag Cartel USA. As this car is modified for race endurance rather than street use Pentagon installed a J’s Racing baffled sump prevent oil starvation and loss of oil pressure during the critical moment of racing. Air is drawn in through a Hybrid Racing intake kit which is enclosed in a heat shield. The exhaust exits through custom ASP USA headers and a custom exhaust kit. On the dyno machine the FD2R pulled an impressive 240hp at the wheels, which is far beyond the spec of a typical road version. ROWE Racing is their official sponsor and they use the 10w60 motor oil to make sure the motor is properly lubricated and protected.

The centerstage of the FD2R is most definitely the gearbox. Coming from Gear-X USA, one of the best known brands in Honda Racing transmission parts, is a special competition 6-speed gearbox with a custom close ratio gear and final gear set. The gearbox is mounted to a J’s Racing custom transmission housing, with a cooler and a J’s Racing Super Single Clutch kit, and feeds power to a J’s Racing 1.5-way LSD. Pentagon uses ROWE racing Gear oil 75w140LS for the lubrication of the gearbox.

The office room has been outfitted for the driver side only with a Sparco Circuit FIA seat. To aid the drivers for racing, Pentagon equipped the FD2R with an OMP safety harness, Key’s steering wheel, Hybrid Racing short shifter kit, custom shift knob, and the mandatory FIA electrical fire extinguisher.

With the Malaysian Super Series already well on its way we wish team Pentagon Racing the best of luck and look forward to their 2014 performance.

Car: J’s Racing Honda Civic FD2R

Engine: K20A i-VTEC 2.0-liter inline 4-cylinder, Pentagon spec race K20A with custom Drag Cartel forged pistons and conrods, custom Drag Cartel USA camshaft and valvetrain, Drag Cartel forged cam gear, J’s Racing baffled sump, Hybrid Racing engine mounting kit, Hybrid Racing intake kit, ASP USA custom exhaust header, ROWE Racing motor oil 10w60

Transmission: Gear-X USA close ratio 1-6 gear set and final gear, J’s Racing 1.5-way LSD, J’s Racing Super Single Clutch kit, J’s Racing custom transmission housing with cooler, Hybrid Racing short shifter, Hybrid Racing shifter cable, ROWE racing Gear oil 75w140LS

Chassis & Handling: Super Taikyu spec chassis strengthening and rollcage prepared by J’s Racing Japan, J’s Racing custom pillowball suspension arms, J’s Racing Crux suspension

Brakes: J’s Racing 6-Pot Super Taikyu brake kit in custom black, J’s Racing custom Seidoya brake pad compound, Seidoya Racing brake fluid

Wheels & Tyres: 17-inch Enkei Racing wheels with special offset, Hankook RS3 245/40/17 controlled tyre for MSS TP class

Interior: J’s Racing custom gold titainum shift knob, Key’s steering wheel, OMP white FIA electrical fire extinguisher, Sparco Circuit FIA seat, OMP safety harness

Exterior: Perplex glass, Tom’s Sticker custom full body sticker wrap

Garage: Pentagon Racing, Lochi, Riyoz Racing

Words: Sean Eu
Photos: Kenny Yeoh

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