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Initially D Revisited

There’s absolutely no question whatsoever that we fall back into a highly evolved group of individuals that have developed certain proclivities; to wit adopted certain post millennium culture of hero worshipping both flesh and blood heroes and ‘metal slash carbon fiber slash titanium mechanical’ ones. In short, we celebrate and we glorify these legendary icons do we not? We celebrate these icons that have redefined the industry, inasmuch as their presence and hitherto their evolution; and in the midst of it all proclaiming the legendary status that they rightly deserved.

And the AE86 deserves every iota of its legendary status without so much as proclaiming it outright but rather smoothly inching its way up the order outshining, out-glitzing and outperforming some well established and globally renowned icons. The Toyota AE86’s almost ethereal presence have indeed become a major entry in the annals of automobile history and though we do celebrate its iconic status, its huge boy racer subculture and its equally huge global following, for the following few pages we shall not dwell on its path to glory or its multi-faceted chronicle, because a casual perusal of the web would reveal some 1.7 million hits as per the AE86 alone. Instead we bring you a rare feature on a local AE86 being made up acceding to a tuning concept that represents the owner’s purpose and intent.


That purpose and intent threads upon the path of pure unadulterated performance: the maximum extractable go-faster juice from its powerplant and the most pliable handling from its chassis. There’s no question as to what the owner’s end game might be right here; bucket loads of pure unadulterated fun from bucket loads of pure unadulterated performance. And that bit of fun starts from the heart of the AE86 – a turbocharged 1.6 liter 20 valve designated 4AGTE. This bespoke force inducted motor uses the 4AGZE pistons, conrods and crankshafts, along with Toda Racing cams and valve springs. Then there’s a TRD metal head gasket, King race bearing, and coping with the fuel surplus injectors yanked from a 1JZGTE engine was used plus an FSE double diaphragm fuel regulator.


Therein came the forced induction set-up – the Garrett T04E turbocharger, Turbo Smart wastegate, GReddy BOV, and some intricate custom work as per its intercooler pipes et al. more custom works consist of the intake plenum, downpipe and the 3 inch exhaust. The mouthful of extra ponies is relayed on to the road proper via a W58 gearbox, with Exedy clutch, TRD LSD and more custom jobs encompassing the gearbox bell housing and long shaft. Since no dyno figures were given we’d reckon that such ominous absence is way more ominous for its would-be detractors. From the handy performance perk the post mods output flowing onto this AE86’s back wheel would be pretty freaking substantial.


Keeping well with the ‘power is nothing without control’ adage this owner splurge a fair bit of cash on the handling side and here’s what he went with: TRD adjustable coilovers, negative camber RCA (roll center adjusters), and a bunch of custom mods for the rear traction bracket, ball bearing lower arm, rear axle pan-hard rod. Further chassis mods include a trio of Cusco components – the pillow ball mount, front tower bar and rear bar. There’s also a bunch of chassis strengthening components from Ultra Racing plus ARC front and rear antiroll bars. The wheels are fully imported Italian made shod with Federal 595RSR 205/50/15 tyres, and tucked behind the strikingly green wheels up front are calipers from Nissan Skyline, with Mintex brake pads and rotors from a now defunct Saab; while stock brakes remained for the rear with a pair of EBC pads the only upgrade.


There’s no written description for the exterior because none is given and indeed, none is needed. The AE86 remained one of the most iconic automobiles of the 1980s with one of the recognizable silhouette around. And such recognition remains well and truly intact in this case.

Car: Toyota AE86

Engine Mods: 4AGTE 20V, Toda 272/264 high cam, valve springs, 4AGZE piston, conrod & crankshaft, TRD metal head gasket, King race bearing, 1JZGTE stock injectors, FSE double diaphragm FPR, Custom intake plenum, Garrett T04E billet fins turbo, Turbo Smart wastegate, Greddy blow off valve, Custom intercooler piping, Custom downpipe, Custom 3 inch exhaust

Transmission: W58 gearbox, Custom gearbox bell housing, Exedy clutch set, Custom long shaft, TRD LSD

Handling: TRD front & rear adjustable coilovers, Cusco pillow ball mount, TRD negative RCA, Custom rear traction bracket, Custom ball bearing lower arm, Custom rear axle pan-hard rod, Cusco front tower bar, Cusco rear bar, Ultra racing front, rear chassis, room bar, Ultra racing fender bar, ARC front & rear antiroll bar

Brakes: Nissan Skyline front brakes caliper, Mintex brake pads, Saab brake rotor, Stock rear caliper with EBC brake pads

Wheels & Tyres: Italy made 15-inch Sport Rims, Federal 595RSR 205/50/15