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Fabled Speed Personified

The arrival of the all-conquering R35 were such that a whole new model was designated altogether by Nissan itself, so much so that they’d disbanded the Skyline designation with the R35’s predecessor – the pretty potent in its own right R34. There’s all to be said really as far as ‘what’s in a name’ is concerned but still, our familiarity with the Skyline namesake has become pretty much second nature hasn’t it? Some may say the R34 was the last pure Skyline which in effect it ultimately is, but well, the debate rages on, as per the R35’s claim to the Skyline’s name inasmuch.


Now let us dwell a bit on the background narrative for the R34 edition, just to keep you guys guessing for a little bit alright? There’s two models in the range right? One’s the GTT with the ‘marginally’ smaller RB25 motor, while the other, well, no need for any drum rolls surely, because as one of Japan’s most celebrated performance cars, the Skyline GT-R – the ‘other’ in the R34 range, has garnered an immense global reputation, with an equally immense racing pedigree that includes among others over 200 race wins, five consecutive championship wins in the All Japanese Touring Car Championships and the unofficial lap record for a production car at the world-famous Nurburgring (back when the R34 was the new news so to speak). Every aspect of the Skyline GT-R, from the aerodynamics to body rigidity, has been fine-tuned through competitive racing and 11 years of intense testing, producing one of the best race-bred coupes on the market to date or since.

The R34 GT-R is more advanced in every respect than the model it replaced the R33. Its body is stiffer and its aerodynamics package is further refined. Among the many technical refinements under the bonnet are twin ceramic intercooled turbochargers, which effectively eliminate turbo-lag. And further side-by-side comparison with the outgoing R33 also revealed higher torque and better power delivery in the R34.

Weight saving measures has been utilized in many areas of the Skyline R34’s construction from the new design of light alloy road wheel, which saves over 7.7kg, to the use of light-weight audio speakers. Additionally, the front wings and bonnet continue to be produced in aluminum but the usage of a new type of aluminum has saved about 1kg compared to the bonnet of the previous model. There’s also a lightweight carbon fiber diffuser in the R34.


The RB26DET turbo is quoted at 280ps @ 6400rpm and 262Nm @ 3200 rpm, developed to provide more torque for maximum driveability from lower rpm without compromising top end power. The smaller RB25 has only slightly lower power output in comparison, and that’s where the narrative for this KLG R34 creation comes fully into the picture. Now the underlying reasoning behind me reiterating the major features of the R34 is that even prior to KLG’s handy treatment of this pearlescent white example the mighty Nissan is already a major mother thumper amongst all the major mother thumpers on both sides of the globe. Before we go right into it let us outline this pretty important bit of info that requires clarification of the Achtung! Kind: this R34 is not the GT-R model, rather it’s the slightly less ‘glamorous’ GTT.


Okay then now that we’ve made that bit clear we can now see that the KLG R34 prep work is in effect transforming the GTT into a more potent R34 than even the GT-R in stock trim. The RB25 remained stock yes but the stock turbo was yanked out and in came the bigger FRP GT3037, while the intercooler was entirely customized. Thence came the N1 spec oil pump, Sard 750c injectors, and the throttle body and intake manifold from the RB26DETT. There’s also the HKS air filter thrown in the mix, and of course the governor of it all is the Apexi Power FC.
All these sure does means a substantially loftier heights of horsepower nirvana being attained. But alas, the actual numbers shall remain vague just to continue with the suspense alright? Well, other accompanying components reads as follows: Sard fuel rail, Works Engineering oil filter relocation kit, plus a couple of handy gadgetry – HKS EVC, Apexi turbo timer, and digital gauge from Pivot.


Aesthetically the exterior bit mimics the R34 with the gorgeous R34 GT-R Z-Tune bodykit complete with the vented hood and all. We’re all down for this approach really, as the R34 is among the coolest looking performance car right outa the box and the Z-Tune kit simply reemphasized the notion to perfection, period. Thereafter came the replica 18 inch alloys to complete the whole look, and pretty much the bare essentials of dressing up were applied for the inner sanctum of this fine KLG R34, with a set of Recaro seats, a Nismo gear knob along with the aforementioned aftermarket gauges and gadgets and that’s all she wrote.

Right then, behold! The sprightly Nissan Skyline R34 prepared by the superlative KLG tech crew.

Car: Nissan Skyline R34

Engine Mods: RB25, N1 Spec oil pump, FRP GT3037 turbo, Sard 750cc injectors, Sard fuel rail, RB26DETT 6 throttle body & intake manifold swap, custom intercooler kit, HKS air filter, Mishimoto radiator, Samco hoses, Works Engineering Oil Filter relocation kit

Exterior: R34 GT-R Z-Tuned full bodykit

Interior: Recaro seats, Nismo gear knob, Pivot speed meter, Innovate Motorsport meter

Wheels & Tyres: 18 inch bronze finish alloys, Dunlop SP Sport Maxx 245/40/R18 front, 275/35/R18 rear

Electronics: Apexi Power FC ECU, Apexi turbo timer, HKS EVC