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Good Things Come in Mini Packages

Reminiscing our childhood heroes and icons, we all remember that iconic movie, the original Italian Job which brought to us three things, the beautiful city of Turin, Michael Caine and the legendary sight of the original Mini Cooper in hot pursuit. That movie introduced the world to the Mini and to us petrolheads what the Mini is perfectly capable of and was not to be underestimated as just another harmless little car for the masses. The years have gone by since but the following of Mini Coopers have always been as strong as ever. It’s still a sight to behold watching a newly restored or a well maintained model still roaming around our streets being in the mix with the other big boys. Known for its precise handling, superb cornering ability and almost go-kart like abilities where the driver feels connected to the road through its direct steering ability. It’s safe to say that Mini has not lost their touch in making another “driver’s car” as shown in the now much improved version of the original Mini. The new Mini reminds us again what driving is truly about.

The new and improved Mini Cooper of the 21st century has been proven to maintain the essence of what a Mini is truly about, precise handling. For some who can’t get enough of the power available the standard Mini has to offer, there are two more versions to supplement the standard 1.6 model in the form of the Mini Cooper S and the Mini Cooper JCW (John Cooper Works). As featured below, these two models, thanks to the dedication and effort from its owner, who has taken a step further in making these great cars even better while using these two beautiful models as demo cars for Eurotechnik.

As for the Mini Cooper S, it has been fitted with various performance parts from M7 tuning and not to be confused with M7 Japan. M7 tuning is in fact affiliated with Cosworth USA. The engine now breathes with a M7 cold air intake and keeping the charged air cool is dealt with by the M7 direct flow intercooler. The standard pulley has been swapped with the M7 16% Supercharger Pulley to improve the purpose of the standard unit to improve engine response. The original crank pulley has also been swapped with a M7 2% Crank Pulley unit to reduce rotational mass, resulting in an increase in horsepower and torque. Together the crank and supercharger pulley provides for better performance the Mini already has to offer. The original camshafts have also been replaced with M7 272 degree Cosworth camshafts and also fitted is a Cosworth head gasket. Exhaust gases now flow out from a Eurotechnik Custom Exhaust manifold and the Borla Cat-back Exhaust System now adds more grunt to both the presence and performance of the Cooper S. A HIOP RACETECH custom ECU flash is fitted to help ease the tuning process and regulate the air fuel mixture.

On the handling side of things, the M7 strut re-inforcement plates helps decreases the flex on the struts upon hard impact, indicating how hard this car is driven. The Mini has also been fitted with M7 adjustable coilovers for better stability and improved handling capabilities.

On the outside, first impressions matter so the first thing one will notice on this Mini is the M7 DFIC Scoop which helps channels air to the intercooler. The addition of the JCW Aero Kit, M7 Aero Front Splitter, the M7 R53 C-Wing and a custom rear diffuser helps provide the car with more downforce for better stability at high speeds. To further enhance this, this Mini rolls on a set of 17” Enkei SC05 wheels and hidden discreetly beneath it is a Stoptech Slotted Big Brake Kit which helps cope with the speed the car’s capable of and bringing the car to a halt with much ease. To give the little Mini a much wider and meaner stance, it is fitted with 5mm wheel spacers. A pair of POLARG yellow fog light bulbs are fitted for better clarity of the road essential when driving at high speeds.

Step into the car and you’d be immediately greeted with an impressive set of accessories that most of us can only afford to drool over. Get into the cockpit and you’d be hugged by those comfortable Recaro SR-2 bucket seats rewrapped by Alcantara which keeps you in position during hard cornering. To add more ‘wow’ factor to the already stunning interior, the original steering wheel has been replaced with JCW Alcantara Steering with JCW carbon inserts, a Hartge aluminum pedal set and a M7 carbon gear knob is fitted for a more spirited drive. This Cooper S’s interior would never be short of bling now that it’s fitted with BMW/Mini Retrofit Chrome Rings. To help keep the driver in-check of what’s going on beneath the hood, a set of Auto Meter gauges were fitted in the form of a boost meter, an oil temperature gauge and an air fuel regulator.

While most of us can only dream of such modifications let alone own a Mini, the owner of this perfect specimen has shown us just what you can do to better a great car with a little improvisation and a deep pocket.

Car: Mini Cooper S (R53)
Engine: 1.6-litre Supercharged
Engine modifications: M7 cold air intake, M7 direct flow intercooler, M7 16% Supercharger Pulley, M7 2% Crank Pulley, M7 272 degree Cosworth camshafts, Cosworth head gasket, Eurotechnik Custom Exhaust manifold and the Borla Cat-back Exhaust System,
Suspension/Chassis: M7 strut re-inforcement plates, M7 adjustable coilovers
Brakes: Stoptech Slotted Big Brake Kit
Wheels & Tyres: 17” Enkei SC05, 5mm wheel spacers
Electronics: HIOP RACETECH custom ECU flash, POLARG yellow fog light bulbs, Auto Meter gauges (boost meter, oil temperature gauge and air fuel regulator)
Interior: Recaro SR-2 bucket seats rewrapped by Alcantara, JCW Alcantara Steering with JCW carbon inserts, Hartge aluminum pedal set, M7 carbon gear knob, BMW/Mini Retrofit Chrome Rings
Exterior: M7 DFIC Scoop, JCW Aero Kit, M7 Aero Front Splitter, M7 R53 C-Wing, custom rear diffuser
Tuner: Eurotechnik (Sole distributor for M7 MINI Tuning in Malaysia) Contact Wan Mohd Nabil at 012-212 6465 for more info

Mention the name John Cooper and it would immediately be associated with race cars and tuning, specifically on the Mini Cooper. This JCW model in short for John Cooper Works, has been providing tuning parts for the Mini and tuning it alongside. A standard JCW model is known to produce in excess of 200bhp but this is was not enough for the owner and that was not going to stop him from further improving on the performance of the car.

While an Alta air inlet hose increases air flow, the Forge Motorsport intercooler coupled with the M7 intercooler hose helps feed cool and dense air into the engine. To release excess pressure from its boost, a Forge Motorsport blow off valve unit is put into place for such a purpose. The BMW/Mini Retrofit Challenge Exhaust coupled with a Milltek turbo downpipe is the source of the Mini’s rumble giving it deeper and sportier tone than the standard system and at the same time enhances the look of the rear of the car. Heat generated below the hood can be a real problem so a M7 AGS-R Intake with Aerogel Turbo Heatshield is installed to reduce heat and improve airflow.

Similar to the Cooper S, the JCW has also been fitted with M7 adjustable coilovers for a more focused drive with the M7 Strut Tower Brace and M7/Hotchkis 25mm Competition Rear Sway Bar helping to stiffen up the chassis to reduce any sort of body roll. A set of M7/Hotchkis Rear Control Arms is fitted to increase the adjustability of the camber to suit the drivers driving style.

The JCW’s braking ability is further enhanced with the JCW/Brembo Big Brake Kit so bringing this car to a halt is just as fun as blasting it up to speed from a standstill. Also at first glance, one will not miss those 17” JCW Challenge Wheels. With the performance side of things being taken care of, the owner of this JCW model also sees a room for improvement on the cars exterior and aerodynamics. To begin with the Mini is fitted with a JCW Aero Kit with both the JCW Aero Front Lip Ver. 2 in the front and JCW Aero Wing at the rear to help improve downforce at high speeds. Road clarity at high speeds is essential so a PIAA Yellow Fog Light Bulbs are fitted to help the cause. To give the car a meaner stance, a M7/Grillcraft Front Lower Grill is put into place to give the car that bit more character.

The interior of this Mini also has not been forgotten as it is showered with accessories from JCW such as the gear knob and the handle brake handle to compliment the BMW/Mini Retrofit Arm Rest making the cockpit of this JCW an irresistible place to be.

We never seem to fail to notice when a beautifully, racing-stripped Mini cruises past us regardless if it was the latest JCW model or a newly restored original Cooper. Some may be critical of the looks of these two new models as compared to the original Cooper, but this lucky owner’s commitment to better an already great car has shown us the following and admiration of this brilliant piece of machinery is more than just ‘mini’ one.


Car: Mini Cooper JCW (John Cooper Works)
Engine: 1.6-litre Supercharged
Engine modifications: Alta air inlet, Forge Motorsport intercooler, M7 intercooler hose, Forge Motorsport blow off valve, BMW/Mini Retrofit Challenge Exhaust, Milltek turbo downpipe, M7 AGS-R Intake with Aerogel Turbo Heatshield
Suspension/Chassis: M7 adjustable coilovers, M7 Strut Tower Brace, M7/Hotchkis 25mm Competition Rear Sway Bar, M7/Hotchkis Rear Control Arms (Upper & Lower)
Brakes: JCW/Brembo Big Brake Kit
Wheels & Tyres: 17” JCW Challenge Wheels
Electronics: PIAA Yellow Fog Light Bulbs
Interior: JCW gear knob, JCW handle brake handle, BMW/Mini Retrofit Arm Rest
Exterior: JCW Aero Kit, JCW Aero Front Lip Ver. 2 (front), JCW Aero Wing(rear), M7/Grillcraft Front Lower Grill
Tuner: Eurotechnik (Sole distributor for M7 MINI Tuning in Malaysia) Contact Wan Mohd Nabil at 012-212 6465 for more info

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