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Guilty As Charged

As a car enthusiast who was born sometime in the early 80’s, my fancy for cars came at a time where the industry was rapidly growing. However, the choices I had at that time were somewhat limited and most of us grew up doting on the same cars.

I remember clearly, as some of you may too. Back then, the usual picks on everyone’s list was either the Toyota Supra or the Honda NSX. And let’s not forget the Nissan Skyline too. Where were the Evolutions and the STIs you ask? Well things were just different then.

These were the first of many to breach into the sports car fraternity. And being the first few to march in to a new territory, they automatically became every child’s dream to own. In that regard too, one of the more worthy mentions of the three was the Honda NSX.

Benchmarked against the early Ferrari models, Honda intended for the NSX to meet or exceed the performance bracket of a supercar. Spending a great deal of time and money in the process, the Japanese car-maker also made full use of their involvement in motorsports for the car’s development.

Needless to say, when the NSX was finally unveiled, it received an overwhelming response from sport car enthusiast around the world. Its low height, striking lines and pronounced cockpit-forward attitude gave it a unique yet unusual appeal which people liked.

But slowly, as time progressed and things started to change, the NSX began falling behind. With the introduction of new models from other manufacturers and our taste in car gradually evolving, the NSX however, remained the same essentially. With the exception of minor refinements to the engine and chassis, there were no real changes to its already successful design. And because of this the NSX had begun losing its appeal even before its production was ended.

As a consequence to losing its popularity, the car became a rare sight on our streets. And if you thought searching for one is hard, finding one that’s modified is even harder.

So when I received a call from Jacky of JC Racing, telling me that he had an NSX for one of our features, I jumped at the opportunity. To add to the anticipation, he also mentioned that the car has been upgraded with a supercharger but maintains the profile of a stock car.

Simple and supercharged… I like that!

What’s more, I totally agree with the owner’s choice of buying a tried and tested Comptech supercharger kit, rather than have one custom made for him at a cheaper price. Aside from the obvious reliability issue, this is also because fitment of a supercharger on the NSX isn’t really as simple as it is and requires the alternator to run backwards. The Comptech kit however, is rather simple install and includes all the necessary parts to get the job done. Upgrade components such as a pre-set fuel regulator and intake assembly are also included.

Now sporting a Comptech supercharger kit, the engine was also beefed up with a metal head gasket to withstand the increased pressures. To rapidly evacuate the hot exhaust gasses, the stock pipes are replaced with a complete Fujitsubo system.

As a precaution against low fuel pressures due to failures, the aging fuel pump on the NSX was replaced with a Walbro unit. Keeping the V6 in harmony to its new-found power, a Greddy E-Manage Ultimate is put in service and fine tuned by JC Racing.

Keeping the car planted and committed to the ever changing road conditions, a set of Bilstein suspension is installed. Then, for increased traction and cornering grip, the NSX is fitted with 17” lightweight SSR Type-C wheel and Michelin PP2 tyres.

Other areas of the exterior and the interior of the car remains stock. But what’s really hard to believe is the condition that the car is in. It may be a little hard to see from the pictures, but this bright red exotic is immensely immaculate. It is as original as it was 15 years ago and there is barely any sign of ill-treatment.

Looking at the NSX certainly brought back some memories. Back then, choices were limited, life was simpler and the automotive scene certainly wasn’t what it is today.

Nevertheless, who’s to say it any much different these days?

Car – Honda NSX
Engine Mods – Comptech supercharger kit, metal head gasket, Fujitsubo extractor and exhaust system, Walbro fuel pump, Samco hoses
Electronics – GReddy E-Manage Ultimate
Transmission – Stock automatic
Brakes – Stock
Suspension – Bilstein
Wheels & Tires – 17” SSR Type-C with PP2 Michelin
Tuner – JC Racing

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