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The H.A.T Trick

The Mk5 Golf was a new milestone for Volkswagen and its GTI model elevated the quality of hot hatches to the next level. The GTI model was fitted with a turbocharged 2.0-liter Fuel Stratified Injection (FSI) inline 4-cylinder motor with put out a hefty 200PS. Its then-new 6-speed DSG gearbox was another improvement which reduced shifting time to 8ms.

With the newer Mk6 and Mk7 models succeeding the GTI name, the Mk5 has now become a cheaper alternative to owning German hot hatch. Horizon Auto Tuners (H.A.T) from Singapore has built up a Mk5 GTI to bring out its hidden potential and shows that it is no slouch despite its age.

Under the bonnet the 2.0-liter motor receives some basic upgrades to give life from its restrictions. The red NEUSPEED intake pipe is a real eye-catcher and livens up the rather sedated engine bay. It hooks up to a gorgeous Gruppe M carbon fiber air box; built from high quality carbon fiber and opens up the air intake for the Golf GTI. The air flows through a NEUSPEED K03 throttle pipe before entering the motor.

The stock K03 turbocharge has been kept for boosting duties but with a NEUSPEED K03 turbo discharge pipe added, the increase in flow allows for higher performance from the turbocharger. The boost passes through a Eurojet intercooler for some heat exchanging to get cooler denser air, and the exhaust gas flows out through an Arqray Quad Cat back exhaust system. H.A.T uses their own custom tuning to get the most out of the GTI and can provide tuning to your own Golf for your own specifications.

The GTI’s chassis is tuned and well-balanced from the factory, but a bit of upgrading is required to match the uprated power. Only the best from Germany is selected, and the H.A.T machine runs on Bilstein B12 coilovers which has been paired with Supaloy, lighten control arms. H.A.T installed a set of massive brakes for the Golf, with Brembo 8-pot calipers on 365mm rotors taking the helm, and Golf R brakes on NEUSPEED 310mm drilled rotors at the rear. 18-inch Advan RS wheels were brought in to fill over the space of the oversized brakes.

The H.A.T Golf grabs attention wills its bright matte livery of blue and orange, but you might overlook the dress-up parts on the car. Thanks to OSIR, the GTI now has a carbon fiber front mask, carbon fiber rear spoiler, and carbon fiber mirror covers. The interior also receives some OSIR items like the paddle shifters, carbon fiber centre console, and dead footrest.

Car: Mk5 VW Golf GTI

Engine: 2.0-liter FSI inline 4-cylinder turbocharged, NEUSPEED intake pipe with Gruppe M carbon fiber air box, NEUSPEED K03 throttle pipe, NEUSPEED K03 turbo discharge pipe, Eurojet intercooler, Arqray Quad Cat back exhaust system

Electronics: H.A.T custom tuning

Transmission: 6-speed DSG gearbox

Chassis & Handling: Bilstein B12 coilovers, Supaloy lighten control arms

Brakes: Brembo 8-pot calipers with 365mm rotors, Golf R rear brake kit upgrade with NEUSPEED 310mm drilled rotors

Wheels & Tyres: Advan RS wheels 18×8 +47

Interior: OSIR paddle shifters, OSIR carbon fiber centre console, OSIR dead footrest

Exterior: OSIR carbon fiber front mask, OSIR carbon fiber rear spoiler, OSIR carbon fiber mirror covers

Garage: Horizon Auto Tuners (H.A.T)

Words: Sean Eu
Photos: Kenny Yeoh

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