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For Those Bestowed Upon

BMW E63 M6

Life is all about goals and the process is simple. When one is achieved, you move on to set another higher target and get about realising it. There’s no two ways about it and with a bucket load of gritty determination, that glorifying day will come.
With a successful career as a contractor and a family in place at such a young age, it would be a shocker if Arief did not turn his attention to what he loves most, cars. The thought of a M6 parked at your doorstep may be a mouth-watering prospect to many, but it wasn’t all rainbows and daisies for Arief, the owner of the car, at the beginning.

Before springing to success which inevitably lead to his prized acquisition, he along with most of us measly motor heads lost his motoring virginity to a JDM models in the form of a 96’ Civic back in his early days in Melbourne. Compared to the custom body kit and 19-inch wheels he had on his Civic back then, you can tell that this boy has come along with his present choice of cars.
But it was always the continental cars that has always kept Arief on his feet, specifically the BMW’s as according to him, the German powerhouse’s slogan “sheer driving pleasure” just speaks for itself. To no surprise then, his first BMW was a 3-series with the distinct air-ride feature. Being a playful person as he is with his toys, it was mentioned that the cars that he usually opts for are in their stock condition as it allows him to have various options of modifications to the car.

It seems like this man has never looked back after boarding the continental ship. After the 3-series did its time, the significant upgrade to a 2006 Mercedes CLS350 is without a doubt a tremendous change of pace, lifestyle and taste; definitely a long way since the old Civic days.

And it wasn’t exactly the kind of CLS you’d see used to chauffeur around overpaid corporate figures with more money than appreciation for a car like the CLS. Arief’s CLS was blessed with parts like AP Racing Big Brake Kits, Wald front and rear, fenders and 21-inch Modulare dubs.

With his feet all sucked up into the modification quick sand, there really wasn’t any reason why Arief would hold back on the M6 he acquired only last year in the most stock of conditions. Many of us would literally shed tears of gratitude having the keys to a M6 but then we’re talking about a man who slaps AP Racing brakes into a luxury sedan like the CLS here, surely you wouldn’t expect the man to sleep soundly without caressing the car of its originality.

Such was Arief’s excitement and enthusiasm that the parts plugged into the M6 was ordered and flown in from the USA way before the car was in hand. With a long line of zeros and countless cheque exhausted to realise the M6 of his dreams was a local workshop, Facelift Motorsports on the modifications and fitments.

With Vorsteiner being one of the few manufacturers that offers a complete range of carbon fiber M6 bodykits, it was pretty much a straight forward choice. The trace of carbon fiber sips into the M6’s elegant Piano black interior too. It was as though BBS wheels were simple meant for BMWs; just look at how well Arief’s 20-inch BBS CHR wheels complements the cars arches!

With modifications so far reaching its peak, Arief does plan to have a supercharger strapped in to rocket the figures away from its current 450 horsepower figure. But with a recent addition of an Italian stallion to his stable , it seems like the sky is the limit for this lucky young chap and it will surely be a considerably long time before he draws the line on his passion for cars and ultimately for tuning them.

Car: BMW E63 M6
Engine Modifications: Meisterschaft GT2 titanium exhaust + Mid-pipe, RPI air filter
Transmission: 7-speed Automated Manual gearbox
Suspension/Chassis: KW Ver. 3 coilovers
Wheels & Tires: 20-inch BBS CHR, Yokohama Advan Sport
Interior: CF Panels
Exterior: Vorsteiner CF Engine Hood, Vorsteiner CF Trunk, Vorsteiner CF Front Lip, Vorsteiner CF Rear Diffuser, CF Side Mirror, CF Grill, CF Emblems, CF Fender Fin, CF Interior, RPI Air Scoop

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