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Godzilla Lives Among Us!

No my fellow friends, what you see is not a fake or a myth. This here is a bona fide Nissan Skyline BNR32, otherwise known as a FREAKING GTR! Admittedly the R32 is less famous than its younger brother the R34 probably due to the fact that the R34 was in the Fast and Furious franchise. Nevertheless, the R32 is a legend in its own right. It was created to homologate Nissans Group A racing antics at the time and I’d beg to differ that Nissan knew just how much of a hero and classic this car would grow into.

This specimen is far from stock but fret not, it has been modified tastefully. Phew thank god for that. Working outside in, the owner has wisely kept the mods subtle with Nismo N1 bits and bobs thrown in and a Rocket Dancer Fujimura front carbon lip accompanied with a back flap. Wheels come courtesy of Work Meister and their 18″ SP01 piece.

Clearly the owner is performance oriented because it takes such dedication to build the engine from a race spec built bottom end, all the way to the twin HKS GT2530 turbos (check out the spec sheet at the bottom for more details). Everything has been beefed up using only the best of parts creating a machine of purity and excellence. Dare I say even better than what came out of the factory nearly 30 years ago.

With an eye tearing list of hardware, it is only right to have an equally impressive ECU to keep things in check and the Link G4 standalone ecu is just what the doctor prescribed. The cockpit allows the driver to not be overwhelmed but rather fed information by a gentle butler. Note the extremely rare and high in demand stock GTR32 steering wheel.

The factory ATTESA 4WD system is more than capable of handling the up rated performance and continues to do so with the aid of Japanese coilovers all around and Endless high temperature brake pads front and rear. What wouldn’t I give to have this car just for a few hours. Ugh the torture. I’ll treat you guys to a gallery of pictures of this gem from our talented photographer . It doesn’t get much better than this.


Car – Nissan Skyline BNR32

Engine – Nissan N1 24U engine block, Nissan N1 pistons, Nissan N1 piston rings, Nissan N1 conrods, Nissan N1 oil pump, Nissan N1 water pump, ACL race main bearing, ACL race conrod bearing, HKS 272-degree camshafts, HKS GT2530 Twin Turbo kit, Denso 720cc injectors, GReddy fuel rail, Nismo fuel pressure regulator, GReddy triple-layer intercooler kit, HKS intercooler piping kit, GReddy Typre-R BOV kit, HKS fitler kit, HKS oil cooler sender unit, GReddy oil cooler kit, Earl’s Steel braided hoses, Tabata aluminium radiator, Samco radiator hose, ARC water pump hose, Nismo 62-degree low temp thermostat, Koyorad high pressure 1.3 radiator cap, NGK iridium spark plugs, B&M volt ignition booster, Tomei valve cover, Tomei oil cap, Nismo oil filter, Garage Defend carbon cooling plate

Electronics – Link G4 ECU

Transmission – Ogura racing clutch & flywheel, Nismo short shifter

Chassis & Handling – Coilovers

Brakes – Stock Brembo, Endless front 550-degree pads, Endless rear 300-degree pads

Wheels & Tyres – Work Meister SP01, 18 x 9.5 +12, Falken FK453 265/40R18

Interior – Stock GTR32 steering wheel, HKS Kansai speedometer, Blitz Mirror Drive Boost, Blitz Mirror Drive Temp, Nismo horn, Grex gear knob, Auto Gauge A-Pillar mount, Nismo Omori DIN Gauges, carbon fibre trim, full interior upholstery

Exterior – Nismo N1 rear spats, Nismo N1 side skirt, Nismo N1 bonnet lip, Nismo N1 boot lid, Rocket Dancer Fujimura rear flap, Rocket Dancer Fujimura front carbon lip, LED taillights, new window seats, Osram 6500 HID conversion kit.