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Genuine Performer

Upon getting this assignment, what really left me in awe wasn’t how good the car looked, don’t get me wrong though the Evo looked great as they always do, but what really amazed me was how the photographer, Balbed, made his way around various angles of the car capturing pictures from unimaginable angles with his tool of trade.

Then the scrutiny begins on the actual look of the car itself and what more needs to be said really. Evos are Evos; and no matter how you look at it or which model you look at be it the One or the Nine, they look menacing-built for one purpose and one purpose only, to put a big hand in between your legs and give it a good sensuous fondle.

The reason why the Evo has been a long time favourite, in fact why it has gained such a cult status amongst the turbo nutheads is merely because of what it represents. There really isn’t another car quite like it, very rarely will you ever come along another 4-door sedan, priced at your average family saloon but performs more violently than a car twice or even three times its value.

One thing came to mind when I was thinking of a plot for this article while I was watching “Black Hawk Down” the other day, watching how devastatingly-effective the UH-series helicopters otherwise famously known as the “Heuy”. It reminded me how similar the Evos, more specifically the Evo IX was to the famous helicopter that has been around for more than half a century now.

Simple, compact and effective, many war heroes have affirmed that the Huey can be an effectively-brutal aircraft if flown by the right hands with the same view point going to how the turbo maniacs would agree with the characteristics of the entire evolution of Evos. Even more so if the Evos are as well-equipped as the one Dion from Surabaya, Indonesia has in his garage.

The list of modifications may have been simple but the results are anything but so. Pictures will show you that the 4G63 motor now breathes with a HKS air intake while expelling its wastes through a HKS Spec R titanium exhaust via the Helix Titanium exhaust manifold. A Helix titanium downpipe also makes its way into the mix finding its place between the turbo and the catalytic converter.

The charged air is cooled with a HKS intercooler while more essentially toning the nerves of the robust motor is the enhanced with a Koyorad radiator and a GReddy oil cooler. Not that it’s a habit to be proud of but like how humans smoke to ease the tension this Evo now huffs and puffs through a HKS SQV Black limited edition blow-off valve.

Holding the Evo’s horses are its standard Brembo brakes that still does a wonderful job in sucking the eyeballs out when the center pedal is floored hard. Strengthening the famously-hardy Mitsubishi transmission is the Exedy twin clutch system while assisting the car to corner harder and at the same time aiding it to crush your back is the HKS Hipermax III Sports coilover.

Not that it’s a bad thing, but the young blokes would sure enjoy and love it; and if you’re a fat old man with a frisky back, you shouldn’t be in an Evo in the first place.

17-inch Wedsport wheels are well tucked in the arches with Falken tires. In the Evo’s clean and tidy interior, the HKS Type 1 turbo timer is strategically placed behind the wheel along with the APEXi Boost Controller while the GReddy Intelligent Infometer Touch rests on the dash.
Though I may have compared the Evo to the simple and delightful design of the Huey, in reality it looks more like the deadly Apache with its Seibon carbon fiber hood in the front along with a carbon fiber front lip and Ganador CF side mirrors. The original trunk has been replaced with a Seibon carbon fiber unit with carbon fiber wing pillars holding the spoiler tall and proud while the hedgehog looking Vertex generators adds more to the Evo’s deadly looks.

Pound for pound, this Evo IX is as good as a car can get; with the right amount of sanity, it will serve its purpose as spacious 4-door family sedan that will carry its passengers with much comfort and reliability but when lacking some of that precious sense, it will happily turn into the stripper version of a car that’ll give you the right amount of fun without leaving a trace of trouble.

Car: Mitsubishi Evo IX MR
Engine: 4G63T DOHC
Engine Modifications: HKS Intercooler, HKS Air Intake Filter, HKS SQV Black Limited Blow-Off Valve, HKS Spec R Titanium Exhaust, Helix Titanium Exhaust Manifold, Helix Titanium Down-Pipe, GReddy Oil Cooler, Koyorad Radiator
Transmission: Exedy Twin Clutch
Brakes: Stock Brembo
Suspension/Chassis: HKS Hipermax III Sport Coilover
Wheels & Tires: 17″ WEDSPORT TC105N Flat Black, Falken FK452 255/40/17
Interior: HKS Type1 Turbo Timer, HKS Shift Knob, APEXi Boost Controller, GReddy Intelligent Infometer Touch
Exterior: Ganador CF Side View Mirrors, Seibon CF Hood, Seibon CF Trunk, CF Front Lip, CF Wing Pillars, CF Antenna (Dry Carbon), Vertex Generator

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