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Fast People’s Car

The sequel is due out anytime now, and the sad pathetic state of things we now live in, nothing stirs up excitement among youths and adults alike quite like a sequel to a blockbuster yes? You have the horde of moviegoers going seemingly ape shit soon as a trailer comes out on Youtube; the recent eighth Fast Furious installment a sordid reminder of the phenomena. Sure the adulation we share for cars and all things mechanical capable of going fast, make us suckers for pure unadulterated entertainment, but still…

Now that we’ve established I’m on the verge of becoming a lost soul as per my dire outlook on life, I was trying to actually recall what got me ranting on and on about sequels, about going fast and pure adult entertainment. Oh yes, that pretty famous line from that pretty famous movie. It had one word which for most working stiffs has become a fact of everyday life. Repetition. We have repetition within our daily work routine, in our daily schedules both at work at play or at home.

Well the repetition in this instant concerns this world renowned automobile, the most endearing ‘people’s car’ that have been a perpetual presence for successive generations since the Mk1 original was launched in the mid 1970s. Really fellas, the Golf was there when I was just a snot nose little boy, it evolved well nigh in its entirety throughout the 1980s and 1990s, during which the rapid VR6 was introduced with numbers that still commands respect to this day, and subsequent variants such as the legendary GTI (whaddyaknow we have one right here), the R32 and the Golf R all of which have become benchmarks as well as being the pick of the ornerier types and all.

The Golf has been the definitive family hatchback for as long as anyone can remember. These days, however, it has a greater number of excellent rivals than ever. VW’s response has been to move the Golf into the gap between other volume motors such as the Ford Focus and Vauxhall Astra, and premium rivals such as the Audi A3. It remains an excellent all-rounder, too with multi faceted strong suites that appeals to not just fast drivers but err slow ones as well.

Now a little side note – the term fast drivers, the gist of the meaning could be any of the following: drivers who likes to drive fast, drivers who think they are fast, genuinely fast drivers who go fast most of the time, wannabe drivers who daydreams about going fast but are just not, genuine top notched professionals who goes fast. You know all too well where you fit in.

Where was I? Oh yup the thing about repetitive thing as per a popular hatch that ‘schizzle my nizzle’ (Google the meaning yeah) can be quite an annoyance if they’re bland and boring. And I am not talking of the stock ones either seeing as a stock Golf GTI regardless of variants is anything but. In fact I’d personally prefer stock with perhaps maybe a nice set of rims. The bland and boring bit refers to the ones which weren’t properly made up, or made in such bad taste. I’ve seen those and let me tell you they can make you cringe in protest.

Thankfully this one right here sits at the opposite end of such distasteful GTIs, and to see one in the flesh even with a ‘fleshy’ Fun Fun having some good fun of her own (pun the pantyhose off that one didn’t I?) tilting the world a whisker off its axis with her hood-denting poses. I mean you could almost see the, the GTI. Yeah see the GTI, see it going fast, like really fast. Yes that was exactly what I could almost see. Honest.

Juicing up power inherent for the 2 liter turbo lump includes an upgraded forced induction system – the LS38 blower (popular among the VW and Audi community), Racingline right angle turbo inlet hose, Wagner intercooler, a couple of Revo performance essentials (turbo muffler delete and Stage 3 software), plus Milltek parts (non resonating sport catback and catless downpipe). There’s also a GFB DV+ diverter valve as well as APR intake.

Improving on the already fine handling of the Mk7 GTI comes courtesy of Ohlins DFV coilovers, KW DCC canceller which disables the electronic damping control for DCC vehicles and eliminates trouble code; plus H&R anti roll bar. Brakes are all premium: Brembo 18ZR BBK up front & Mk7 Golf R at the back, Endless MX72 pads all around with stainless steel hose from Hosetechnik. These kick-ass combo is half displayed behind the ATS Racelight 19 inch rollers running on 235/35/19 Michelin Pilot Supersports.

Aesthetic bits both outside and in are minor, just front splitter from Flow Designs and Revozport rear add on spoiler on the svelte and exquisite Mk7 bodywork while on the inside only a P3 digital boost meter was installed.

Engine Mods: LS38 turbocharger, Wagner tuning intercooler, Racingline 90° turbo inlet hose, Revo turbo muffler delete, GFB DV+, CTS turbo aluminum oil filter housing, Revo Stage 3 tuning, APR carbon fiber intake, Racingline oil catch tank (to be installed), Milltek sport non resonated catback, Milltek sport catless downpipe

Handling/Suspension: Öhlins DFV coilovers, KW DCC Canceler, H&R anti roll bar

Brakes: Brembo 18zr BBK, Hosetechnik stainless steel brake hose, Endless mx72 pads, Rear Mk7 R brakes

Wheels & Tires: ATS racelight 19″ Wheels, -Michelin Pilot Super sports 235/35/19

Exterior: Flow Designs front splitter, Revozport Rear carbon fibre add on spoiler

Interior: P3 gauge digital boost meter