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How can anyone not love the R34 GT-R? I myself prefer the R32 GT-R for its Group A racing heritage, but the R34 GT-R also ticks all the right boxes in my books. The R34 is the final evolution of the Skyline family and was an improvement in every aspect over its less popular R33 GT-R brother. The R34 delivers a strong and menacing impression at first glance and immediately you’d know that this isn’t one car you’d wanna f*** with.

Both the R32 and R34 GT-R nailed it with their muscular designs. While the R32 was more oriented to racing regulations the R34 is an excellent follow-up to the original. This bayside blue example represents the quintessential styling of a properly modified street GT-R. It doesn’t get any better with bronze TE37 wheels at the perfect offset and ride height to whet your appetite. The GT-R is kitted with a Top Secret front bumper & carbon hood, Nismo side skirts & rear pods, and Ganador side mirrors. Clean and simple!


Where you should be spending your money is on the engine, because this is what makes supercar owners tremble in fear and bow down in respect. The RB26DETT earned its reputation from the glorious days of Group A racing, defeating the likes of Ford and Holden. For over a decade the engine has been the staple of the Skyline GT-R (and certain obscure Nissan models) being refined ever so as it evolves.

Nothing in the engine has been left to chance. Even components which are prone to failure, like the water pump and oil pump, have been upgraded to stronger items. Rather than opting for a big single turbo, the owner chose to fit two Garrett 2860-5 turbochargers, which directly replaces the stock turbochargers and have dual ball bearings. Tomei adjustable cam pulleys and 260° Poncams have been fitted in for the intake and exhaust side of the head. Upgrades to the engine also include forged pistons, a metal head gasket, Nismo main bearings, Tomei valve springs, reinforced actuators, and a stronger baffled sump by JUN. Air comes in through a nice ARC air box which serves the purpose more efficiently than a conventional exposed open pod. The air mixes with the fuel served up by a Bosch 044 fuel pump and 750cc injectors. Direct ignition coils deliver better ignition charges for the combustion system.


A lot of expensive equipment has gone into the engine, so it takes a highly sophisticated device to make sure everything run properly. The Apexi Power FC (L-Jetro), loved by many, is chosen for the task at hand. There’s also a HKS EVC 5, and a Bee-R rev limiter to make those lovely exhaust flames pop like popcorn. The Getrag 6-speed manual gearbox has been fitted with an OS Giken triple plate clutch, which is great for the gearbox but we hope that the driver never finds himself stuck in a traffic jam.

The chassis hasn’t been fettled with much, but that’s ok because Nissan has honed the GT-R’s chassis. The owner installed some Nismo mounts for the engine and transmission as well as some dampers to keep the engine from rockin’ too hard. An Öhlins DFV suspension kit holds the car comfortably at high speeds while Brembo brakes ensure that it is able to stop safely.

Cars like the R34 GT-R are reminders to the reason we are so passionate about cars, tuning and motorsports, and will continue to inspire the generations to come. Perhaps by then, a new breed of JDM muscle cars will continue the legacy.


Car: 2001 Nissan Skyline GT-R BNR34 V-spec II

Engine: RB26DETT 2.6-liter DOHC inline 6-cylinder turbocharged, ARC oil catch tank, ARC Super Induction air box, ARC intercooler, Bosch 044 fuel pump, Duratech fuel filter, Garrett 2860-5 turbochargers, GReddy radiator, GReddy Type R blow off valve, Gates timing belt, HKS forged piston step 2 kit, HKS 1.2mm metal head gasket, HKS reinforced actuator, HKS oil cooler, HKS front pipe, JUN oil pump, JUN baffled sump, N1 water pump, Nismo main bearing, Nismo 130kpa radiator cap, Nismo engine oil cap, Nismo thermostat, Splitfire direct ignition coils, Siemens 750cc injectors, Sard fuel regulator, Samco heater hoses, Tomei turbo outlets, Tomei 260° Poncams for intake & exhaust, Tomei Type A valve springs, Tomei adjustable cam pulleys, Tomei oil pressure restrictor kit, Z32 AFM

Transmission: Getrag 6-speed manual gearbox, OS Giken triple plate clutch

Electronics: HKS EVC 5, GReddy turbo timer, Apexi Power FC L-Jetro, Bee-R rev limiter

Chassis & Handling: Öhlins DFV suspension kit, HPI engine damper, Fluidampr crank damper, Nismo transmission and engine mounts

Brakes: Brembo brakes

Wheels & Tyres: Rays TE37 (18 × 10.5j + 15)

Interior: Nismo 320kmh meter, Nismo GT shift knob, Nismo floor mats

Exterior: Top Secret front bumper, Top Secret carbon hood, Nismo side skirts and rear pods, Ganador side mirrors