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Lean, mean lime green machine

There’s just something to be said when you see something green approaching you. Be it the hulking 15-feet tall of the abominable, incredible to point of absurdity, muscles galore angst-driven monster that contained some essence of Dr. Bruce Banner in there somewhere, or that uber sexy green babe character that becomes some kind of impromptu Guardians of some distant galaxy in that rather quirky Marvel film. Whichever tickles your fancy, what I’m trying to say here is: green people scare the shit out of me!


But the color green is more than just some fearsome shade that forms part of the prism of colors, with green being one of the three primary colors (Yeah well the wonders of Google or Yahoo or any of the search engines that came from that other wonder of the modern world). True enough the colors themselves notwithstanding, the effects of green in its myriad of tones and shades often revolves around the organic derivative, with a strong tilt towards the current eco-friendly fad. In a substance-deprived world, people often associates colors with the nomenclature of human feelings and emotions; red means passion, blue implying feeling blue (meaning sad or depressed), as for green well green implies what exactly? Is it tranquility? Or might it perhaps be the hazy and fuzzy sometimes dopey, Cannabinoid-inspired surrealism? Check back with me sometime alright?


Anyways continuing with the somewhat contrived spinning of the color that most people associate with getting high, there’d also be a more recent shade of green that could not ever be associated with nature; I’m talking about fluorescent green, the kind of green that even the Hulk himself would shield his mindless soulless eyes with his big fat elbow or wrist or some mutated form of the two, from. According to a definition nicked from the annals of the internet, fluorescence is the emission of light by a substance that has absorbed light or other electromagnetic radiation. It is a form of luminescence. In most cases, the emitted light has a longer wavelength, and therefore lower energy, than the absorbed radiation. Fancy words and all, but really the essence of fluorescent is that it contains therein the properties of fluorescence.


Okay then put the above segment under the heading ‘something you just learnt but needn’t ever use’. Well, unless maybe such color types become hip and cool and all that some day. But anyhow right at this moment certain application of said color type not only redefines the essence of hipness and coolness, it mightn’t become a micro culture of sort in the universal F&F subculture. Yeah all this is merely a prolonged prelude slashed prologue that procrastinated this Ultra Racing Honda S2000 introduction. Sort of that ‘good wait comes to those who things’. Nah, that doesn’t sound right, I meant ‘Good things come to those who wait’. Yup that’s the one.


My grasp of the language and my twists and spins therein notwithstanding, this pretty damn outrageous, fluorescent slashed lime green S2000 build certainly encapsulate a pretty damn good thing that arrived after quite a bit of waiting right? Well to a certain extent at least since the waiting concerns more with the nitty-gritty of the S2K’s innerworkings whereas the drapes were yanked away right when you turned the page a moment or two ago. And truly, the innerworkings in this visually loud AP1 special ain’t all that extensive. What this baby is purely about is the finished project in its entirety: a manifestation of a great sports car reengineered into a visual treat on top of a great sports car, with the Honda seal of approval through and through.


The external manifestation had all but redefined the2003 AP1 S2K in its lime green singularity, that eye-popping paintjob adding a huge infusion of exuberant and youthful energy – the essence of the earlier narrated fluorescent color. With that gorgeous Amuse S2000 GT1 wide body kit, combined with Mugen aero parts, among which is that massively proportioned GT wing, the entire fluorescent lime green paintjob (tastefully done might I add), and the Volk Racing 18 inchers, with the neatly applied and appropriately placed decals and all, this S2K is a one ride iteration of the Tokyo Auto Salon itself!

Minor performance upgrades are more than adequate for the amazing F20C engine: ARC intake and aluminum radiator, J’s Racing extractor mated to HKS exhaust, Unichip ECU, Works fuel regulator seems just right in keeping the F20C happily revving into its 8000rpm and up perkiness. Its 6-speed manual gets an Exedy clutch for good measure.


As the big and bold decal to the side indicates this Honda sportster has some chassis strengthening components from Ultra Racing – the requisite strut bar, while further handling enhancement comes in the form of a complete set of Bilstein suspension kit, with hugely improved stopping power courtesy of Project µ 6-pot caliper with 380mm discs. Some more goodies are placed inside the snug interior of this widebody hotrod: Bride Low Max bucket driver’s seat plus the usual gauges.

The owner a fella who goes by Tokaito is truly ‘the Man’.


Owner: Tokaito

Make & Model: Honda S2000 AP1 (2003)

Engine Mods: F20C 2 liter inline-4 engine; ARC Aluminum Radiator, ARC air Intake, J’s Racing 4-2-1 extractor, Works Fuel regulator, HKS exhaust, Unichip ECU

Transmission: Manual 6-Speed, Exedy Clutch

Chassis: Ultra Racing Strut Bar

Suspension: Bilstein Suspension

Brakes: Project µ 6-pot caliper with 380mm discs

Wheels & Tires: Volk Racing TE37 18/9.5/12; Nankang Semi Slicks 265/35/18

Exterior: Mugen carbon fibre bonnet front, Mugen Carbon Fiber GT Wing, Amuse GT1 S2000 wide body kit FRP (import from Japan), Rear carbon boot (import from Japan), AP2 front headlights

Interior: Bride Low Max drivers seat, Defi Meter

Text: Faz&Furiouz
Photos: Kenny Yeoh & Dennis Lhy