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Infamous Frostbite

We all know that guys with cars, can’t be separated and that’s a fact. Guys love naming their cars with name such as Christine, Debbie and etc. As for this Audi Q5, the owner wants something out of the box and thought of naming this Audi Q5 “Frostbite”. The owner and his wife had drafted out a plan before even they bought the car in 2011.

As with all cars, they came factory stock and for this owner, modification is a religion and factory stock is never an option. The mission then was to be the most eye catching Q5 in town by doing something wicked till it isn’t categorize as a “ soccer mom’s car”.

In 2011, after market candies for Audi’s are rarely found here in Malaysia. Hence outsourcing them from Singapore or directly from the United States was the only option, with first to go off were the factory brakes, which was replaced with a 365mm semi floating cross-drilled rotors with muscular 8 calipers distantly hugged by a RS5 Brembo for better breaking power. Tagging along with those Brembo were shinny Goodridge stainless brake hoses all around with Discitalia carbon Kevlar brake pads, and also not forgetting the rear rotors was replaced with Discitalia cross drilled rotors.


What is power without looks? The owner is a graphic designer himself and being a designer, he had his own unique taste buds in his nature. Although S-line bodykit looks magnificently amazing but the owner eventually decided to go with the Caractere bodykits designed in Belgium. The owner found the bodykit in Singapore and did not hesitate to purchase them along with additional wheel arches hence enhancing the aggressiveness of his Q5. The installation and paint job were done in Singapore as well. As a graphic designer himself, simplicity and cleanness is what matters to him most, rather than diving in Imola yellow, he decided to stick with the Ibis white paint job while being accompanied with beautiful Audi black optic S-line front grill.

And now here comes the small pretty modifications that complete the car. Lets start by the owner had a dry carbon fiber manufacture named OSIR to custom make the side mirror casings, center gear console, dashboard plate and lastly the interior door panels. As OSIR recalled, this Q5’s is the first of its kind to use dry carbon fiber instead of using the conventional gloss carbon fiber for Q5’s. This special request indeed made the car look exclusively stunning and the long wait paid off marvelously. He must be one proud owner.

Interior works definitely didn’t stop there, when the owner decided to change his S-Line steering to a sexy RS6 flat bottom steering, and yes this was the only Q5 with a flat bottom steering in its time. In addition, he also threw in a gorgeous RS5 trigger shifter.


Sluggish, the stock mapping in the Q5 was replace with Revo Technik stage 1 along with Revo stage 1 remapping which was done locally. The tremendous result was felt instantly. With every throttle instructions, the engine responded swiftly. Power is instantaneously felt but as usual, wanting more power becomes a drug. Continued research was made and eventually StaSIS engineering exhaust system was slapped in, which was flown across the world from USA.

With extra power addiction runs through the owner veins, he pounced on a beautifully molded carbon fiber APR Carbonio intake box. With that tidily fitted in, the owner strapped his car to a dyno out of curiosity and the result was devastating with this beast running on 227 horsepower and a mind blowing 380Nm torque. At this very moment it is running on Revo stage2 and yet to be tested on a dyno.

With so much power on wheel, this powerful and aggressively looking beast is running on a set of dope 19 inch Neuspeed RDe14 satin black wheels which also transported from the USA. The final touch was a short spring by H&R that manage to drop the car 45mm lower to center of gravity.

In 2013, dark clouds flew over with the car sold in a week after being posted up but regrets arise and in 2014, Frostbite was on sale. With no hesitation, he bought her back with tears of joy along with a RSQ5 black honeycomb front grill and also a sweet set of 20inch Vossen Precision series wheels.


This is experience that the owner wouldn’t want to go through again. Guys appreciate your car now, before is too late.

Engine Modifications: REVO stage 2 remapping (not dynoed yet), APR Carbonio carbon fiber cold air intake, STaSIS Engineering catback exhaust system

Brakes: Discitalia slotted rear rotor, Discitalia carbon kevlar brake pads, Goodridge stainless steel brake hoses, and AUDI RS5 8 pot brake with drilled/slotted rotor by Brembo,

Wheels & tires: Vossen Precision Series 20inch graphite gray (32mm front offset, 25mm rear offset), Eibach spacers (12mm front, 5mm rear).

Chassis & suspension: H&R 40mm lowered springs

Exterior: Caractere body kit all round, RSQ5 black Optik grill, OSIR carbon fiber side mirror cover

Interior: Maniac carbon fiber DSG paddle extension, OSIR carbon fiber side mirror casings, center gear console, dashboard plate and lastly the interior door panels, AUDI RS6 flat bottom steering wheel, AUDI RS trigger shifter.

Electronics: REVO stage 2

Text: Praveent