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Flush Royalty

Over the years, we’ve seen an inclination in the taste of the automotive consumer’s taste. Hands down all sense of style and finesse has gone down the muddy drains of our monsoon rivers. You see cars with ten thousands antennas plugged on every imaginable corner of it as though it was reaching out to outer space for some styling advise from its extra terrestrial relatives. You see an old jalopy, with it suspension fiddled or rather messed up in such a way the car is tilted like your lady friend’s fancy stilettos. What on earth were they thinking?

The world has gone mad I’m afraid. So mad in a way where a petite Japanese woman who wears her rainbow-coloured socks on her ears in the streets of Harajuku was considered to be a fashion statement. Mad in such a way that some Gaga-named woman could arrive at an award ceremony in the States in what can only be described as a womb was thought to be “cool”. Whatever happened to the true sense of classy styling? What ever happened to the glory days of the 50’s when nothing short of top hats and 3-piece suits, Audrey Hepburn and breakfast at Tiffany’s were considered to be delicately-stylish?

Trend after trend, especially in the motoring scene has been as hopelessly disappointing as watching a cow outrun a full-fledged racing Doberman. Where’s the edge? Where’s the wow factor? And no, some blindingly-colourful lights shoved a car’s under parts is not it. Neither is festooning every inch and outer space of your car with vinyls that only my 2-year old niece could make any sense of. Yes we have always had the body kits around, and yes, occasionally a rare well-sorted gem with the cleanest lines can be spotted; minus the ill-coloured lamps beneath and sky high antler-like spoilers.

Cosmetically then, what really took the tuning scene by storm, with more punch than that silly little turbo-like whistle attached to the exhaust could be claimed by the concept none other than the Hellaflush. I can pardon those with no sense of automotive appreciation but if you’ve picked up a motoring magazine every now and then and yet not have a clue what I’m out about, I’m sorry but you really got to get out of that cave.

Hellaflush simply means having the wheels flushed with the fenders and this is simply achieved through wheel offset or spacers and would usually require a significant degree of negative camber.

As a style that is growing more rapidly than scientist say our global temperature is rising, it is a disease where its outbreak could be traced back from drift cars that had low ride height and mile-wide wheels pushed out as far as possible for maximum traction. It is also a disease that I, much like the other global motoring junkies, would willingly contract. In terms of a vehicle’s stance styling then, as absurd as it sounds, I’ll go as far as to say Hellaflush transformed cars like touch screen transformed the way we use our mobile phones, like voice command transformed the conventional switches, like the limau ais transformed the mamak’s menu even.

And that bring us to this one of a kind, at least the first of its kind in Malaysia, and the most beautiful too. A BMW 318i E46 Touring slammed so low to the ground that you’d need to be as flat as an ironing board to even get a peak of it under carriage. Stumbled upon at a recent slammed cars society gathering, it was shocking to know that it is daily driven and that the owner actually drove it up to KL instead of opting for some flatbed nonsense. As first impressions go, this car is as flawless as a laser cut diamond.

Right here is a car that serves as the poster child of the Hellaflush movement, not just within flourishing stance movement in the country but globally as a whole. This whack wagon could be the finishing piece of any Hellaflush gathering around the world as it has all the right ‘i’ dotted and the ‘t’ crossed.

I mean look at it. Splashed with the sort of blue that catches the attention of even the ants on the tarmac it rolls on, matched with pink 17-inch custom steel wheels that even the most daft of blondes would appreciate, there’s really no faulting the looks of this car. As performance goes, it was never really meant to tear the strip apart but pop the hood and one would be thrown aback in awe with the tidiness of its engine bay that conceals everything within its delicately painted white covers that shelters a Pipercross drop-in air filter, a custom exhaust manifold and piping’s that ends with a Remus muffler at the rear end.

The source of this car’s stance are the revalved GAB absorbers and customs springs that leave the BMW only inches from the ground. A stance so beautifully-stunning, even the sight of Kim Kardashian’s back end wouldn’t cause the same stir. A custom ECU remap ensure that when the gradient is right and the roads clear out, the little 1.8-liter engine still packs a little punch to go with its explosive exterior.

Apart from it soothing blue colour tone, what sets this Touring apart from the rest is its CSL front bumper complimented with a custom splitter along with ACS side skirts and an ACS rear bumper to complete a look that will draw a swarm of bees-like attention even at a standstill. On the inside, Bride Low Max semi-bucket seats occupy the front half of the cockpit while cosmetic additions such as the AC Schnitzer pedals and gear knob just adds a little more edge to an interior to balance out a very sleek exterior.

They say the Hellaflush is here to last, I say its heights will on get lower.

Car: BMW 318i Touring E46
Engine Mods: Pipercross drop-in air filter, custom exhaust manifold and piping, Remus muffler
Electronics: Custom ECU remap
Transmission: Stock
Chassis & Handling: Custom anti-roll bar, revalved GAB absorbers, custom springs
Brakes: Stock
Wheels & Tyres: Custom steel wheels 17 x 10jj (front) and 17 x 11jj (rear), Achilles 205/45/17 (front) and Federal 215/45/17 (rear)
Interior: Bride Low Max semi-bucket seats, custom B-pillar bar, AC Schnitzer pedals, AC Schnitzer gear knob
Exterior: BMW CSL front bumper, custom front splitter, ACS side skirts, ACS rear bumper
Garage: Ahpok Fitment Garage Muar, Penzoil Equine, Poh Exhaust Muar
Power: (Car is too low to get on the dyno)

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