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#GiveFinish | Jovi’s Track Ready Evo

The first impression usually determines our judgment towards any person. But if one is smart enough, they know very well that an exterior is never a direct connection to what’s inside. For this context, seeing a ride that looks like a race car with crazy aero and a full body livery, we expect for that machine to perform very well on track. It is always a pleasant surprise if it did. But if it was a disappointment, it becomes a case of “all face, no trousers”.


But realistically, how often do we find a car out on the streets that possesses a loud exterior with a very capable level of performance? In fact, it is usually either one or the other. But while I was in Singapore, I find that those who modify their cars usually will make sure their car becomes the complete package. Since getting a car in Singapore is already as difficult as it is, might as well you build it until you feel there’s nothing else needed on the car.


Sometime around Christmas in 2015, I met up and joined the guys from LHB Motorsports on a little drive around the island. That was the point in time where I really got a chance to be knee deep in Singapore’s street scene from the abundance of properly built rides to the island rounding sessions held after dark. That’s when I got to know Jovi and his red and white Mitsubishi Evo 9. Unlike Jovi’s calm persona, his Evo has one of the loudest exteriors I have ever seen.

Jovi started to have interest inEvos about five to six years ago. There was no questioning why so. The Evo which is known to fast and fierce looking also had a huge potential when it comes to making power. This was the exact reason why it made sense for Jovi to have the Evo. Of course, this wasn’t his first project car prior to the CT9A. Jovi started by building up a Honda Civic EK followed by a Civic FD then an Evo 10.


It wasn’t until a bit over three years ago when Jovi finally settled with his current ride after the CZ4A. Luckily, when Jovi purchased the CT9A, it already came with a C-West aerokit on the exterior. But the 4G63 underwent a full rebuild at LHB in order for the motor to utilize its potential to make the amount of power that he wanted. So the whole motor was ripped apart and rebuilt from the ground up.

At the moment, the 4G63 was built with a 2.3 liter bottom end and Tomei 290 degree cams and valvetrain on the top. They also replaced the stock turbine with a 25G hybrid turbine from Owen Developments to feed the boost to the built motor. The turbine is bolted on to a HKS turbo manifold and downpipe. To make sure the setup is running in order, a Syvecs engine management system is plugged in and tuned so that the 4G63 motor is running at optimal performance.


But of course, all those power upgrades will make no sense if the car can’t put its power down to the asphalt. For that job, the Evo runs on a set of 265/45/18 Yokohama Advan AD08R tires. It also has a set of Nitron Racing NTR R3 fully adjustable coilovers to provide the perfect dampening both on track and on the streets. With all these extensive modifications done to this Evo, the car was able to make a lap time of 2 minutes 25 seconds that was clocked by Aloy, the person who runs LHB Motorsports on the Sepang International Circuit.


With a lap time at 2 minutes 25 seconds on Sepang which is definitely an achievement to be proud of, it’s incredible to see the same car being driven almost every night out on the Singapore streets. In fact, an Evo like this is well worth the battle stripes that it wears proudly. A perfect example of the ‘give finish’ attitude that Jovi and his crew mentions time and time again. But for him, this is still an ongoing journey since he is already thinking of what to do next on the Evo. That future might still be unknown but I do know that this Evo holds much more than a simple first impression.

Owner: Jovi Chin
Model: 2005 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution RS CT9A
Location: Ang Mo Kio, Singapore

2.0L 4G63 Inline-4,
LHB Custom 2.3L Stroker Kit,
Tomei 290-degrees camshaft,
LHB Custom Camshaft Degree,
Owen Developements 25G Turbocharger,
HKS Turbo Manifold,
HKS Turbo Outlet,
HKS Turbo Downpipe,
Apex’i Exhaust,
Magnus Intake Manifold,
Q45 Throttle Body,
Okada Quad Pack Coil,
PW 1000cc Injectors,
HKS Fuel Rail,
Tomei Fuel Regulator,
ARC Radiator,
HKS Intercooler,
HKS Twin Oil cooler kit,
Dash Surge Tank,
Bosch Fuel Pump,
Syvecs ECU,


5 speed manual,
OS Giken STR Twinplate Clutch,

Nitron Racing NTR R3 Coilovers,
Under Carriage Bushing &PillowBall from LHB,
Carbing Strut Bars,
Endless Racing 6 Pot Front/4 Pot Rear Brake Kit,
Endless CC-Rg Brake Pads,

Gramlights 57D 18 x 9.5 (all round),
Yokohama Advan AD08R 265/45/18 (all round),

C-West Wide Aerokit,
C-West N1 Front Bumper,
C-West Super Aero Front Bonnet,
C-West Super Aero Trunk,
Voltex SPL Carbon Fibre Twin Canards,
Voltex Type 5V GT-Wing,
Voltex Carbon Fiber Exhaust Protector,
Ganador Side Mirrors,

Defi Gauge Full Set,
Bride ZETA III Bucket Seats,
Varis Carbon Fiber Gauge Holders,
HKS EVC Boost Controller,
Momo Mod 08 steering wheel,
Flamebeater fire extinguisher,

LHB Motorsports, Singapore