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Labour of Love

Its name says it all; this Nissan 350Z S-Tune GT has had NISMO, a well-known brand in Japan known for its racing pedigree and high performance modifications wave its magic wand over it with their goodies. Think of NISMO as the equivalent to BMW’s M-Division or Mercedes’s AMG subsidiary and you’d be able to instantly grasp what this car is truly about.

The S-Tune we have here then is not just a mere commemoration of their Touring Car Championship win but also a toast to a father and son bond brought closer by their love for cars. The Fairlady was brought into Malaysia lock, stock and barrel with all the original NISMO goodies that comes with it and instantly upon first glance, one would notice that the S-Tune GT does have a bigger presence and commands a stronger attention from it flamboyant bodykit.
As it is based on the Japanese Touring Car Championship winning machine, the front and rear mouldings add a considerable length to the car, 300mm to be exact and not to mention significantly improving on its aerodynamics. The front in particular looks subtle yet purposeful and we have to agree, it simply looks great; though it can be a fearsome sight in your rear view mirror. The rear end is a little more brash and loud without sticking out like a sore thumb; a menacing look that’ll definitely leave you in awe.

While we’re on the topic of styling, let’s not forget the 19-inch Ray’s Eng Nismo LM GT-4 wheels mated with Bridgestone Potenza S03 tires; just plain gorgeous. Noticeable changes in the interior include a pair of wonderfully supportive Nismo semi-bucket seats and the Nismo 300km/h speedometer.

A turn of the key gives another insight into the Nismo’s personality as the Fairlady’s tweaked 3.5-litre V6 comes to life. The exhaust on the this car is much louder than the standard car’s and thanks to its better breathing along with a re-mapped ECU, this sends the power output sky high with figures reaching nearly up to the magical 300bhp mark and also allowing the big V6 to rev up to 7200rpm. Overall this has contributed to the performance improving over the standard model, but the way it delivers its power is worlds apart in terms of noise and subjective enjoyment.

Over to the transmission, a special Nismo-developed limited slip differential ensures that the drive is well deployed while delivering a bucket load of fun when the car is swung around the bends. Also the 6-speed manual gearbox with a Nismo lightened flywheel allows this bulky looking machine to get off the mark without breaking a sweat. Halting this 1 ½ ton ride to a standstill are the oversized rotors mated with upgraded Brembo calipers both in the front and at the rear which are highly resistant to fading when being put through the duress of hard braking.
Poise, balance and precision is probably the words one would use in evaluating this limited edition model after rocketing out of the corners without so much of a fear that the car would lose its feet. Playing a role in delivering such a sensation are the Nismo G-Attack springs and dampers which unsurprisingly makes the ride of the S-Tune GT firmer than the standard car, but in return provides exquisite handling without a hint of body roll or any sign of the car biting back with oversteer.

All the upgrades found in the S-Tune comes as standard as compared to the now inferior standard model, but there are also personal touches by this father and son combo like the ultra-loud and ultra-impressive sound system that has found a place in this exclusive model’s cabin. It includes a host of AddZest products like the head unit, a 6 Mini CD Changer, a 6 CD changer, with a μ Dimension amplifier powering the speakers and the enormous 2x 12″ Kicker subwoofers in the trunk.

As the basis of this S-Tune GT’s upgrades was an already great car, this race car for the road was built with passion for the passionate; for those who live to drive; the one common interest shared by the lucky father and son who takes pride in having such an exclusive masterpiece.

Car: Nismo 350Z S-Tune GT
Engine Modifications: Nismo con-rod bolts, Nismo dual exhaust, Re-mapped ECU
Transmission: 6-speed Manual, Nismo lightweight flywheel
Brakes: 355mm rotors with 4-pot Brembo calipers (F), 300mm rotors with 2-pot Brembo calipers (R)
Suspension/Chassis: Nismo G-Attack springs & dampers
Wheels & Tires: 19″ Ray’s Eng Nismo LM GT-4 rims, Bridgestone Potenza S03 tires
Interior: Nismo semi-bucket seats, Nismo 300km/h speedometer
Exterior: Original Nismo body kit
I.C.E: AddZest Head Unit, AddZest 6 Mini CD Changer, AddZest 6 CD changer, μ dimension Amplifier, 2x 12″ Kicker Subwoofer

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