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An Internal Affair

Passion is a very subjective matter; not everyone has it, neither can anyone comprehend it. To most of us, cars are just a simple and convenient mode of transportation; a shell that gets you from point A to point B. Most of us feel contented as long as it has four wheels and a steering, as long as it’s not a sweatbox, as long as the seats don’t break your before your age does.

Growing up thinking old is gold (in reference to cars) in a community that treasures the spanking new Benz’s and Beemer’s is like being the only kid in the playground with a head brace and scissor hands. Fair enough; not everyone can comprehend the lines of 240Z or TA28 Celica, just like how most people wouldn’t understand why art appraisers would go gaga over a painting of a not-so attractive lady smiling with a hint of reluctance. It’s an acquired taste this.

Having a car, preferably turbocharged along with the modifications then is like having your first ever pint of beer. You dread its bitterness at first but few mugs down the road, the thought of never having another glass feels nightmare-ish. In the case of this Evo 8 though, looks like that one pint turned into a journey in the wilderness.

Aizat’s Mitsubishi Evo 8 has seen a fair bit of action and success under the hands of professional race car driver AkinaTeo where it finished third in the MegaLap Pro 4WD Division while taking top spot in the SNF Pro 4WD Class. This comes as to no surprise with the list of goodies in this Evo 8’s engine bay that makes Santa’s Christmas gifts look like leftover turkey on Boxing Day.

Internally we have the Jun 280-degree cams and the Works Engineering cam pulleys while a bigger Garret GT35 turbine is complemented with custom headers, a Turbosmart Hypergate wastegate and Turbosmart Raceport blow-off valve. The oversized turbine’s drinking habits are sustained by Injector Dynamics 2000cc injectors, a Walbro 400 l/h fuel pump, a Turbosmart 2000 fuel pressure regulator and Works Engineering fuel rails.

Ensuring that the beasty 4G63 motor is constantly level-headed, a custom alloy radiator is deployed and an Apex’i drag intercooler with custom stainless steel intercooler piping ensures cold air is constantly fed into the chambers. A GME Racing air box helps take in every inch of cold air that the Evo comes across while the K&N air filter helps filter out all the trees and plants that air box has sucked in.

A Trinity clutch set has been entrusted with the duty of ensuring every bit of power is utilised and not just bouncing around the Evo powering electronics such as the Microtech LT10C ECU, X4 CDI with data acquisition and a host of mesmerizing Defi gauges. Most would agree that any Evo’s 4WD system is as flawless as a new toilet seat yet BC Racing ER Series coilovers are fitted to provide rail-like traction.

As with such god-like power, comes with it the responsibility to live through every drive so fittingly, a Safety21 bolt-on roll cage finds a resting place in the Evo’s cabin while the stock 4-pot brakes are relied upon to put a stop to every apocalyptic motorway or speedway blast.Adding more oomph to the ricer look are the evergreen, blood red Volk Racing TE37 wheels wrapped in sticky Federal FZ201 rubber while the racing decals just claims the attention of the most remote and least enthusiastic of pedestrians.

In its simple and functional interior, nothing excites a purist more than a cockpit dedicated to the sole purpose of driving. The ever-supportive Recaro semi-bucket seats are retained with the addition of the Sabelt four-point racing harness to strap the driver down even more firmly than an astronaut would be. Other inclusions to feed the driving pleasure are bits like the fiery red Ralliart gear knob, Razo pedals and a simple but purposeful OMP Ralliart steering wheel.

With the exterior already passing off as one from Hot Wheels’ collection, a carbon fiber hood not only adds lightness to the overall weight but also a little spice to the Evo’s undying good looks. Form and function is a rare combination and an even scarcer is the satisfaction of driving something that actually works well. With people now having more money than sense nowadays, a tasteful find such as this Evo in a flood of automotive junk sure deserves a toast with a pint of bitter.

Car: Mitsubishi Evo 8
Engine Mods: JUN 280-degree cams, Injector Dynamics 2000cc injectors, Walbro 400l/h fuel pump, Works Engineering cam pulleys, Works Engineering fuel rail, Custom headers, Garrett GT35R turbocharger, TurbosmartHypergatewastegate, TurbosmartRaceport blow-off valve, Turbosmart 2000 fuel pressure regulator, Custom stainless steel intercooler piping, K&N Air filter, Trust Titanium exhaust system, Apex’i drag intercooler, custom alloy radiator, GME Racing air box
Electronics: Microtech LT10C ECU, Microtech X4 CDI with data acquisition, Defi gauges
Transmission: Trinity clutch set
Chassis & Handling: BC Racing ER Series coilovers, Safety21 bolt-in roll cage
Brakes: Stock four-piston Brembo
Wheels &Tyres: Volk Racing TE37SL 17x9jj, Federal FZ201 235/45/17
Interior: OMP Ralliart steering wheel, Recaro semi-bucket seat, Sabelt four-point racing harness, Razo pedals, Ralliart gear knob
Exterior: Carbon fiber vented hood, OMP hood pins
Garage: Millennium Motorsports Asia
Tuner: Joshua of Millennium Motorsports Asia
Achievements: Third place finish in MegaLap Pro 4WD class, Champion in SNF Pro 4WS class

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