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Focus on Race Mode!

It all started in 1896, when Henry Ford reached a top speed of 20MPH in a Quadricycle, and the subsequent innovations that bear the Ford name have been ingrained into the history of the automobile itself. We all know what Ford did to change the world of motorsports even to this day. Throughout years of world-leading achievements in the global motor racing arena, Ford has indeed proven their mettle time and time again.

From the World Rally Championship all the way to track racing, to the current hype on the net – the Youtube superstar that is Ken Blocks, Ford’s globally renowned reputation with their trademark no-holds-barred aggression have become the standard by which others are judged. Ford have made their presence wholesomely felt in the world of NASCAR, rally, NHRA, United Sportscar Championship, V8 Supercar, World GT1 and GTs, Touring car, Formula Drift, Formula Ford and much more.


With that common knowledge safely regarded and imbedded upon us, we are now about to embark on the dissection of the Torco Ford Focus Race Car. First and foremost, the first generation Ford Focus was introduced to the world in 1998; with the second generation being introduced in 2004 and the third derivative from 2011 henceforth until now. In 2012, Ford launched the Ford Focus ST, which produced a respectable 247 horsepower from a 2.0L turbocharged eco boosted engine, and they’ve combined this power plant with the third generation face lifted model, parade before the world in the 2014 Geneva Motor Show.


For this Torco Ford Focus, it’s naturally aspirated from a 1.6L Ti-VCT engine with 150NM of torque and more-than-decent 183ps max power. The brains in this here motor is none other than Motec’s own M800 ECU, with a Motec dash display relaying all the important information to the driver. The numbers therein are transmitted on to the tarmac via a reworked gearbox; fitted with Quaife’s renowned transmission components – with revised gear ratio for circuit racing, Quaife ATB LSD, and sports clutch.

A car that runs in endurance racing, or for any form of racing for that matter, requires a more than average braking system for it to last the whole race, for one thing. The braking set up for this Torco Ford Focus is a set of Alcon Racing with Monoblock calipers and Pagid brake pads; 290mm-sized discs for the front and 260mm for the rear.


There’s that as per its stopping excess, and it is pure common sense for the builder to ensure the handling department is well and truly equipped. And so it went that such a formidable brakes set-up is combined with an equally formidable suspension. Considering the pretty basic requirements for a race car’s job description of hard braking throughout the race, all those inertia and the momentum therein, slicing and scything its hardened chassis through the apex et al, it goes without saying that the suspension needs some work as well. For this Torco monster, the suspension is fitted with Nitron 3 way multi-link suspension all around, with custom anti-roll bars, coupled with spherical bearing on all joints (its basic design for the most part).

With the regulated necessities regarding the safety regulations, this extremely focused Ford Focus racer is equipped with a welded T45 Chromoly steel safety roll cage with custom fabrication.


With all these extremely hyper performance facts perused over and over, you’d somehow feel it deep in your gut that this Ford baby is as formidable as they come. And even more formidable come race day.


Model: Ford Focus

ENGINE -1.6L TI-VCT Naturally Aspirated Engine

Transmission – ATB Limited Slip-Differential, Racing Clutch, Special fitted gear ratio.

Brakes – 290mm Alcon Racing Monoblock Brakes with Pagid brake pads (Front), 260mm Alcon Racing Monoblock Brake with Pagid brake pads (Rear)

Chassis/ suspension – Macpherson struts, Nitron 3 way suspension multi-link convert coilovers with Nitron 3-way suspension front and rear, Anti roll bars Spherical bearing convert on all joints, Welded T45 Cromoli steel safety roll cage with custom fabrication

Wheels – 15’ sports rims

Electronics – Motec M800 ECU, Motec Dash System

Text: Praveent
Photo: Kenny Yeoh