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Hot Honda Hatch’s Hysteria

It’s not news anymore but old Hondas don’t really crawl into a corner and wait for their time to run out, instead they get reborn as fiercer and faster Hondas that do what their previous incarnations did, but only better, which is rip the nut sacks off the owners of more powerful cars that thought the Honda would be easy prey.

Sure old Hondas might be the punch line of most tuner industry jokes as they seem to have been around forever, with the classic line of “VTEC just kicked in yo” putting a smirk on any petrol head’s face, but the silver lining on that cloud is that the venerable Hondas have been around forever because they work. No problems, no complains, they just do what they were made to do and they do it better than anybody else out there. Lest you forget as well, the EG Civics are fast approaching the double decade mark too.

Not many car manufacturers can boast a power-to-displacement ratio of 100hp per liter but Honda have a whole line-up of straight four motors capable of doing that right out of the box. The latest to join that distinguished club is the K20A but prior to that were the B-series of engines that were the true spark of Honda’s raging dominance in the tuner market.


Although not as refined and powerful as the newer K20A, the B-series of mills, especially the B16 and B18 versions, were highly regarded for their simplicity, ability to produce raw power and not forgetting that stratospheric rev limit.

The EG6 Civic is one of the best definitions of why a Honda is eternal. It ticks all the right boxes of what a Honda should be done up like and could probably still offer a generous serving of humble pie to any of the newer force induced machines on the road nowadays thinking of picking on the little Honda.

Starting with the base car, the owner opted for an EG6 Civic, one of the higher spec versions of that model. However, things under the hood were in for a complete redo as the stock D16A mill was tossed into the scrap heap in favour of the venerable B18C nicked off a Civic SiR.

Pumping out north of 170hp in stock trim still wasn’t going to cut it for the owner so some serious performance gear that would give JDM Honda fans wet dreams the likes that Blake Lively and Amber Heard in a jelly bath couldn’t come close to.

The whole engine was stripped apart for some machining to be done. The block was rebored to accommodate the Supertech 82mm pistons while Eagle conrods were tasked with increasing the stroke and fitted together with race bearings.

They say two heads are better than one but if you’re running a head equipped like this one, then one is probably more than you’ll ever need. Supertech race valves handle the job of letting in and out the fuel mixture and spent gases while Pro3 camshafts, valve springs, retainers and cam pulleys from Skunk2 complete the enhancements to the head.

Intake air is filtered by a Mugen airbox and channeled in via a Skunk2 intake manifold while a fuel rail from the same manufacturer feeds the all important bang juice to the injectors. A Super90 enlarged throttle body allows in more air into the manifold while a Tomei fuel pressure regulator governs the fule pressure into the fuel rail.

Plug cables from Spoon give the spark plugs a bigger bang and once combustion has occurred, the exhaust gases are let out via a Toda titanium extractor and through the piping and out of a Password JDM titanium muffler. Keeping the engine cool is the responsibility of a Koyo radiator while the engine bay receives some cosmetic touch up in the form of a Golden Eagle dip stick and Turbosmart oil cap.


On the electronic governance side, an MSD distributor cap and MSD Plus2 and MSD blaster coil do their best to feed as much voltage to the spark plugs. A Hondata ECU was selected to govern the fueling and timing duties.

The high and lightning quick revving of the VTEC mill is further honed with a set of Spoon close ratio gears fitted for all five gears in the stock transmission. To top things off, a Spoon 4.4 final drive was also thrown in to give it the launching ability of Usain Bolt. Lastly, the stock clutch plate was ditched in favour of a beefier OS Giken Super Single clutch set.

Right from the factory floor itself, the EG series of Civics were renowned for their handling prowess but just to sharpen up that aspect, the owner went with a set of Tein adjustable coilovers so that he can set the damping and rebound to his exact preferences.

All four corners are home to a set of Volk Racing CE28 wheels measuring 15-inches in diameter and wrapped in some sticky Toyo Proxes rubbers for optimal grip. With a considerable amount of power under the hood, stopping duties had to be taken into consideration as well. As such, a pair of Spoon four-pot calipers sits behind the wheels up front and chomps down on massive 330mm rotors. The rear brake setup was deemed sufficient and left as it is.

Stepping into the office, the plastic trim and fittings are in immaculate condition. Tastefully so, the owner didn’t overdo things and added a Recaro SPG full bucket seat for the driver and a Momo steering wheel. Gear throws are made shorter and quicker courtesy of a Spoon short shifter while an Alpine head unit provides the tunes when the VTEC symphony isn’t blasting away.

Exterior wise, the EG6 retains its stock body kit with the exception of a Spoon carbon hood and spoiler. Out back, a carbon bonnet cuts down more weight from an already anorexic hatch. Some simple aerodynamics were employed as well with the Golden Eagle rear diffuser. It might just look like a metal plate with holes cut into them but these things actually work and cost around RM600. Cutting some up at your local foundry isn’t going to reproduce the exact effect of airflow.

This EG6 Civic is a textbook definition of how Hondas should be kept alive. Not only are they still as capable as ever, even as they breach the 20 year mark, these little hysterical hot hatches can still give some of the bigger tuner cars a run for their money.

If you’re looking to take your first steps into the car modifying scene, Hondas probably offer the best options as they’re cheap and practically bombproof. So the next time you see an unassuming little Civic driving along and you’re behind the wheel of your turbocharged monster, think twice before you pull up behind it and flash your lights, that little Civic insignia could be the last thing you see of that car.

Hyper Facts

Car: Honda Civic EG6

Engine: B18C

Engine modifications: Rebored block, Supertech 82mm pistons, Eagle Conrods, Race bearings, Supertech race valves, Skunk2 Pro3 camshafts, Skunk2 valve springs, Skunk2 retainers, Skunk2 intake manifold, Skunk2 fuel rail, Skunk2 cam pulleys, Super90 throttle body, Tomei fuel pressure regulator, Toda titanium extractor, Password JDM titanium muffler, Koyo radiator, Mugen airbox, Spoon plug cables, Golden Eagle dis stick, Turbosmart oil cap

Electronics: MSD distributor cap, MSD Plus2, MSD Blaster Coil, Hondata ECU

Transmission: Spoon close ratio gearing for all five forward gears, Spoon 4.4 final drive, OS Giken Super Single clutch set

Suspension: Tein Hi/Lo and Soft/Hard adjustable coilovers

Brakes: Spoon four-pot calipers and 330mm rotors (front) and stock setup (rear)

Wheels: Volk Racing CE28 15”

Tyres: Toyo Proxes

Interior: Recaro SPG full bucket seat, Momo race steering wheel, Spoon short shifter, Alpine head unit

Exterior: Stock EG6 bodykit, Spoon carbon hood, Spoon carbon spoiler, carbon bonnet, Golden Eagle rear diffuser

Text: Dinesh
Photos: Kenny Yeoh

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